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Call me jealous of [personal profile] andrewducker (which in some barely-subliminal way, I probably am) but either way, for once...just once...I want to post some really Interesting Links of my own, so without any further ado:

Hat tip to the Techs...

Hat tip to the White Hats ( this is/was an old passion of mine)...

Hat tip to the Science...

Hat tip to You, ready to bust a move (I've signed up for both)...

Hat tip to the Old Skool Internet...

  • Watch grass grow (guys! guys! check out the Geocities design and typewriter text - it's nearly stroke-inducing)

Hat tip to who inspired this...

If you're into browsing through lists of interesting links (a true joy of mine since oh, 2004 or so) [personal profile] andrewducker maintains the gold standard on that so go check his DW out.

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It's the one true Christian holiday of the year and my favorite for that reason. Today your hostess will be doing marinated, boneless roast leg of lamb with fresh garlic, fresh string beans and - I don't know, perhaps jasmine rice with brown/lamb gravy, a side salad and some toasted French bread with butter. Kinda can't wait...

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The thing is, if you disable your favorite browser's default styles (I use Firefox with the Web Developer add-on to do this under CSS-->Disable Styles-->Disable Default Browser Styles), then check your style sheet's display for inconsistencies and correct them as needed (I use resource://gre-resources/html.css and resource://gre-resources/forms.css to see what's going on) then haven't you effectively coded your CSS to work with the default styles of any modern browser? Because with that one browser's defaults disabled you're effectively coding with no default styles enabled for any browser at all, so you're forcing yourself to write bulletproof code without performing any cross-browser checks beforehand.

For added bulletproofedness you can use Web Dev to check Box Model compliance (Web Dev - CSS-->Use Border Box Model) - an exercise in torture for me because my entire blog narrows when I do that, but it's helped me solve two or three otherwise elusive bugs ETA: fixed; needed to remove padding from #wrap.

So no need to zero out everything and its brother before you start styling, no need to perform a reset, and no need for endless cross-browser checking. And before you whisper "IE OLD" at me, forget it. No browser designed to work in Quirks Mode to this day for backward support of websites made when IE1 was still popular should count for much unless you really care that slightly more than 50% of the population still uses some version of it (over 30% use IE8 on Vista, if you really must know, and yes...Vista, seriously). Besides which, anything at or above IE9 should work with what I'm suggesting.

For more bulletproofedness you can make sure your DOC type supports Standards, and for the most bulletproofedness possible you can make IE use IE Edge so when someone goes to click the Compatibility View button, it's greyed out and completely disabled, with no workaround to bring it back unless they use IE's built-in (and in my personal experience, quite hellish) Dev Tools.

In fairness to the zero-out-and-reset-it-all crowd, the main benefit of doing one or both is it might allow you to use less code overall; less code means smaller style sheets, and smaller style sheets mean faster page loads (and I want every page to load, at most, in a billionth of a second if it must take that long, so this is an Objective, for sure). If you zero out line heights you can set one line height on body and be done with it; margins and padding might work the same way depending on what you hope to accomplish and how good you are at pulling it off without adding an entire rat's nest of code to your style sheet.

Or if you don't want your code all that bulletproof? Your webpages don't have to look the same in every browser, anyway, so why bother? If it were up to me I'd have an unstyled, utterly resizable page for mobile and a much simpler design for IE - I have zero desire to be matchy-matchy across all the many browsers out there today. I simply want my code to work (and work as intended), wherever someone might see it.

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Since other people will read this post besides [staff profile] denise, here's a summary of what I'm thanking her for: I posted a suggestion tonight to [site community profile] dw_suggestions that went like this...

Replying to Inbox comment automatically marks it as Read.

Having to first click on the Inbox link, then read and reply to the comment, and then go back and realize the Inbox notification is still marked as Unread so still having to go back and click Mark As Read to fix that involves many more clicks than having the system mark the notification as Read as soon as you reply to it.

In hindsight I probably should have called it, "Replying to Inbox comment should automatically marks it as Read" even though the Inbox (most of the time, if not always) already does that. That was the point of my suggestion, after all, that marking stuff as Read isn't sticking some of the time.

Either way, a few minutes (yes! minutes!) later Denise sent me a nice enough rejection saying that the Inbox already does that, so it must be some security setting, browser add-on or setting within my browser causing it not to do that (and if anyone wants to troubleshoot, I'm running Firefox 28 on a fully updated copy of XP SP3 with no Firefox extensions known to interfere with how Dreamwidth operates in general).

So I let her response roll around for a few seconds before it hit me, 'Wait, I probably wasn't clear enough' (and this being me, that's not too unusual). Then it hit me I didn't know exactly when nor why I was having this problem; I was only sure that I was (and I still am) having this problem! So I left myself a few throwaway comments to see what was causing Inbox notifications to get marked Unread after being marked as Read and came up with a revised Suggestion, which I promptly sent to [site community profile] dw_suggestions for review:

Inbox should respect "Mark as Read" selection even using browser's Page Back and Open Link in New Tab options

When you click "Reply" on a comment left in your Inbox, then leave your reply directly on your DW, then hit your browser's "Back" button to return to the Inbox, the Inbox shows the message as Unread instead of keeping it "Marked as Read". Similarly (sort of) when instead of directly clicking on the Inbox notification's "Reply" link you choose to right-click and "Open In a New Tab", the message will not get marked as Read even though you are using the Inbox's Reply link to reply to that notification.

(And sorry, Denise; when I wrote my first version of this I did not notice exactly what was causing the issue.)

A few hours later Denise sent me a very nice rejection for that submission, too:

Again, that's dependent on your browser, your extensions, and your security settings. The inbox does try to mark things as read as soon as you click on any of those links, but individual browsers interpret the use of the back button and "open in new tab" in different ways, and there's only so much we can do to work around them.

If having things marked as read immediately when you click to reply to them, instead of after a refresh, is important to you, the best thing to do is to make sure you click on the 'reply' link inside the browser window or tab you have your inbox loaded in, then refresh the inbox view after using the back button. We're already doing everything that we possibly can to make notifications be marked as 'read' when someone clicks those links: there's nothing we can change to make your browser obey that directive if it's decided not to.

[ETA: revised this paragraph for clarity shortly after posting] So if you're like me - that is, if you like hitting "Open in New Tab" on a notification's Reply link and/or using your browser's Back button once you've replied to a comment so you can return to your Inbox and check for other things, the message you saw getting marked as Read as you replied to it might get marked Unread again when you return to your Inbox (depending, as Denise said, on security settings/browser add-ons/browser settings). Which, if that's how these things usually work, is fine, I guess. But my browser is currently set to retain all cookies and full cache and history until I close it; none of my add-ons are interfering with DW that I know of, and I'll discuss the next possible thing below.

My only question (which I'm not able to ask because I'm not trying, nor should I try, to use the submission cue as a question and answer forum between Denise and myself, is: "How can my 'security settings' (for what? For DW? My browser? Or both?) possibly affect what's going on with my Inbox?".


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I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. When I installed AVG yesterday - after installing Webroot SecureAnywhere 2014 (hereafter known as "WSA") - first WSA tried to stop every connection AVG tried to make to the Internet, showing that the program has no common-sense, reality-based whitelist, it just inanely blocks everything, which caused me to have to whitelist AVG's connections not just once but numerous times to get my AVG install to complete.

Then WSA made me whitelist AVG's outbound connections a few more times just to download AVG's virus definitions. Shortly thereafter I had to restart my computer to finish installing Windows updates, and after restarting AVG was still there - it was still in Program files, Program Data, etc. - but AVG would not start nor run even when I went into Program Files and clicked on the avgui.exe directly. Suddenly there was also no Uninstall entry for it in Windows Add and Remove Programs - nor in CCleaner's and jv16PowerTools Uninstaller lists, either. Freaky, huh?

WebRoot SecureAnywhere 2014 performed the automated software version of bashing in AVG's kneecaps with a baseball bat to keep it from running on restart, which pissed me off so much I removed WSA immediately and did a clean reinstall of AVG. Don't play hardball with me, Webroot; I don't respond well to any so-called security experts playing such dirty pool with their customers.

You guys have absolutely no class.


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