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May. 3rd, 2016 04:57 am
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So in the last few weeks (perhaps more like months), a majority of the people on my Reading List have...

fled the premises, or else have... )
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Who supports Trump?

  • People (and I have to use the term "people" because some unfortunate women are definitely in favor of this, too) who want the 19th Amendment repealed, no doubt before we head out to the polls next month.
  • White supremacists
  • LGBTQ haters
  • People who hate Mexicans, Muslims and blacks (the build a wall, deport them all and law and order primal chants, in that order)
  • MRA
  • People who want Hillary shot over gun rights, or shot for treason, or shot to stop her from shaping the Supreme Court, should she win the election, or shot if she wins the election.
  • People who think what Bill Clinton did 20 years ago excuses what their guy did, who also believe Hillary not divorcing him shows lack of moral fiber. Yet the Evangelical Right frowns upon such divorces, in what must be the biggest display of moral/political hypocrisy we've seen in a long time.
  • People who think our country's a third-world, hopeless, overly accepting place who won't feel good until their long-gone jobs rise from the dead like the zombie their guy actually is and all the non-whites and non-heteros get either killed, jailed or deported.
  • People who might bully, harass and possibly assault you if you don't wear a flag pin, a Pepe t-shirt, or carry a Trump sign into the voting booth. Don't think they're "just" going after darker skin or perhaps foreign accents: they're going after anyone "bad". They'll know it when they see it, and that person might be you.
  • People who, after they bully, harass, and possibly assault you if you don't "appear" to be voting for Trump, might cause rioting, bloodshed, and assassinations if the results are not to their liking (once again, in their words).
  • People who, if their guy wins, will quickly push racist platforms well beyond his own. Donald's an empty void of a man which will quickly fill with whatever he's told to do by equally hateful types. His entire candidacy rests on hate. Anyone who thought he'd stop at Mexicans and Muslims should think about how he would've started off riffing on blacks and Jews but wanted to feel out white reaction first, so simply substituted less popular groups.

Why it matters...

Despite this no-doubt short and deficient list of who he attracts and what we can look forward to should he win (think non-stop, endless terror for everyone but fully normative, non-disabled Protestant whites of select European ancestry) he's polling just four points behind Clinton - just two points less than before his many supposedly candidacy-destroying scandals of the past week.

If Hillary pretty much sneezes the wrong way she might still lose; statistically speaking, scandal has nearly zero effect on Trump's numbers. For the one half of the electorate shocked by the other half's indifference to his non-stop hate and shenanigans, it's just business as usual for those born and raised in the FOX News camp. They love the guy, and nope, ain't nothing gonna change.

What you can do...

Because a statistically notable portion of Trump's supporters are a) racist and b) batshit fucking insane, I'd advise a few things. First, do you plan on voting in a way that keeps you safe? Absentee ballots are an alternative to voting in person, so you might want to take just two minutes to exercise your right to vote from the comfort, safety and privacy of your own home, and best of luck to you and your candidates of choice.

Lastly, what do you plan on doing if Trump wins? You need to imagine yourself in a world like that, though even I really can't. It might be one you wouldn't want to stick around in for any extended length of time, but it's something we all need to seriously think about.

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It's no yoooooge secret: Dreamwidth has an image uploader. Yes, our very own thingy that uploads the uploads. It's for images only, but I've heard talk over the years that this thingy might one day allow the upload of other things.

There is no FAQ on DW's direct image uploading capabilities. This FAQ claims such capabilities do not exist. The Pentagon has nothing on us, lemme tell you, when it comes to secrets.

For those curious, you can set the security level on uploaded images the same as you do on entry posts.

Image Uploader and Bulk Editor Links

Uploader: https://www.dreamwidth.org/file/new
Bulk Edit: https://www.dreamwidth.org/file/edit

Be not confused by how the Bulk Edit page will say, "Here are all the files you've uploaded from mobile." No, here are all the files you've uploaded to DW from any device, mobile or non-mobile, from the beginning of time.

This post brought to you by one reader who questioned how I didn't seem to need Dreamwidth's email service to upload the image seen in this post. They're right: I didn't, but if you really want to torment yourself, here's the FAQ on how to upload images by email. It, too, claims there is no other way to upload images. Therefore, I am Magik, and know All Things.

Dreamwidth also has a way to upload posts by email, which at times has come in handy, both on LJ and over here. Lastly, we also have a way to reply to comments by email.

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While I tend to stay out of the debate around whether Jews should vote for Trump (my instinctual reaction is, "Yo, you crazy? Of course not!") I feel I have to jump in this time as a public service to ya'll, but by "ya'll" I mean ya'll WHITE FOLKS. PAGING YA'LL WHITE FOLKS.

As someone with a Jewish father and therefore in possession of a 50% Jewish bloodline, at least according to the anti-Semites who find this one little fact TERRIBLY INTERESTING, I'm more than inclined to defend against all attempts at slyly worded Jewish hatred.

Trump's latest canned speech in Florida is a perfect example of white supremacy on the make, specifically in the form of Stephen Bannon, who likely is writing most of Trump's speeches, which he is way too stupid to do anything with besides blindly read off the teleprompter, which are trying to draw you in through dog whistles, code words, and coded ideas which stretch waaaaay back to the early 1900s in terms of what they're identifying to nudge you into going all rabid attack-doglike against THE JOO.

In my defense, that Trump models himself after and is probably sorry he cannot be Hitler is not a new idea. He came out swinging in a candidacy announcement that you could have just swapped "Jew" for "Mexican" with and it still would have read like a typical Hitler hate manifesto. Others have noticed.

Let me cut to the chase by screencapping the relevant part of the Trump speech in question, then screencapping the relevant part of the Hitler speech in question, with thanks to Ari Ratner on Twitter for such succinct pictures and the idea, which needs to be repeated with force in every Jew-hating circle.

It's been mentioned that Trump, though perhaps not the most avid nor intellectual of readers, definitely absorbed at least a few key points from Mein Kampf and this speech leaves little room for doubt, but let's read on.

From Trumps's speech:

A screencap of part of an anti-Semitic sounding Trump speech in West Palm Beach FL, Oct. 13 2016

From Hitler's speech:

Hitler speech

JTA points out not only the Hitler-speech similarities but also similarities to a "notorious anti-Semitic tract: “The Protocols of the Elder of Zion,” the anti-Semitic forgery that has fueled anti-Jewish violence for over a century". They go on to quote and compare relevant parts of each for your edification.

I see virulently anti-Semitic types mixing typical hate speech with surprisingly strident denials that Trump's speech is anything but a literal reading of what he was told to say by Bannon. One should completely ignore such denials.

Denial and secrecy is how hatred came to be used in the creation of Nazi Germany: anti-Semites simply denied what they said and did over and over, all the way up to the interments and executions in gas chambers of so many (just "showers", we're reminded; the camps themselves just "work camps").

Donnie-boy likes to keep his secrets, too, which should scare you, especially if you're Mexican, Muslim, or a Jew (though blacks and women in general will be his next targets once he wipes out the first three groups with a little help from his army of Pepe).

Everything within Nazi Germany was secrets and lies, including the denial that any of it had happened, despite tons of physical and pictorial evidence to the contrary. That's how they get you: by trotting out a pig and calling it a donkey.

They killed over six million people, took many countries, and are set, nearly 100 years later, to commit exactly the same atrocities again, in exactly the same manner - chomping at the bit, in fact.

The question is, will you let them, or will you recognize - and call out - what you see, which they're not trying to conceal in any manner besides to deny it, so that they won't go "on the record" as defending the very hatred they so clearly spout? Are you willing to stand up and call a pig a pig?

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Aiiiieeee...I love validation. Especially by no less than the President of the United States.

As anyone viewing might know, two days after I wrote a post blaming FOX News and not Trump so much for the portion of the electorate that's riding high on white supremacist misogyny and not using their heads for much of anything besides the sprouting of new, evergreen conspiracy theories, Obama gave a speech Thursday that blamed the GOP in general and FOX News more specifically for creating this voting block.

My elation at the fact that Obama and I can finally agree on something, after eight years of me waiting for his presidency to be over - and this, despite the fact that I voted for Obama twice, but did so the second time only to narrowly avoid offing myself over the prospect of a Romney presidency - just knows no bounds.

To wit, with added emphasis my own:

But so the problem is not that all Republicans think the way this guy does. The problem is, is that they’ve been riding this tiger for a long time. They’ve been feeding their base all kinds of crazy for years — (applause) — primarily for political expedience. So if Trump was running around saying I wasn’t born here, they were okay with that as long as it helped them with votes. If some of these folks on talk radio started talking about how I was the anti-Christ, you know, it’s just politics. (Laughter.) You think I’m joking. (Laughter.)

If somebody completely denies climate change, or is filled up with all kinds of conspiracy theories about how me and Hillary started ISIL, or that we were plotting to declare martial law and take away everybody’s guns.

We did a military exercise — the Pentagon does these periodically in Texas, and suddenly all the folks in Texas were all like, they’re going to take over right now! (Laughter.) I’m serious. And then the senator down there said, yeah, we better look into that. (Laughter.) And the governor says, well, I don’t know. What do you mean you don’t know? (Laughter.) What does that mean? (Applause.) Really? You think that like the entire Pentagon said, oh, really, you want to declare martial law and take over Texas? Let’s do it under the guise of routine training missions — (laughter) — and everybody is going to be — but they took it seriously.

This is in the swamp of crazy that has been fed over and over and over and over again. (Applause.) Look, I — and there’s sort of a spectrum, right — it’s a whole kind of ecosystem. And look, if I watched Fox News I wouldn’t vote for me. (Laughter.) I understand. If I was listening to Rush Limbaugh, I’d say, man, that’s terrible. (Laughter.) Fortunately, I have more diverse sources of information. (Applause.)

And I want to make a serious point here — because I’m really not exaggerating. Everything I’m saying are actual things that have been said and that people — a fairly sizable number of people in the Republican primaries believe. And the people who knew better didn’t say anything. They didn’t say, well, you know what, I disagree with his economic policies, but that goes too far. They didn’t say, well, I’m not sure if his foreign policy is the right one for America, but we can’t allow our politics to descend into the gutter.

People like Ted’s opponent — they stood by while this happened. And Donald Trump, as he’s prone to do, he didn’t build the building himself, but he just slapped his name on it and took credit for it. (Applause.)

My thanks to Obama for finally putting words to, well, what I already put words to, but heck, he's Obama and I'm not, so his words will travel a little further than mine. My only quibble with what he said is he spread the blame out a bit thinner than I would.

I still hold FOX News more accountable, more to blame, more responsible for the swamp fever Obama alludes to than I do the GOP. FOX News simply took the nasty rivalry that brewed around Bill Clinton - and the public witchhunt - and turned it into a 24 hour cable news cycle and there is no excusing nor forgiving it.

I want my country back - I want it back from the people who captivate it and hold the whiter and less educated blocks of it hostage to the fever dreams of so much local, federal and international conspiracy afoot (and oh, boy are we going to be discussing that last bit soon, in another post).

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  • Comcast: done. No more phone calls or in-person visits for me. Saw the second credit in my account today, bringing the bill back to about where it was in July...

    A screencap of Comcast's website showing $75 and $50 credits given to me during 10-2016
  • Kittens: weighed. Last month Bowie weighed 7lbs, Pip was 6.5lbs, and Tab-Tab was 6lbs. Now Bowie and Pip weigh 9lbs and Tab-Tab is 8.5lbs.
  • Re-ordered flea medicine for all five cats. I thought I'd be able to use my Uni card (I take surveys through a university a few times a year that pay rather well) but due to the kitten's weights I was on the fence about whether to get the dose for under or over 9lbs. Bowie had a brief problem with tremors last time, so I figured if I did get the over 9lbs dose I'd buy in bulk and cut the pills down for Bowie and Tab-tab. That came out to just under $50 with one seller, but the card didn't go through for some reason, so I went back to my last seller and re-ordered what I got the last time. Two kittens will be slightly under-dosed (and buying both dose sizes for five cats actually cost more - too much to put on the Uni card) but I was going to under-dose Bowie anyhow to keep him safe, so oh, well.
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Which, before I get started, reminds me *glances at title*...I have two problems with writing - besides, of course, the inability to proofread my own writing as objectively as I proofread in general, and a style so elastic that 10 years of online writing hasn't narrowed it down to anything in particular (but in truth, there are at least two major styles I display; one's very hard to use because I never use it, so it gives me a headache like the one I have right now; the other's conversational and therefore almost too easy to use; I don't like either) - commas and where they should go, and when to use 'that' or 'which'. And yes, I know the Internet's a thing I can use to look up the answers, but my mind riots against commas and wants to switch up when I use 'that' for 'which' with wild abandon and I'm getting so tired of fighting it.

  • The kittens need to be re-weighed for their next round of Activyl because the doses come in two sizes: over or under nine pounds. They were in the 6-7lb range a month ago but kittens do strange things, like grow, that I have to take into account in order to not under or overdose them.
  • The kittens completed their third round of dewormer two days ago. Never saw a worm again after the lone worm I reported before their first dose.
  • Tab-tab tried to reproduce with Pip the other day. They're boys, so I take it it's time to look into the removal of that which produces the need to reproduce. Income's been too low lately to consider it.
  • Roof's still not fixed. I was actually glad the due date of last week came and went because it was supposed to get fixed just before Matthew was to hit, so I figured the roof would get fixed, fly off or get broken by the trees in the next storm, then have to be fixed again. Spare me my rich landlord's crying about having to fix the damn roof twice. At least if it ever does get fixed, we're getting a new roof, end to end. No more leaking in my bed every freakin' time it rains. Yay-ah.
  • Comcast lied about giving me most of the credits discussed in this post. It's not that I never got them - I saw evidence of at least two: one under "My Account" on their website and one in an email confirmation, but the first $75 credit I saw was apparently rescinded by an auditor before it could be applied to my next bill, and the next $75 credit never showed up. While I had $50 credited by them last week to partially make up for one missing credit, I agreed to another $75 to settle up, but still haven't seen it, despite more promises made by an escalation agent than I can even count. Hours lost toward trying to get credits promised, both in person at the local office and on the phone: at least five. Years off my life over the stress of fighting with Comcast for the better part of three years over so much stupid shit: at least five. I've been in bad relationships with actual people that were easier to endure and ultimately to just get the hell away from than Comcast is.
  • I need to do more online surveys and start selling on eBay again. I put off doing eBay over the storm last month and haven't looked back and can kind of understand my trepidation over it now: I'm afraid another storm will hit and I won't be able to ship items on time because of it. Things like that terrify me because I want my customers really happy.
  • I need to roll my phone back toWin8, though it kills the battery to run Win8. Pictures won't sync from Win10 Mobile to OneDrive. I can log onto onedrive.com and nothing on the phone now is there, which gives me the most fragmented mess of pictures I've had since before I owned smartphones. I have to manually import the pictures now but sometimes the laptop won't recognize my phone as something that can have a picture on it, another bug I can't contemplate without flailing, so it won't find anything to import and why, Microsoft, why do you make our lives such living hell.
  • The Dell got a new keyboard. Unlike my laptop's replacement keyboard, it's a genuine part and works flawlessly. I wish I had it that easy on my HP - but, fwiw, the seller's refunded 75% of the purchase price, so ultimately I only paid $5 for it.
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Donald Trump played to "his" base in the last debate but it's not his, nor did he create it. That base came to him FOX News-prepared for the very lines he fed them. Those were not debate lines; those lines amounted to a 90-minute long acceptance speech. By saying them he accepted a coronation by the rabid FOX News/Breitbart/white supremacist crowd to elect him King of The Lies, exactly as it was offered to anyone willing to accept it, and signaled he gets it: "the" blacks kill. Everyone should forget what he said or did 10 years ago but remember what the other candidate's husband, who is not running for president, did 20 years ago. And the emails, and the Benghazi, and the killer's religion she won't stop lettin' in, and let's not forget the devil.

The FOX News crowd's been hanging on for - wet-dreaming to - the nightmare vision of anyone - much less Trump - unloosing their claims not as mere commentary, nor as a wild-eyed Senator might, and again not as Breitbart "reporters" must, but as an actual, in-the-flesh presidential candidate. They'd given up hope of it ever happening, and then along came Trump to finally turn their vision to reality.

I'll bet they still can't believe some self-described "billionaire" former TV personality is walking, talking, and acting like one of them, and the fourth branch/fifth column is allowing it. This, more than anything, steals whatever tiny scrap of credibility they coveted in espousing everything's a conspiracy designed to keep their existence - and the hideous opinions such existences must entail - hidden from view, because if their "ideas" and "values" can see the light of day in this very fraud walking the debate stages spouting exactly what they're of a mind to think, then what or where was the conspiracy? There he is, quoting his Facebook commenters to say Hillary's "the devil", would be "in jail", is culpable for her husband's dick, and the fourth branch/fifth column is letting him go on and on! There went the last billion Facebook threads they wrote swearing they'd never be heard because the rest of us have worked so hard to hide them from view.

There was never any conspiracy, only the fact that in the late 90s it was not normal to build (or rebuild) an entire political party around hating an obscure couple from Arkansas with a failed real estate business and some quick, good luck on cattle futures who's male half happened to become a President. It was just not a thing that was done! So FOX News considered at length how abnormal it was for right-leaning political people, over a few lost bucks between buddies in real estate and some apparent jealousy over cattle future trading, to go on a witchhunt against an obscure Arkansas Bubba type who jiggled when he jogged and ate too much McDonald's, and decided to fill the vacuum this phenomena created by running a "news" station which did nothing but work to rebuild the Republican base into the image of "people who'd like to watch Bubba and his wife die".

To build this non-existent story into a political platform that serious candidates would run on would obviously require a lot of work, and a lot of lying, but they managed both. While I won't attempt a reconstruction of how it was done, suffice it to say that slant's everything and that if you can convince a white his whiteness might be at stake somehow in this, then you can turn the word 'liberal' - which this couple was - into an easy synonym for 'n* lover', an Arkansas Bubba into an 'elite' who doesn't have your best interests at heart (which are mainly preserving your whiteness for now and future generations), suicides of former friends into the silenced murders of failed business partners, cordial greetings into threats, deleted personal emails into the printing of "39,000" of them to snail-mail off to the "acid-washer", which, btw, is an expensive and difficult process, and completely fabricate the idea of sleeping through 600 emails begging for help arriving all at once from Benghazi at 3am.

When you can convince this nascent audience that their whiteness is at stake, not only will they feel threatened, but you won't have to work hard to expand it, because they will come to you for protection from the hostile world you're not only describing but fleshing out with conspiracy theories to help them make more sense of it. Intellectualism is not required; in fact, you don't need to know how to read, write nor how to think critically to "get" this kind of talk, and you'll be discouraged from doing so, anyhow, by being constantly reminded that yet another real conspiracy - the fourth branch/fifth column - is out to get you, to make you like the unwanted skin colors, weird religious flavors and wacky extremist ideas - like helping others - that obviously threaten your existence at every turn.

When the Republican party saw such "news" was working, they co-opted it. They made the audience afraid of losing their right to rule because of skin color even more afraid that if they weren't nice to Big Business by giving up their unions, insurance benefits, raises, promotions, and finally their chance to not have their own jobs sent right out of the country, then Big Business would move on without them, and so the so-called "conservative" flavor of FOX News was born - because this crowd? Swallowed these lies whole and kept swallowing so hard, for so long, that finally Big Business took advantage of the fears FOX News planted within them and did exactly what they most feared, then told them to be grateful to have any jobs at all, and to never ask for help with low pay for the part-time work they now have to do at McDonald's, like the welfare queens always demand from those snarky liberal types. And this crowd acquiesced, because if that's what it takes to stay white they'll do it, because FOX news said so, and those guys? Are aaaalways right, about everything. Their last conspiracy theory proved it! You just have to understand. But us liberal types, nope, we never do.

While the idea that you don't have to be too smart to buy into FOX News, you just have to be afraid of waking up one day no longer in charge by sheer virtue of your whiteness and that somehow this is all the Clintons' fault is the very idea that birthed and still runs it, and while there's no blaming Donald Trump for tapping into a rather large "news" audience that's been sitting on its hands in feigned helplessness screaming in media-manufactured "pain" for 20 years now and was simply waiting for somebody, anybody - even TRUMP - to "rescue" them from the deep, dark, bleak tragedy of it all - I continue to be shocked at the bad spelling, deplorable grammar, lack of punctuation and unending typos I have to deal with on a daily basis to exist on the same web and in the same world as the very people who might mock me for, of all things, being a defensible human being.

The lying, ignorance and immaturity that seems to run rampant among this crowd are bad enough. Full stop. But at least I could give my apparent enemies credit if they would at least word their nasty, defensive, rotten, hateful little screeds on Facebook, Twitter, message boards, news sites and so on just a wee mite more carefully, and they'd get tons more points if they'd stop a) using six-year old online "handles" and b) writing and thinking like six-year olds. I know this is a lot, and that I'll never get even one thing you see on this list. But I can dream. So in trying to figure out who stands for Trump, I've been visiting Facebook more in the last week than I have in many years. Anything with Make America Grope Again or on Donald's page usually gives me an idea of who I'm up against, and seeing their posts reminds me why they own five guns per person: they couldn't think their way out of paper bags, so if they ever have to, they'll just shoot.

What occurs to me is they write the same way Trump talks: he's famous for having a small, limited vocabulary, repeating himself, incoherence, choppy sentence construction, fragmented, incomplete thoughts, cyclonic speech patterns, changing the subject, refusing to admit there's a subject, mispronouncing words or making them up - bigly so - and for making fun of people, especially for their looks, so if you close your eyes and can hear his gaspy, sort of contemptuous sniffle whipping your head around like the disorganized windstorm it is, then you can see what his fans' words look like online without looking, because they're about the same.

This post, in fact, was brought to you thanks to what I had to endure in a Facebook thread on Trump's page last night, under the picture he made of himself telling Hillary, "You'd be in jail", where the commenters continually repeated some form of the bully phrase, "She said FATCHECK!", "Did I hear her say fat-check?", "She said FAT CHECKGUYS!1!!" and, "She said 'fatcheck' three times I counted. Anyone else?" While I could go on about the many childish handles used, the fake praying that Hillary's life might be spared by the Chosen One and various appeals to God to protect the Chosen One until he might be coronated because she has to lose after defending a rapist while laughing over the tie-dying of 39,000 emails even as she was so crippled by Benghazi while standing on Gennifer Flowers's face she could barely punch Bill in his, FOX News said so, and how she keeps threatening folks with thanks for their support lest Bill be outed as a Martian who merely identifies as a white dude the same way trans people put on their fake identities because they need our prayers, yes they do, oh Lord, and btw: RADICALLY MUSLIMISTIC ERRORISTS, but I think the FATCHECKER comments tell us all we need to know about how childishly, simplistically base casual discourse is becoming for many of us with, scarily enough, voting rights in this country.