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Hyperbook, aka e-Vellum. Inspired during - not after, that's not how my mind works - a long read tonight about Ted Nelson's vision of hypertext, minus any of the transclusion, a strange variant of the same commercialized bullshit he otherwise so vehemently rails against (and therefore would tickle companies like Microsoft pink if it were to ever come true).

Internet-connected paper inside a traditional-looking book cover; the cover can have a paper look and feel with thin/flexible silicon undercoating housing the OS, CPU, RAM, wifi adapter, and any other bells and whistles needed to make and keep the book interconnected. Connection is private (tunneled via VPN, proxied?) because I'm no disciple of Mark Zuckerburg's prying-for-profit nor any fan of Window's 10 advanced spying features, nor am I a disciple of today's more nefarious hackers' seemingly infinite, larcenous reach into every facet of our online lives.

Book can be turned on and off just like any computer; off switch completely disconnects. Pages are made out of about the same stuff as US cash; perhaps thinner for a more lightweight experience or perhaps a bit thicker for increased durability. Use of paper threads will vastly increase, irregardless of final paper weight, to strengthen paper and provide on-page interconnectivity, depending on which color thread is being used (a simple visualization to decide: blue threads are for hyperlinks; red threads are for page strength and reinforcement).

It doesn't matter how many pages the book has because as each page is finished you can either stream the next one from its Web resource or else load it straight from on-board cache (this is where the otherwise intrusive and quite dangerous pre-fetch feature that's been around for years, that Mozilla is now turning on by default in Firefox, would finally come in handy, provided the web resource you request your pages from is secure). The book can have one page, a hundred or a thousand. For simplicity and ease of use and recognition it might be nice to standardize around a set number: 300 pops into my head as one possible water line.

The cover and pages would be treated with a ScotchGuard-like finish; the cover would have a thin, flexible, damage-resistant non-conductive metal or metal-like lining to further protect the book.

The advantage of this design is it gives you the old-fashioned book in it's most familiar shape and form while eliminating the need for physical libraries and enabling inline linking on physical book pages. It can also support PDF and similar technologies via its use of threads as links. It's The Book, the book that contains all books while simultaneously containing nothing. When you unwrap it, you pull the plastic shrink wrap off, turn it on, and there's sample books to get you started, but you can delete those once you're ready to get your own books, leaving The Book literally empty except for the first page.

That first page will give you a simple UI to download books and PDFs from the Web and also provide a link to another page, which will hold links to all the books you've downloaded for offline reading, along with links to any books you're still reading via built-in streaming technology. When you look for stuff to read, you'll have the choice to either stream or download your selections. Cache by default/necessity will be huge, because you might want to store a lot of books for offline reading, re-reading or eventual sharing.

The tricky parts are always a) getting the text of any book you stream or download to "print" on paper (I have no idea how to do this - yet - but maybe on my next 3-mile walk or another 300 3-mile walks from now, I'll finally figure that out - I already know it's got something to do with light) and b) getting links on the paper to work - and this book will need working links.

Ideally - say for the PDF-reading portion of it - the book will have a program that scans your streams and downloads in realtime for any links in the HTML; the links will act as pointers for the code to send a signal (is this an electro-magnetic pulse?) to, say, the blue threads in the paper, which will insert the links into the appropriate places in the text. Imagine the blue threads run as many lines to a page as there are lines of words in your chosen book or PDF; then the program simply has to decide where in each blue line the linked word will appear once "printed" and insert the link in exactly that spot.

Basically, including links in the book are about setting a line-height to ensure they become clickable where they should, so it's a problem that's more easily solved than the dilemma of how to print streamed or downloaded text on paper in the first place, which is sort of a Battle Royale if ever there was one. Forget breaking into websites, oh very l33t onez; chances are that will never be as hard as making a single interconnected paper-paged book (even just one prototype!) that actually works. You'd think half these coders would have some can-do and work on something like this rather than steal your credit card info, which has got to be a snore after the 30th victim or so.

If I were Steve Jobs up on the stage (whose amazing marketing skills I will forever admire) I'd sell the book like this: "E-Vellum is the book to end all books. It is ... The Book" *whips it out from behind to thunderous applause/trillions of camera flashes*. "Simple, lightweight, portable, it goes where you want it, feels like what you're used to, and does what you thought it never could do. *dramatic pause* Watch." *some onscreen demos* I'd also give it a better name than e-Vellum (*eyeroll* - or is that iRoll?). And then the audience would throw confetti and I'd become an overnight zillionaire and finally buy Facebook simply so I can shut it down. Thanks for the memories - and maybe for some of those memes - Zuck.

Pushing that daydream aside - because confetti is messy, someone will have to clean it up and I'm not exactly Steve Jobs - I do think if some of the kinks could be worked out - at least on paper and/or in theory - that this might make a great Kickstarter project.

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I mean, normally, I don't even cook a lot of chicken. It's bland, dull, and I've been eating it since in utero. When I do prepare it I like it roasted whole, with the skin crisped up and juicy from the tons of spices I use (secret to tender, roasted chicken with perfectly dry, crispy skin: don't - don't - ever pierce it. Don't pierce any part of the chicken. Don't put butter or oil on it and don't wash it, either - you'll just mess up your kitchen. Simply season and cook the damn thing. You can't go wrong. Also, use a toaster oven - if the chicken will fit. It cooks slower, ensuring your chicken won't dry out, and saves electricity, not to mention your kitchen won't get so freakin' hot).

But I did the unheard of - for me - and stocked up on chicken last week. Walmart had this crazy clearance where I got six leg quarters for $2.73 (I mean quarters - this is the entire leg of the chicken all the way up to, I guess, the waist, six times over) and a package of three whole boneless skinless chicken breasts weighing at least a pound each for $5.73. The only problem was both packages were about to go out-of-date, but that's what my freezer is for. I was so happy with my cheap finds I didn't buy my usual whole roasting chicken (well, I also got a huge pork tenderloin for under $8. When I cut it up to portion it out for freezing, I realized I had enough for three meals serving three people each).

I don't like buying meats from Walmart (definitely never buy any shrimp from them - not overseas nor the domestically caught or raised - I have, and it's all uniformly awful, but the mussels, oysters and flounder are pretty good) but Walmart is the most nearby and convenient as I can knock out all my shopping in one trip without having to stop anywhere else. And after being re-exposed to Publix this year after a two-year break, I see it's overpriced and completely overrated. Their meats suck - have always sucked - and their fresh seafood counter is nothing to write home about. The only things I miss are the excellent frozen seafood sold under their own brand name and the Gorton's fried clams I can't find anywhere else. Meanwhile, there are no quality stores like Wegman's or Trader Joe's or Whole Foods around, so I feel like I might as well keep shopping at Walmart.

Two of these three huge chicken breasts got pounded out and cooked into a mushroom sauce a few nights ago, which was okay (bland, dull, and I've been eating something like it since in utero), but I had one breast left over that I couldn't refreeze and the clock was ticking on it bad so tonight I searched for a good curry recipe. The third result in Google was this one and from the opening sentence, which mentions chicken, curry and yogurt - everything I was craving - I knew it was for me. It blew my socks off. As the author says in the heavily illustrated instructions, this dish can be as mild or spicy as the curry you're using. Hers was McCormick. Mine is Badia. But I think, after years of brand-switching, that all jarred and bottled dry curry rubs taste the same. If you want a really spicy curry, you probably have to go to an Indian store (and yes, I'm also lacking an Indian store).

What was most delightful was all the substitutions this recipe allowed for (not implicitly not explicitly; I just substitute if I don't have what I need on hand, which is almost every single day. I think unless you don't have the most major ingredients on hand - for instance, you don't have the dairy for an Alfredo, though even that's inherently fudge-able - that either the recipe sucks, or else you're not a good cook. I have a similar philosophy toward cooking implements - that is, strictly speaking, that you don't need most of them to make good - and even fairly good-looking - food.)

I can say with glee that this recipe definitely did not suck, because I didn't have a lot of things I needed to make it correctly and it still tasted fantastic. For instance, I didn't have chicken broth, so I used bouillon cubes. I didn't have fresh ginger so I used the powdered ginger I always keep on hand. I didn't have basmati rice (only because I hate basmati rice) so I used jasmine rice (jasmine rice has the lowest arsenic levels of any rice in the world, and also tastes the best, and I'm a rice-eating fanatic, so low arsenic levels and the incredible smell and flavor sold me on it a long time ago) and the sauce that enveloped this dish still tasted so good I was doing happy dances in my chair as I ate it, when I wasn't almost melting away altogether.

The chicken, though tasty, was actually my least favorite part (bland, dull, and I've been eating something like it since in utero). That was my one disappointment. Next time I'm using shrimp. Really good shrimp. And fresh ginger and (hopefully, if I've whipped up another batch by then) my own homemade broth.

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So after admiring (and digging around in CSS style sheets to find) a font I liked on another website, I came to learn it's called TabletGothic Compressed and is available via Typekit Fonts. Thinking I might get it for free if I signed up for a TypeKit account, I went ahead and did so, only to be confronted by this image toward the end of the list of 49 free fonts non-paying users can have (but of course, TabletGothic Compressed was not among them).

The letters A and G in Strumpf Std Open Adobe typkit, aka bunny rabbit and goatse. If this were a Rorschach test, I'd totally fail it - so, should I make this my default user icon for when people *really* annoy me?

Eye bleach, someone. I will never erase this scene from my memory otherwise.

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How Flash destroys your browser's performance. That's any browser, any performance, any day of the week. It's sad, really. Was Flash ever usable? I've only been online since 2004 so I don't remember it being a huge problem until say, maybe 2007-2008ish, but before that, most people's connections to the Web were so slow that as a fairly considerate website owner, you wouldn't - as a matter of course - display Flash to them on a regular basis, anyhow.

I've disabled Flash so many hundreds of times over the years in every version of Windows, from XP right through Windows 10, over "Shockwave Flash script running slowly - stop script/wait" messages, and had so many browser and individual tab crashes over the years because of Flash, that as a matter of routine over the last few years I either disable Flash altogether or force-kill it through Task Manager as needed, which is almost every damn time I browse. It's a crippling, far-from-secure, ridiculous plugin and in all the years it's been around, I wish any competitor would have replaced it with better technology.

Speaking of which: Silverlight, HTML5 (YouTube reverts to HTML5 by default for users who watch video on a fresh browser install that's still lacking Flash; there's also an alternate YouTube which plays nothing but HTML5 videos) and...? Why, in all these years, has no viable alternative become a more widespread and popular choice so we can finally kick Flash to the curb?

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After reading that Firefox 40 will change the Windows 10 Cortana search bar default from Bing to whichever search engine you want I thought, "Go Firefox!" and did a few mental fist-pumps, all "rah-rah, go team!" style.

Then I read the comments where all the whiny loser Micro$ofties complain that if anyone's hijacking search, it's Firefox, damn it, by allowing choice(!), so they won't be surprised if Firefox - the entire browser - gets declared adware and spyware very, very soon (I spent a few minutes ROTFLOLing...oh yes, in their wettest dreams, I'm sure).

When I finally caught my breath, I started thinking, what will it take to shut these assholes up?

Obviously, it will take drastic measures of some sort.

Then I thought, anyone can make a win32 application. Anyone. I could make one (but hey...uh, I won't). Similarly, anyone, and I do mean anyone, can make a Windows app (like the ones you commonly see pre-pinned to the Start Menu in Windows 10). Then the light bulb went off: Firefox should respond to all this stupid, ridiculous, totally unwarranted criticism by making a Firefox-branded search bar. Why not? Microsoft once had one (and it was so lousy no one used it). Google once had one - don't know or care if they still do (it was very privacy-invasive and kind of a drag on the entire OS). Other companies make these damn things. Firefox should make one of their own.

Give the Micro$ofties something to really crap their pants about, is what I say. I'm all for some competition so let's get it rolling (and hey, I'll even beta test!).

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Because *repeatedly spits drink out while reading over list* holy shit, I'd get more traffic over their inaccuracies than I'd ever get for my own (so maybe there's an upside, if negative attention is better than no attention at all). Not to mention if I got anything like Vox's traffic I might have a thing or two 46 things to correct myself. Though I'd hope not. I mean, I do make at least a glancing effort at fact-checking before publishing this thing.

Just check some of this out (all emphasis my own, as well as any notes in [brackets]):

7. Original Headline: "Get Me Off Your Fucking Mailing List" is an actual published science paper

Corrected Headline: "Get Me Off Your Fucking Mailing List" is an actual science paper accepted by a journal

Correction: This article previously said the article was published by the journal. It was only accepted, because the author didn't want to pay $150.

8. Original Headline: 95 percent of Israelis support the Gaza war

Corrected Headline: 95 percent of Jewish Israelis [<--because, duh] support the Gaza war

Correction: This post initially did not note that the survey was only of Jewish Israelis, rather than all Israelis. The text has been corrected.

9. Headline: Ignore age—define generations by the tech they use

Correction: This post originally gave incorrect dates for the introduction of radio and television technology and the invention of the cell phone [facepalms *forever*]. It also mis-labeled the web as the internet [because *facepalm*]. We regret these errors [yeah, so do I].

OMG folks, just OMG...the only thing I can say is at least Vox issues corrections. So many websites simply do not and will not do any such thing.

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I feel sorry for Windows 10. While you can't trust half the blather on Business Insider to be sane or accurate ever since Henry Blodget turned it from a personal blog into a content aggregator/news service of some sort, Steve Kovach, whomever he is, is right about Windows 10: it is Microsoft's greatest operating system, ever. While I formerly reserved that opinion for Windows 8.1 (the upgrade where they sort of restored the Start menu and otherwise made the OS not so ridiculously tablet-focused and unusable), Windows 10 for the desktop makes strides and improvements even upon 8.1 that finally make using a computer sort of fun and carefree - something we've all wanted since XP came out and gave us the wild hope that using a computer could finally bring us into an age of intelligent, hassle-free and enriching communication along with nearly effortless productivity.

Windows 10 is that almost flawless computing experience we've all dreamed of - if you're someone like me. The problem is, chances are you're not.

Microsoft is betting - quite publicly - that Windows 10 will see widespread adaption merely because it's their best operating system ever. They're placing that bet on the backs of people like me - Windows Insiders - by claiming that because over 5 million of us have given it a more or less unabashed thumbs-up, that adaption by the general public will be seamless, a guaranteed success. Bugger. I'll tell you the reasons why that's untrue. And if Microsoft is smart, they'll take notes on what I'm about to say.

People who use Windows 7 will not use Windows 10

Windows 7 users are mostly comprised of embittered Windows Vista users who finally got the chance to upgrade to a decent operating system that still offers more than XP does by installing Windows 7, on the one hand, and embittered Windows 8 users who didn't bother sticking around for Windows 8.1 before downgrading to a decent operating system that still offers more than XP does by installing Windows 7, on the other. The happiness of these people - to have dodged not one but two bullets simply by upgrading or downgrading to Windows 7 - cannot be overstated, nor can their near-certain stubborn refusal to try Windows 10 after what they've been through with Windows Vista and/or Windows 8. You will snatch Windows 7 from their cold, dead hands before they allow any upgrade to Windows 10 to happen.

Microsoft will have to do something to change the hearts and minds of Windows 7 users to make them not so afraid to try the latest and greatest operating system, and frankly, I have no idea what that is.

People who like - or who feel like they need to - use XP will not stop using XP

Try 250 million users, and I consider that an extremely conservative estimate considering China uses almost nothing except XP. In my own admittedly informal, just-knocking-around-the-house tests, Windows 8 and Windows 10 won't run as well on older hardware that's designed to work better with Windows XP. You'd think that with Microsoft's famed desire for interoperability and backward-compatibility that Windows 10 would run fast and flawlessly on almost any hardware, but that isn't the case. Users who upgrade only to realize they cannot install essential legacy drivers and that the systems they're running Windows 10 on will take noticeable performance hits will warn others in every way possible - face-to-face, in online forums, on social media, in tech shops - not to bother upgrading, which will be considered the final word on the matter, soon enough.

People who know their hardware runs fast and flawlessly on XP won't throw away their hardware simply to run Windows 10 when there are not enough compelling differences between the operating systems to make such a hardware upgrade worthwhile.

You can't compel people to buy new hardware for a voice-recognition system like Cortana that most everyday folks have no real use for. You can't sell them on backward-compatibility when even legacy video drivers won't work. People might not understand the benefits of upgrading to Windows 10, but they will quickly grasp the drawbacks: operating system slowdowns, bottlenecks and bugs, driver installs that bluescreen the computer (even I have this problem on a laptop that's designed to run Windows 7 - while running Build 10240, at least; the video driver I need bluescreens the laptop causing an eternal restart loop, so I'm using a fallback Microsoft video driver that delivers such shitty video that my screen turns white in places, especially text boxes I'm typing in, as to be unusable - ETA, 8-2-15: AMD has since come out with a new driver specific to Windows 10 which has resolved this issue for me).

People don't want forced updates, thank you.

This is the worst thing Microsoft did to people who don't happen to be Windows 10 Pro users: everyone else cannot turn updates off, which means that that video driver you've heard will completely bork your computer when it comes through on Windows Update? Will, merely because you cannot stop it from downloading and installing (as of this writing, there are ways to block or rollback select updates, but despite riotous blowback, there's been no lifting of the forced-updates requirement). I've heard forcing updates down every Windows 10 user's throat is to make our ecosystem more like Apple's, where something like 70-80% of Apple users run exactly the same OS in exactly the same update status. Well, *twirls finger* good for Apple users. Windows users are not on a closed, completely proprietary hardware/software system, and we're certainly not all running the same hardware, so forcing us to download and install the same software - driver updates, especially - will be the kiss of Windows Vista/Windows 8 Death, forcing many users back to the last version of Windows they had installed (chances are, Windows 7) sooner than Microsoft thinks. This might be the worst mistake Microsoft has made yet.

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Disclaimer: author is generally considered "white".

There is something about the Sandra Bland case that my mind won't let go. I've gone so far as to serialize the traffic stop that somehow led to her untimely demise as I imagine it really occurred in the minds of the officer and his victim that day.

*white officer sees black motorist and makes mental notes that he should stop her because she's black*

*black motorist makes lane change - to get out of white officer's way*

*white officer has ah-ha! moment and decides to pull her over; fake conversation ensues over his reasoning*

White Officer: *blah blah blah blah no signal on lane change* (Real meaning: "I pulled you over cuz you're black; me and my buddies make no-signal lane changes all the time, and so does every other person who we don't stop for really stupid shit like this.")
Black Motorist: *acts pissed*
White Officer: *getting aggrieved, because he feels his whiteness is now being put upon* Hey, you're acting pissed!
Black Motorist: I changed lanes to get out of your way (Probable real meaning: "You prejudiced asshole, can't win for losing.")
White Officer: Put your cigarette out (Real meaning: "I am the white lord of the manor, and I can make you do things. Time for a simple show of my ancient, unstoppable White Power.")
Black Motorist: Why do I have to put my cigarette out? I'm smoking in my own car! (which btw, is not illegal; also, it's not a known requirement of any traffic stop that a mere cigarette that is legal to smoke must be extinguished merely because an officer is talking to you through your window)
White Officer: That's it, get out of your car (Real meaning: *outrage* "Out of your car! You can't argue with me - I'm white and you're not!")
Black Motorist: argues about why she should have to get out of her car (again, all she's done is fail to signal a lane change she made only to get out of White Officer's way and to ask why she should have to extinguish a cigarette that is legal and not against any known protocols to smoke in his presence, especially considering the entirely petty, non-emergency nature of the stop!)
White Officer: *blah blah blah get out of the car or else* (Real meaning: "Because I'm white, and because I fucking said so, and because that's how it fucking works in this country!") followed by an offer to "light her up" if she continues to refuse (which was probably the most fun thing he got say all day. It changes the entire incident into a video game sequence in which the object is for the white player to bag as many black opponents as possible before game-over, with getting to "light one up" an obvious grand prize of sorts).
White Officer: *issues enough threats to make her get out of car* (Unspoken: because he's white, and because he fucking said so, and because that's how it fucking works in this country). It is horribly demoralizing to see the bad guy win as the victim suffers their usual fate.

You have to understand that on a basic level, the traffic stop was no different than a spur-of-the-moment lynching - except for the part where he didn't actually happen to hang her from a tree before it was over (of course, most white racists would argue he did her an enormous kindness merely by not "lighting her up" like he threatened to, and Alan Dershowitz will always be on hand to argue that if she had just been "nicer" and said "Yes, sir" and "No, sir" than My God, none of this could've happened! because the problem is black people lack good manners and therefore can't function properly in oh-so-"polite" white society).

Either way we got our lynching in the end. We just don't know if it was by Sandra's own hand or by the whites charged with imprisoning her for the high crime of Existing While Black who not only Existed - treason in itself - but who also dared argue she shouldn't be punished for it, which, if any of the conversations she had with that officer or any other officer had been real and stripped of all their white politesse, aka bullshit, would be how every exchange would've actually went.

You can take the Alan Dershowitz argument and all other arguments, which are all ever-more elaborate code (aka: bullshit) for: "Because we're white and we said so" and shove them up someone's ass. The overarching problem is whites think targeting blacks keeps them in line. If it keeps them in line then someone explain riots (which are actually caused by the white insistence that blacks be kept in line)?

Targeting skin color does not keep any collective sporting that skin color "in line". If anything, it will cause more bad behavior - borne of resentment and justifiable anger. It marginalizes an entire population who might otherwise be productive, happy, well-adjusted members of society who instead are forced to its monetary and social edges and left there to die because whites think that's the only way to maintain law and order (again: bullshit. It's more about power and maintaining a pecking order, and the white need to even have a pecking order, than it has ever been about "maintaining law and order" - code, it's code: white people speak in code. This is one of the great yet obvious secrets of being white: we're the most passive-aggressive pussies when it comes to language use, ever).

That's what the Sandra Bland case is really about. Whites need to take a good, long, hard look at themselves, whether they be cops or judges or those of us who contribute to the problem merely by sitting back and contributing nothing to its solution, and ask ourselves, what are we so afraid of? What is going to go so wrong if we give up the pecking order that invariably keeps Whites On Top and finally stop singling blacks out for punishment merely for being black?

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Also see Windows 10 maladies...(ongoing lament by Yours Truly)... and Windows 10 maladies, Part II...(ongoing lament by Yours Truly)...

Microsoft has broken my heart by allowing me to become a Windows Insider. If I could, I'd send a crimson rose to Satya Nadella to express how coldly he's ripped out my heart, first by making me do about 10 re-installs of 10131 in one week just to get it working on my laptop, then by boring me to death with lack of bugs to get angry about in the latest version (10166 - *zzzzzzzz*...seriously, just release the damn thing already) and finally for continuing to brick my phone with any version of Windows Mobile that I try. While the latest version (again, that's 10166 - only for Mobile) hasn't made my phone stop working or done any of the truly horrific things described in this post, it is the only version of Windows 10 that makes me want Windows 8.1 back so badly.

Deficits of features/bugs inherit within Windows 10 for phones

  • The layout is ugly, boring and hard to use. Everything except the tiles - which have grown too big - got smaller. Was this OS made for use by elves? The numbers on the dialpad have shrunk to about 2/3 their original size and have no background to show they belong to a dialpad. I feel like I'm looking at a Bingo card my five year old made me (except I don't have a five year old). Not to mention I have tiny, tiny hands and tiny, tiny fingers, yet the dialpad is so small I'm mashing the wrong numbers no matter how carefully I use the damn thing. At least this OS doesn't bore me - nuh-uh, not yet. Au contraire, it's really pissing me off.
  • Outlook.com doesn't scrape their own or any other mail server so I haven't been able to get my Live or Google mail since I installed the OS three days ago. The "refresh" button, it does nothing! OK, I'm cracking jokes, but I could almost punch someone over this. I have one email account with Live.com that is my life and I check that account all day long. To be even more clear, I bought the damn phone to use it with Outlook. Of all the features to take away that's the worst one to pick, ever. I mean, if Nadella was actually sitting around thinking of ways to piss me off he could not have done a better job. Bricking the entire phone is the only thing that could actually make this phone more useless. ETA, while still writing this, and after endless refreshes, Outlook has finally downloaded my live.com email. Google mail still has not arrived (and fails with a "Something went wrong" message in white text against a black screen every time I try to manually refresh). The post office is actually faster.
  • The phone sometimes won't ring. Sort of a problem, you know, when people are trying to call me. Seems to be totally random when the ringer stops working. Similarly, a notification sound often won't play when I'm getting text messages, which screwed up an important text thread for me yesterday.
  • The call volume keeps turning itself down to "5" so I keep turning it back up to "10" but it keeps turning itself down to "5" again. To be really, massively, ridiculously clear, I don't give a flying crap what volume the phone wants to stay at. I want it at "10". I don't understand why this is too much to ask?
  • The textbox for text messages is unusable. Again, the OS was apparently designed for use by elves - elves who can only type two lines at a time. Anything over two lines and not only can't you scroll through your message to check for errors and clarity because the textbox has shrunken so much you can't see past two lines, but in order to see past two lines you have to hit the back button and start scrolling. That's right, two lines at a time. *aaaarrgghhhh*
  • The tiles on the Start screen - even the tiniest ones you can make without invoking the extra-columns feature - are still way too big. No matter what I do, I cannot adjust to it. In this respect Windows 8.1 Mobile eats Win 10 mobile for lunch. There was nothing broken so MS decides to "fix" it... *curses*
  • Like every version of Windows Mobile going back to 8.0, Win 10 has a bug wherein you're asked to "enter your password" to play back voicemail. This is a bug - not to mention an unholy inconvenience - for people like me who don't use passwords to get their voicemail.
  • The battery drains many times faster on Win 10. On 8.1, my battery didn't get low until late at night and didn't need recharging until the next day - and that's pretty much regardless of how many tons of video I downloaded while texting with multiple people and placing 25 phone calls while running seven apps at once. On Win 10 - after charging my phone all night long - my battery is down to 57% as I write this, after sleeping in and barely using the phone except to refresh Outlook a bajillion times, make one phone call, play back two voicemails, and engage in one instance of text messaging. I've uninstalled every app I don't want and have barely anything running and nothing different than I had on Win 8.1, so I can safely guess I'm not at fault for the battery getting eaten alive.
  • I'm afraid to rollback to 8.1 because a friend of mine can't. For the first time in a longish history of him rolling back to Win 8.1 whenever Windows 10 Mobile didn't work out for him, with this version of Windows 10, the Windows Phone Recovery Tool is failing with an operation ended in failure message, completely stopping him from rolling back. I'm not sure, but I do believe he's using Windows 10 on a Lumia 520. While I might have better luck on my Lumia 635, I'm almost afraid to find out. ETA, 7-15-15: finally rolled the phone back to Windows 8.1 (Cyan, not even playing with Denim anymore) via the Lumia Phone Recovery Tool. Worked like a charm for both me and my friend on the Lumia 520.
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ETA: Corrections made thanks to [personal profile] darkoshi for being awake when I wasn't

(for [personal profile] darkoshi and everyone else who'd rather not log in to view profiles or search results - myself included)

Instagram: Pinsta.me and Looktagram


Pinsta.me doesn't have all profiles cached. Searching is more likely to return an overview of all pages containing your search query than to point you to an official profile (if an official profile is what you're after).

Looktagram, despite advertising itself as "@user and #tag search", has no search functionality. You'll have to use it the old-fashioned way by appending your search terms to the URL. Example: http://looktagram.com/mariah

Using Google with either site might be a still better way to get what you're after. Examples: [site:looktagram.com "mariah carey"], [site:pinsta.me "mariah carey"]

To view individual pages linked to from other websites (especially on Pinterest, which is not covered here) you'll still probably need to disable JavaScript or install a script to avoid logging in. [personal profile] darkoshi explains.