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We The People ~ Can Do Anything We Put Our Minds To ~ Let's Do This

Sign the damn thing: Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19

Here's a poem I wrote:

Hillary won the popular vote! So more of us want her than don't.
Leave not the fate of our nation to the whims of the haters
Make the plurality's choice heard, be the movers and shakers!

Yes, I can write better poems. Now help me to do so - sign the damn petition.

Hillary will win the popular vote, most likely by millions of people (votes are not all in yet) who chose to make their voices - and choices - heard loud and clear.

There are enough of us to get her in by votes, so there are enough of us to sign the damn petition, which urges the Electoral College to obey the will of the People.


Even if the Electoral College does not respect our will, signing puts all politicians on notice that We The People will not take the usurping of our hopes, dreams and ideals. There WILL be an answer.

Now sign the damn petition. Thank you.

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Originally published 12-4-16 at 12:33am; reposting at current date to get eyeballs on DW video display issue

Changing this from the video it was supposed to be to, like, a Mariah Carey video because dahhlings, and to test whether you can see it. Can you see it? If not, do you see anything here besides some text and (probably too much; I need to adjust my CSS again) whitespace?

I failed to finish making this post last night after embedding the original video intended for it after I discovered DW's video embedding capabilities are/were MIA owing to an apparently missing security certificate.

Also I just realized that when embedding Mariah in the RTE, I could see the freeze frame of her quite clearly and the freeze frame for the other video that's no longer attached to this post and I'm able to play video back in full from within the RTE editing box (but I'm not sure if any of that is normal behavior, as I almost never use DW's RTE). Which means...the security certificate is working in DW's RTE, or the RTE is getting around needing to use the certificate for RTE display. Something is simply all kinds of screwed up (but I'm adding this factoid to my Support request, because seriously, wtf).

So far, DW's got nothing to say. Video is directly below this line. Depending on how fubared display is for your browser, you might have to scroll and scroll just see tons of whitespace and no embed or link to the video (which, to be clear, are symptoms of a problem DW is having, not symptoms of a similar problem with extra whitespace I suspect my CSS is coincidentally having - yes, it's just fun-fun-fun here, all the time).

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ETA, mid-next evening: Well, per comments below, at least now I know it's not just me. The issue is still unresolved as of 8:47 EST. Please let me know if you're experiencing it, as I'll dutifully pass along a total body count to DW via the same Support request discussed below sooner or later.

Getting a bit frustrated with Dreamwidth support; can anyone tell me if you're having trouble seeing any video embeds on Dreamwidth? Anywhere on Dreamwidth?

I have a Support request in for being unable to see video anywhere on DW, a situation that arose when I tried to quickly post a video and attach a post to it only to find the video went MIA in the preview pane because, according to Firefox's error message, DW doesn't have *any* security certificate listed for, or in plain English? Whoops.

Which caused me to not write the post, because it was, ahem, *about the video*, though I did publish the entry just to satisfy the fact that I could not believe my own eyes, and to give a link, if needed, for Support to deal with (the entry is currently set to private too not confuse or alarm anyone else).

Miraculously, I'm the only person out of many thousands of active users on the most active posting/viewing day of the week (Saturday, when this started) to have this problem - no one else posted a Support request, no one responded to the request I posted, and so seemingly I am the only person in all of Dreamwidth to go through this. Which is, admittedly, bizarre.

Anyone else? *stares into the void*

As of the last 6-8 hours I'm getting "timeout/ is taking too long to respond" (yeah, no kidding!) error messages in the embed frame, so if anyone else is, too, would you kindly reply here (even just a quickly dashed off, "Yeah, me, too" will do)?

I do screen comments and don't monitor things well so don't think I won't see or unscreen replies; I will, but it might take time depending if I'm online or not.

Additional info: videos are displaying one of the above error messages (or simply not displaying at all, with empty white space in place of where the video should be) in Firefox 50.0.1, Opera latest built on Webkit, Edge, and IE11 on Windows 10 using wifi on a home router. White space in place of video is showing on Windows 8.1 Update for phone on both my wifi router connection and 4G-only connection (the latter which I tested solely to rule out my router as the cause). Anyone?

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I'd said in an earlier post (maybe last week; I don't keep track of such things too well, anymore) that I was never posting publicly again, and I'm never posting publicly again, but I forgot about this stupid post I write every year for Thanksgiving, so I guess I'll write it, but unless my worldview changes considerably - mostly for the better - there won't be much more public posting - except maybe some activist/political this and/or !signalboost that because I'm just...I could say a lot more, but in short, nope.

Girlfriend's got other places to go.

It's not that I'll never write again; I'll still have my usual free-for-alls under lock, if I so choose, and I'll still write publicly, I just don't know where, or why, or how often, or anything else.

And so, on with my normal (if you can call it that!) post...

Today I'm thankful, as always, for not having turkey. Bad enough to live in a country bursting with them, you know? So many turkeys, it's enough to make me cluck with apprehension.

I'm also thankful this Thanksgiving was much better than all but one of the last four were, simply because I spent it in our own home, set up and cleaned to my liking, listening to music I wanted and watching TV with shows I liked on it, with just the people around me whom I chose and of course my cats, and ate exactly what I damn well felt like after preparing the food to my liking, myself. I apologize for sounding a bit like Ayn Rand here, but a girl's got her reasons.

You can't take these seemingly small things for granted. If you do, you don't know how lucky you are, nor how thankful you should truly be for it.

Because this year !I cooked or !I made most of the comestibles, I can tell you there was no turkey in sight. There was delicious cured ham, fresh baked sweet potatoes and organic butter from a new whole-foods store that opened up recently, and OP, who's finally made peace with both his haircut and my feelings about how I get to decide who I am, not anyone else, contributed a divine fresh Brussels sprouts au gratin topped with Gruyere cheese and chopped bacon.

I took a small break on pre-dinner apps this year...there were many, as usual when I do the Thanksgiving spread, but I went mostly for jars, cans and containers this time because *ahem* I has !lazy, which caused a quick, easy spread of smoked oysters, pickled artichoke hearts, fresh kalamata olives, pickled onions and crackers to unfold before our eyes, while I only made the chicken liver pate and deviled eggs from scratch this time. The pate was a first for me; I actually made it ahead, then let it set up in the fridge overnight. It was...aaaahhh, so good.

I think the only thing missing, besides family, cats and a few celebrities I miss and wish were still with us, was someone else to feed. I wanted someone who'd truly appreciate the food and maybe even the company, but though I checked around, I couldn't find the right person.

There's always Christmas, though. I really want to have someone I don't know over for dinner.

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Well, that was weird: James Comey decided to show his inner partisan dude by announcing the FBI would examine emails found on Anthony Weiner's computer belonging to Huma Abedin that consisted of exchanges (presumably) between her and Hillary Clinton to see how they pertained to an investigation that was (presumably) already closed without charges into Hillary Clinton's homebrew email server months ago.

His move probably cost Hillary another cool 4 million votes, in addition to those she likely lost a few months back after deciding half the country was like, a lost cause forever and ever, dudes. That said, I still like her (nope, I'm not in the basket, but if I was, I wouldn't have the brains it takes to see she's a good person, anyhow) but she needs to think outside the box (the brain) a little bit more, herself. She needs to picture the whole country like one big aisle she'll need to reach across for political results - the aisle she really needs to work is not just the one she'll find in Congress.

As to how the FBI examining emails pertaining to a (presumably) already-closed investigation went, it went LOL I can't even...*ahem*...rather well. Comey decided not to re-open the (presumably) already-closed investigation but instead to investigate it over the FBI allowing him to dump election-swaying info so close to uh, an election, a potential set of charges they're investigating as we speak. Remember this guy runs the FBI so what kind of shit he's pulling this time is totally beyond comprehension. But I hope when it's done he'll make them investigate themselves again, for transparency, because nothing literally screams "transparent" like investigating the investigation, then investigating the investigators who investigated almost re-opening the (presumably) already-closed investigation at his word, or am I missing something?

Additionally, the FBI's being called on by Dems to investigate how Guilani knew of the re-opening of the (presumably) already-closed investigation before it was almost re-opened and re-investigated, which was before it finally wasn't. And finally, Trump wasted a lot of the crumpled-up-sounding mess known as his voice crowing about new charges and indictments, Clinton's criminality and enjoying crowds yelling HANG THE BITCH for absolutely nothing, so he might want to keep a cough drop or two hundred handy and try to keep mum on that gargantuan little error of his between now and oh, say, Tuesday.

It's like how brain-density-challenged folks want to go on and on about Beeennnnggggghazzzi...what about Beeennnnggggghazzzi??? Well, what about it? Eight investigations, all done by Re-puking-cans and not a damn charge brought, not even in someone's wettest dream. But boy, they sure can keep re-puking unproveable charges, can't they? Why? Do they just need to look into it more, is that it?

Have fun with your sprayed-orange, used-car salesman on Election Day, folks (I already voted; not for him) because thanks to your do-boy Comey in particular, I've been laughing almost too hard to care.

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Which is...nope, this will not be a picture post.

One of the many things I've been meaning to post before a bad storm, broken roof, bleak financials, Donald Trump, Comcast, and all sorts of assholery gone asundry sort of broke my concentration was the problem of having two black homeless kittens living outdoors (right outside my door, in fact) with Halloween coming. Though I'm not going to talk about it nor link to examples, people are sick. One way they prove it is by grabbing black cats on Halloween for "Satanic rituals". I won't discuss this because it's so stomach-turning, so (eventually) I'll discuss what I did (or didn't) do about it, instead.

Just to refresh memories, the last week of June, a few days before July 4th, someone in the next apartment building over decided it was the best idea ever to let a litter of five, approximately eight-week old kittens who'd never been outdoors go play in traffic around our apartment complex. Two distant neighbors along with OP and I noticed and simultaneously freaked out trying to figure out whose they were and what to do.

While we were talking with one of them, a fast red sports car came zooming down the road and almost hit one kitten but I think I saved it by yelling, "HEY!!! GET OUT OF THE ROAD" in my toughest NY accent to scare it away. It soon chased itself up a tree after another kitten, who quickly shimmied back down, but the one I'd yelled at was still up there when OP grabbed him and handed him to me to bring inside, which he knew I'd do because it was Stuie all over again an irresistible black and white kitten who I was still turning into a puddle of OMG, AAAWWWW over at that moment.

Bowie was the first one in, just a few days shy of July 4th. From that night on I was letting the kittens who eventually became Pippy and Tab-tab in to play, but figured I couldn't handle more than three cats, so every night they went back out. The two black kittens rounding out the litter were shyer and more independent, so didn't come in as much. Within a few weeks of Bowie's arrival I realized he was having such a great time with one grey kitten, who seemed like his twin, that I should keep him around as Bowie's companion.

By then the creatively named Tab-tab (a tabby who still had no name) was coming in a few times a week, while the black kittens were showing up constantly. I kept both black kittens overnight about a month after bringing Bowie in (early August) only to wake up the next morning with wet, sloppy poops all over the litter boxes and living room rug, and no idea which black kitten dropped them, or if both were to blame.

Sick and not litter-box trained? Couldn't deal with it. So back outside they went. They had no desire to stay inside if the outdoors was on offer, and someone else around here was apparently feeding them, so I wasn't too concerned. Realizing the black kittens were non-starters over poop issues, I began letting Tab-tab in more because Bowie and Pip seemed to like having another kitten to keep the party going, and watching them play was fun, but unlike the black kittens, not only didn't he mind leaving, he wanted to after a night of festivities.

A month and a half into this Bowie and Pip stayed inside, the black kittens were allowed to stay until they acted like they had to use a litter box and then out the door they'd go, and the tabby came and went as he pleased. Then one night, hours after he'd been let out, the tabby almost tore our kitchen screen apart asking to be let back in. He'd never done that before. While I've been trying to train him to stay in ever since, he never leaves for more than a few hours and was soon christened Tab-tab (by me, because I just couldn't stop calling him that. He learned his name faster than any other kitten, fwiw.).

By then it was the middle of August and everyone was fairly secure except the black kittens. A few weeks later the storm hit and they had to ride it out outside (probably hiding under one of the buildings). A black kitten was the first living thing I saw besides downed trees and people walking around in a daze about 6 o'clock the next morning. And I was already worried about Halloween. I'd spoken to a lady right before the storm in the next apartment building over who claimed the kittens were hers, but she said someone "stole" one from her - another lady living in an apartment row nearby ours.

I had clear and obvious trouble sympathizing, as she basically let the kittens live outside, and expressed that, but she said it's "natural" for them to go outdoors. I guess it's also natural to spray all-natural, "organic" cat poison all over them, her house and balconies. That's what peppermint flea spray turned out to be, according to some online reviews I've read. It might've even been why at least one kitten couldn't control its poop and why both seemed more depressed than the kittens we kept.

Both kittens were still running around when the power was finally restored weeks later, and came in the night it was turned back on just to party with our kittens, but at least one still had a pooping problem, so back out they went. I never saw one of them again; I'm assuming that was the "stolen" one. The other kept coming around every day, but most definitely had a litter box/pooping on the rug issue, so wasn't allowed to stay, because we're not able to deal with a cat who needs a vet that desperately right now.

The last few weeks of October made me...forgive the pun, nervous as a cat trying to think what to do with him. I'd never forgive myself if I saw any Halloween spook scoop him up or if I found him maimed or dead or even if he just disappeared, which would worry me owing to the time of year. I couldn't sleep sometimes for thinking about it. Even if I could take him the shelter, I didn't want to; I was afraid black cats get put down more often for being black, for being the stuff of so many superstitions and nightmares which simply aren't right.

The mother of all five kittens has since gotten a home in the same row of apartments that the other black kitten was supposedly, uh, spirited off to, and still comes by to say hi but wants nothing more to do with her last brood, so refuses to come say hi to them.

One morning about a week before Halloween I was standing outside with OP when I saw a young lady I'd never seen before standing alongside the same road Bowie almost got hit on, looking in the brush as though looking for a cat. I mean, I know the look. Because that day I was a witch (oooh, a sort of non-spooky, if very late Halloween story) I turned to OP and said, "If that lady takes the remaining black kitten, would you be OK with that?" He had a strong liking for him; they'd bonded a little. He looked a bit shocked but said, "Yeah, that's fine", so I walked into the road to ask which cat she was looking for.

Turns out she was looking for the mother, according to the description she gave me, who, she added, was pregnant ("Again?" I asked, which started the very conversation I wanted to have about the remaining black kitten, who helpfully enough, walked by just as I began talking about him). I hadn't seen the mother in a few weeks and cats don't tend to drop until almost right before birth, so that's how I came to find out a second litter is or was about to be born.

She agreed a black cat running loose on Halloween is not a good idea and to take the kitten, who I carried inside her apartment. She immediately cracked a can of wet food open and introduced him to her other cat, who seemed game enough to have a new kitten around. Turns out this lady feeds the mother, has fed some of the kittens, and feeds both males who I think are the fathers of our kittens. Her apartment was as clean and nice as ours (but bigger) and she said she'd keep him indoors and get him to the vet over his litter box issues ASAP, so I think he'll have a good life there.