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A recent theme at Chez MM has been fake news found via our dear friends at Google. Today I'll take the heat off of Google to focus on fake news more generally, but first I must express my chagrin at Google allowing fake news agencies to run ads by removing language that once barred them from doing so, because now that they're making wheelbarrows of bucks off these outfits, why stop?

Google's taking a single known baby step toward ways to fight fake news, but that's making anti-science types totally freak out. The scary thing is fake news/science/religion are money makers and therefore the absolute wave of the future, so such protests might just give Google some pause.

Still, I don't feel the need to pore over guides on how to spot fake news because I got online well before the advent of Facebook and Twitter, even long before Google sold its ethics off ad by ad to the highest bidder (or what it calls search result popularity) but such guides might be useful for people who trust in-built biases and call them "gut instincts".

For them, the lamestream hasn't been something you could be seen dead with since the beginning of Fox News, which began way back in 1996. Speaking of which: watching Fox News makes you less informed than watching no news at all. Congrats on 21 years of emptying your brains out like change jars just to go buy the same high you'd get from drinking a few Cokes. I'd like to give the world a Coke after reading that.

Another thing Fox News worshippers can't be caught dead with are statistics, unless they're invented to support alternative facts. Alternative facts come with their own automagic statistics which can be viewed from any angle which proves beyond a carpeted patch of grass that they're the largest statistics, ever. Period.

To get people to see alternative facts like tall tales cleverly disguised as Cokes, you could try a few of these tips out on some unsuspecting Fox Newser, but be warned that once an identity-molding opinion or theory of theirs is at stake, throwing facts at it can threaten egos and hurt their pride, which might make them dig their heels in a bit harder.

I have an unfortunate habit of telling people who hate facts, "I don't consort with the enemy" but hey, I never said I was a diplomat. You have to catch me on a pretty good day to see that in action, so just assume most of my days suck.

If you're one of the people I don't consort with, you might read sites like InfoWars. So when you hear some nobody tricked InfoWars into sharing fake news on Donald Trump you're probably like: "Yay!" because you love InfoWars. Wait, nope. You're like, "Hey, I read InfoWars just to catch up on his kingship, so how can any of this be wrong?" OK then, I give up.