Feb. 4th, 2017 01:54 am
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Hell, yeah! A federal judge in Seattle temporarily blocked Trump’s Muslim ban from remaining in effect - which means it's been lifted nationwide - after the attorneys general of Minnesota and Washington state sued to block parts of it.

Yes, the court order is only temporary and The Regime is trying to get an emergency stay against it, which might or might not succeed, but I'm so glad The Regime has been taken to task for even implementing a Muslim ban I have almost no words.

Yes, these are words; point taken.

Trump can also be held in contempt for defiance of lower federal court orders blocking his (still ongoing?) detention and deportment of and general prohibition against visa and green card holders. A cursory reading of the law says he should be.

Fingers crossed him and Bannon finally allow the court to operate as an equal branch of our federal government, not one to be disregarded at will, and that they stop letting DHS and BP officers ignore or overrule it. They have no authority to do so.

Lastly, Sean Spicer is one of the most outrageous ("rescinded" word of the day) liars going; my respect for him hovers at near zero. (It wasn't high after he defended false Inauguration crowd numbers, either, but Trump had clearly put him up to it, so I guess I just felt bad).

You don't tell the public: "Oh come on, only 109 people were affected", then a week later have the State Department admit* (still falsely) that the number might be as high as 60,000, which they were tricked into admitting only after it came out in court that the number of affected travelers was not a mere 109 (bad enough - I don't care how low the number is because it still messed up every one of their lives) but closer to...get ready...100,000.

There isn't enough bold or underline in the world to point that out with.

To be clear, that's 100,000 visas revoked. That's not the number of people detained, denied attorneys or congressional representation at the scene, stripped of green cards or turned away to be sent back to their home countries. The total amount of people adversely affected (along with families, friends, significant others, schools, employers, and entire communities) could be (and probably is) much higher. When reliable data comes out, I'll edit to add it in.

I don't talk about Kellyanne Conway because she's got this Working Girl vibe going on that makes me kind of sympathetic, so even as she spouts alternative facts and goes off on non-existent Bowling Green massacres I still hope she might pull her head out of her ass, someday.

Spicer, on the other hand...*grimaces*, oh man.

*An earlier version of my post said Spicer made this claim, but it was actually the State Department. Spicer went on record as saying: "I'll have to get back to you on that" when asked about the higher figure.