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Edited 2-6-2017 to untangle the revoking of LGBT rights from the Respect Religious Freedom order; while related, they are separate things.

Because politics makes strange bedfellows. Honestly, I thought she was behind Trump's abandonment of his executive order rescinding LGBT rights to begin with, even before learning she actually was.

So we've got this self-proclaimed king (through his actions, if not exactly his words) of the US who wrote an executive order suspending LGBT rights after spending an entire campaign season proclaiming how much he just lurves him some LGBT so - surprise! - he turns to be a massive liar, as usual, because here's another draft executive order, which are like his personal diaries, showing us in order after order how he really feels.

But this self-proclaimed king has a young, beautiful, golden-haired daughter who can touch his Magick Twitter Wand now and then and ask for some important wish to be granted that will save a small amount of the serfdom from an otherwise dreadful fate - and that's great, right? Nope, it really isn't.

What if she drops dead tomorrow? Goes out in a permanent coma? Decides she hates everyone who's name isn't Jared or Donald? Dumps Jared for some Neo-Nazi? Gets into a Twitter fight with Chelsea? Let's the Respect Religious Freedom order be enacted by her empty-headed and cruelly unthinking father without a peep of dissent?

The damn thing's even more discriminatory (or can easily be twisted to be more discriminatory) than revoking LGBT rights is and allows not just people but companies to perform hate crimes with wild abandon, shielded by laws that allow them to do so with impunity. Really?

I mean, this is a democratic republic, even if some self-proclaimed king's running around edicting us to death within it - at least it was before her father came along. Now we have to depend on his daughter to save us from things? What will she save us from, besides the revocation of rights one group already has?

If Ivanka's scepter-scoping is what it takes to keep any of us hanging by a thread then this country is finished. Though I do thank her for thinking of, speaking out on behalf of, and effecting positive change for people I'll always care about, who I stand in solidarity with.

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Date: Feb. 4th, 2017 12:17 pm (UTC)
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I'm not a lawyer and just briefly scanned it, but I'd say there's enough holes to drive a fleet of semi trucks through. When corporations become 'religious entities' the chances for discrimination, criminal activity and tax evasion skyrocket.

As for Ivanka, I trust her as far as I can throw her and I'm a wimp.