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When your party's stance is deporting people and you, the Labor Secretary nominee, don't pay taxes on your paperless immigrant housekeeper, it can look kinda bad and...OK *record scratch*, enough of this bullshit. The truth is I'm surprised six Republicans actually lined up to oppose him when they've let worse slip right past (Rex Tillerson, Betsy DeVos, and the putrid Jeff Sessions - in some ways, Mitch McConnell's ideological twin - come to mind) with nary a blink.

Not to mention it's amazing they can line up in such numbers (six is like the new thousand for these pugs) over something as petty as unpaid taxes on an undocumented housekeeper, yet they let matters of national security slide, like Mike Flynn selling us out to the Russians because hey, it's nothing, dudes, before we pay any mind to that (if we ever do; ha ha maybe we won't) we gotta bust up this Obamacare thingy, see, and deport immigrants, and end civil rights and argue about whether the choice to die in hospice equates to being subject to a death panel, among other tasks of life-or-death importance to this faction of barking dogs.

Listen to John Thune, the poster boy for every Republican in Congress who's equally busy not acting on matters of life-or-death importance for the American people concerning national security:

"We know full well that there are issues that are going to come up on a daily basis that we're going to get asked about and have to respond to," said Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, the No. 3 Senate Republican, "but we're interested in repealing and replacing Obamacare, reforming the tax code, reducing the regulatory burden on businesses, confirming a Supreme Court justice, getting these Cabinet nominees through — that's what our agenda is right now."

Not to even mention the thing that got Pudzer gone was not lack of qualifications nor how shoddily (but it's all I can do not to say "shittily") he treated fast food workers at his companies but instead some bullshit over "not knowing" he "had to" pay taxes on an undocumented immigrant housekeeper.

Here's Trump refusing to answer multiple obvious questions about Flynn's Russian ties and communications (and by extension, his own...we all know Flynn was just his mouthpiece on some if not all Russian issues, like promising to lift Russian sanctions after they declared they'd hit back equally on sanctions Obama imposed after the election, then days later, declared they wouldn't hit back).

I was alive that week, and read both headlines even as they came in, and was stupefied. It should've been obvious at that exact moment what Putin's about-face was for. In any other world - where Trump or some fascist soundalike wasn't pretending to run the country while instead dividing and driving it into the ground - it would be very obvious (and immediately actionable) to most living organisms.

And all that doesn't even begin to account for Yates, who ultimately got fired for ratting Flynn out, not for defying Trump's Muslim ban (that was just the first excuse to let her go that came along after she exposed Flynn). And Trump was so mad at getting thwarted by her exposure that his usual vengeance immediately showed. I mean, you want to talk drama, my mind has been continually blown by just how far down the drain this shitstorm keeps swirling.

But the Republicans...cancellation of civil rights, health insurance, immigrant residency, regulations, any taxes on the rich or their companies...that's all they care about, to the admitted, actual, real-life detriment of our personal safety and security in this country, leaving each one of us exposed and dangling in front of the Russian's faces like the carrots we now are. Frankly, I'm getting just a bit terrified, because they've practically promised not to help us stay safe no matter how serious the Russian issue gets, as long as it becomes even more serious before they get all their hate legislation pushed through.

Heard about this? It's a Russian spy ship positioned just off of Montauk, LI. But we gotta get the legislation passed first, folks - sorry, nothing we can do!