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This article, to be precise.

The author pisses all over the laptop's parade for three, breathlessly delivered main reasons:

  • all laptops will become bombs, or be treated as such, so no more knee-warmer for you
  • only Apple makes laptops; Apple laptops absolutely blow
  • only young people exist; young people don't age anymore and only buy smartphones and don't ever decide they want something more sophisticated or powerful, so there

While there's much ado about how powerful and sophisticated smartphones are becoming (for instance, 4K screens) there's no mention of how Android is about as secure as a pile of gold ingots left in a busy parking lot in broad daylight with a sign on top with the words "STEAL ME" written in foot high letters, nor of how a small screen that doesn't hold itself up when you need to type with both hands will always be a small screen that doesn't hold itself up when you need to type with both hands, and will be until smartphone makers figure out how to make a phone that unfolds, revealing not just a full-size screen but a full-size keyboard.

If I wasn't quite so stunned at what passes for deductive reasoning here I'd laugh, because the above list - if say, the author was kidding, and this was April's Fool Day - might actually be kind of funny.

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Date: Apr. 4th, 2017 01:30 pm (UTC)
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Mmhm. Oh honey.

Laptops are not dead.

So long as people have to make money for a living, or spend more than 30 minutes at a time typing, laptops will not be dead.

There is an argument, which the author attempts to make, that the modern smartphone has enough horsepower to match the laptops of five years ago, which is enough for web-browsing and document editing, and that's why laptops are dead.

They're not, and I'll tell you why: proprietary docking stations.

Apple and Samsung are the biggest phone manufacturers, yes. Samsung already sees the docking-station add-on as a revenue stream, as it allow bigger keyboards and bigger monitors for that pocket supercomputer we carry. Apple has a casual disregard for industry standards that only the premium brand with marketshare can get away with, and fuck anyone else who tries to tell them otherwise. The docking station market will be as bifurcated as the PC market was.

Flying with an energy-dense battery of any kind is going to become problematic at some point. All it will take is some overly smart armchair engineer figuring out how to bugger their Li+ battery in the best SciFi Stunner Battery style to make it go pop-fizz in a worrying enough way and the party will be over for us all. It already is on some flights. No electronics with a battery housed in anything but the bombproof in the hold. Laptop batteries are right out ipad batteries and other tablets, deeply suspicious. Hell, they were banning Galaxy Note devices, and that's just a phone.

What is dead, and has been for some time, is the "desktop computer". That has now been moved from standard issue and 'laptop' is the mobility solution, to laptop is standard issue and desktop is the 'workstation' solution. A laptop is the smallest viable hardware formfactor for anything that requires screen real-estate. You can sort of fake that with a docking-station, but you run into the compatibility problem there; you can't guarantee your destination has one that fits YOUR phone.

Laptops are not dead.