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Sometimes it's just fun to haul a small tree around: it builds muscle, burns calories, and counts as exercise, so what's not to like? Seriously, it's not just dudes: I didn't think this woman was carrying a purse, but maybe that's because I don't carry one, either.

The last time I did with any regularity might've been 2010 or '11, and at the stupid job I had (I've had a few of these) they made you stow them under the front counter - not locked up. The employees, not to mention the clientele, seemed a bit dicey to risk my purse with, but within a month or two I was out of there and never carried one again, except for the rare times I need to and don't have to risk leaving it anywhere stupid, like at that job.

Leave-purse-at-counter job was one of multiple places - not the last - where using the front counter (or at best, a stockroom with public restroom access) was your only option because there were no lockers, no breakrooms and it was that or leave your personal effects in your vehicle. But it was by far the seediest. And I haven't exactly spent my life working in five-star venues, so that might be saying something.

Not carrying a purse in general started when I was in my late 20s or early 30s, sometime after my mom and I agreed - likely not for the first time - that purses are just plain tremendously stupid. She stopped carrying one more or less the same day, but it took me another 10 or 15 years to pretty much ditch them, altogether - but I'm getting there.

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Date: Aug. 24th, 2017 03:50 am (UTC)
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The lady really does look like she's carrying the tree, and she makes it look so easy, like it's not even scratching up the bare skin on her arm.

I'd like not to have to carry a purse, but I haven't found a better way of carrying my needful and useful things. I try to keep it as small and light as possible, although that's offset by "if I'm going to carry a purse around, I may as well put x,y,z in it too" (miniature tape measure, pocket knife, nail clippers, toothpicks...)

If I worked somewhere I couldn't keep a purse secure, then maybe I'd try not to need one. When you don't carry a purse, do you put everything in pockets?

ETA: I just noticed the ladybug tab icon. Nice!
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Date: Aug. 26th, 2017 05:15 am (UTC)
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With my purse, I alternate between having it over my shoulder, and holding it with my hand - because it does get too uncomfortable if I leave it on my shoulder the whole time.

I've been thinking of getting a small backpack or a purse-backpack hybrid to try out. Except for the 4th grade, I never used a backpack for school; I used a book-bag over a shoulder. It probably would have been healthier to keep using a backpack, but I just totally disliked that 4th grade one... and I don't really remember why, except that it wasn't aesthetically pleasing, and was a different style from what most of the other kids had.