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marahmarie: Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell (sheep)

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Created on 2009-08-25 19:32:32 (#440557), last updated 2014-04-20 (15 hours ago)

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Name:Marah Marie
~This journal contains content suitable for mature adults only. Under 18 please move on.~

Come and go, no questions asked. There's a little about me here (public) and here (access-only) and you can always just call me The Sphinx.

Trigger warning for those who dislike trigger warnings:

This journal is marked with various and sundry trigger warnings; most warnings are pulling double time as lj-cuts. If you find trigger warnings triggering I'm afraid I cannot be of further assistance to you. Possible triggers found here: foul language, NSFW material, and discussions on nearly every topic that's ever triggered anyone, including foul language and NSFW material.

Trigger warning for those who like trigger warnings:

I don't use trigger warnings often enough nor every time I should. I'm also pretty bad at remembering to use the lj-cut - for any reason. Consider this your trigger warning that though there should be more trigger warnings and more lj-cuts because I don't write posts so much as I write treatises - a full 70% which should probably be demurely hidden behind a cut tag - there isn't and there's not.

Stuff you may want to know about my journal:
1. About 50% of the posts are public (most of them were once public, and one day might become public again will probably never become public again...I'm thinking I'm done thinking; just screw it). I don't care if you comment on them or not. Do so however you like. Also, what she said, with the main difference being that I'm easily overwhelmed by too much attention and may temporarily withdraw from comment interactions as a self-protective thing.
2. I have wonky Internet and move around a lot, so I screen all comments.
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