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2017-04-24 11:13 pm
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I accidentally part of my LJ friend's list

In looking through support requests tonight I ran across [personal profile] steve98052, which turns out to be pretty neat, because after five minutes of staring at his username I finally recalled we used to hang out on LJ. Thanks to the nature of his support request, I initially thought he was importing his LJ (but he hasn't, and to judge by things, probably won't be anytime soon) but I clicked through to make sure, only to see an empty DW.

Then I looked him up on LJ, where in fact he's still updating.

Then I checked his friends list, because it's been bugging me for weeks that I had a friend on LJ who's username I can't recall (well, half of it: I can recall half of it, but that hasn't helped) who doesn't seem to be here or there now, but once I saw Steve's name, it occurred to me I think I shared (might have even met this friend) through him. Her and wuchan (also gone) were my closest friends on LJ, and sometimes (OK, I've spent six years in this condition) I miss not having them here.

But this all went nowhere fast. Turns out, checking Steve's friend list, that I probably met him through [profile] bob_deloyd, but other than that, this was sort of just a half hour of me chasing my tail. Oh, well.

Steve's support request is interesting, though, and I'm sorry it didn't/probably won't get much attention, because his request (to find a link rewriter in the importer to point internal LJ links to corresponding internal DW links, or to write the code to do so himself, then give the code to DW!) is much needed and HE'S OFFERING TO WRITE THE FEATURE HIMSELF so why aren't we welcoming volunteer baby devs like this with open arms? It seems not having this feature might be stopping him from moving here, which is really not cool.

(Not to mention I could have SO used this feature before my own import occurred in 2010 - I had to rewrite dozens, if not hundreds, of links over the years, post by post, totally and completely by hand, with all the attendant time waste and errors that involves. It sucked.)

Not that he needs the defense, but he's a Silicon Valley (and/or) Redmond WA guy, and is pretty cool all around....which makes me think Dreamwidth can be totally at odds with what I would expect them to want to do, sometimes.

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2017-04-22 01:53 am
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CSSish (updated 4-23-17)

ETA, 4-23-17: Swapped to gendered pronouns upon request, clarified [personal profile] solarbird's changes to the navbar were live CSS edits, not "mock-ups", fixed broken navbar section for Firefox on Mac (for all changes please see comments).

So except for mostly minor "fix it as we go along" stuff, I've not seriously updated my CSS in over a year, which I know because the last time I went through my code I didn't live here. :)

Though I've wrangled with the idea of switching up the layout, I've adapted Craigslist's attitude of, "If it's not broke, don't fix it" along with, "Anything we want can be added, so why change the whole damn thing", which means yes, this page will probably remain in the aughts forever, because Craigslist is right.

In the meantime I was busy never editing my CSS again when I ran across a new suggestion for adding a drop-down to the top navbar's Inbox, which by itself didn't cause me to edit or change anything. But then [personal profile] solarbird, the suggestion author, began talking about changing the top navbar in general, pointing out what I'd been too kind to mention when I commented: that it needs to get hit by a car a serious update for modern, non-table-based times (it's all tables. Tables, tables and tables. All taaaaabbbbbbllllles. Even those of us who come from LJ (all tables, until Russia took over) can have a hard time with tables. I learned to make web pages one way: in CSS. Not tables).

After mentioning she'd love for the text to at least align on it (simple enough, right? Y'all wouldn't believe how hard it is) I gave her most of my navbar code, which was nothing and looked something like this, which is from a much older style sheet.

Of course, I can't share my code without wondering what inspired me, because I hate everything I code, so I started picking my navbar CSS apart based on some of the things [personal profile] solarbird wanted, then compared what I had to what she later posted pictures of after adding the CSS to her DW. The code knocked mine clean out of the water, so then I guess I had to make a better navbar - if only for myself - because I'm not going to admit I'm kind of competitive, because I'm totally, absolutely not anything like that and anyone who thinks so is delusional.

Comment exchange went on as Denise more or less tried to hire [personal profile] solarbird right from the web page (she's a designer, from what I gather) before I decided to tear my navbar code apart and re-write it; hopefully the end result is better than what it was. It wraps on mobile based on back-end code put in place by DW; while I'm not happy with the wrap (it collapses to one column while there's still room for two; I keep my wrapping parameters somewhat tighter) it's relatively fail-safe, which is why I don't change it.

So I kept a few lines of my original navbar edits and just started over: even my last update to [personal profile] solarbird is obsolete because like anything else, I'll edit until I just can't stand to anymore.

Now what we have is:

  • new navbar background
  • better navbar text alignment
  • navbar font-size increase
  • navbar "search for interests" text field (it needs a label - some forgotten code elsewhere in my style sheet had kept this text field hidden altogether)


The navbar, though you wouldn't know it, has three sections: 1) user/user links, 2) name of journal you're viewing/related links, 3) interest search and reload page: light|original. While my thought was to spread those sections out more evenly, there's too much whitespace, so I simply spread them out more than they were.

Parallax scrolling: I've wanted it forever so now I have it - but only in (logged-in view) Firefox; in Webkit/Edge/IE and logged-out Fx it falls over (or, more precisely, falls under the header about 10-15px, where it stays until it goes away altogether on smaller mobile views) so after hours of fiddling, finally I was like "the heck with it" and set three views for the navbar. Yes, three, all at once:

In logged-in Firefox it's set to parallax (position:fixed); in Webkit/logged-out Fx it's sticky (position:sticky - still in experimental W3C status) and in IE10/11/Edge it's set to normal (position:relative). Parallax *almost* works in Edge, except same as Webkit/logged-out FX, I can't get the navbar to stay behind the header until your first downward scroll completes.

Since I was in the CSS editor, anyhow, I fixed maybe half a dozen funky little things - like the username and usericon on edit comment forms floating around in the middle of them like, "Huh? Where am I?" That's been an issue for years, and for some reason it was finally starting to drive me nuts.

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2017-04-12 02:59 am
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This whole mess...

What with how my DW tags are an eye-crossing experience and my CSS is incapable of separating post security fact from fiction because That's Not How This Works, MM™? Looks like it's pretty much sorted. I have no new suggestions to make thanks to the ingenuity of other DWers, so now it's just a matter of waiting for my wishes to bubble up through the pipes.

My top 3 picks for "If these get implemented then I think I'll be OK"

The following were "migrated", which I think means "submitted to the bugtracker"

My additional picks for "If these were implemented, then I might've been OK"

The following were "rejected" or marked "exists"

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2017-04-12 12:06 am
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If any one of you have any DW Support chops (they say anyone can help!)...

The Importer's been kind of blowing up? So please, if anyone can jump in there so I can submit my own (comparatively unimportant) questions and have a reasonable chance of being answered before even more of my hair turns grey, that would be awesome.

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2017-04-07 01:47 am
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Just found not one but two missing eBay posts...(updated 4/12/17)

ETA, 4-12-17: updated with new post; doing ETAs was too complicated.

And this is where both Dreamwidth search and my tags would've failed me: the word "eBay" wasn't in the title of one post, and neither had "eBay" listed as the tag (nope, the tag chosen for both - apparently after I threw a dart at it, blindfolded - was "experiential", my fancy term for "completely uncategorized but might wander off into the personal". Except even that's not a good way to find the unfindable because sometimes I don't use that tag, or I use one related to the subject matter but not the main point of it, or I don't add any tags at all).

Again, if there was some handy-dandy way to parse public from protected posts that gave a list of results for each parameter (I'm not even sure it would have to be tied into tags, but to have both - tag + security or just security - would be better) as opposed to scrolling through pages of posts to find titles that sort of sound like what I'm looking for, would cut both time and my anxiety and confusion, which only makes me more forgetful, since these things tend to snowball in on themselves once finding lost posts becomes a time-consuming PITA.

Which leads to me making more mistakes, which is a rabbit hole I promise y'all don't want to go down.

While I do enjoy hunting things down (online or off), you can pretend I never told any of y'all that as far as hunting things down on my DW goes, because I hate not being able to (instantly) find whatever's on it (a topic I apparently need to re-familarize myself with).

[staff profile] denise is still holding one suggestion of mine in queue (the suggestion is on a totally unrelated subject) so I'm debating whether to stack another suggestion about this topic on or wait until the last suggestion clears (don't quote me, but this time I'm pretty sure it clears). And I'm not sure what the new suggestion should be, and also not sure which version of said suggestion I'm 100% sure I posted last time around, nor whether it got published or rejected, so I think I should look through my previous posts on Suggestions, read other people's similar ones, and check out how searching posts by tag/security works on Wordpress and other shared social media sites before I write some new idea up for DW (update, 4-12-17: Denise is still holding the same suggestion in queue. The rest of this is expanded upon in my next post).

But right now I'm going pretty strong on lists: ie, what you get on editjournal or with Search, so my idea might build off that (I dislike using URL parameters because I don't want to see posts results, I want to see results with lists of posts, so they're out of the running, pretty much).

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2017-04-06 02:02 am
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Can't wait to get the custom CSS I've campaigned for...(updated 4-7-17)

Itsa coming. Saying so because while I don't like to admit suggestions I filed 3,000 years ago still mean something to me, they do, and I was just looking at my Tags page, and holy Mother of God, I don't even know what's on it.

Mainly, I need a way to target locked posts and a way to style other effluvia that helps me get/keep things straight - neither idea is getting implemented beyond what we already have, but at least I can fix views on some other stuff - the tag count in the sidebar and comment counts on the Month page, which admittedly are more aesthetic than practical issues.

Right now I'm trying (and failing O_o) to find a post about eBay made around Christmastime; it's not under my eBay tag but should be. If I had a way to parse protected posts from public posts (it's protected) that would narrow it down a bit. And while technically there *is* a way (there's some CSS I can pull and target; I've done so in the past but don't even think I own a copy of that version of this style anymore) it's limited in scope because so many of my tags encompass both public and protected posts that there's no way for the CSS to target one or the other - so no, the CSS can't say: "Tada, here are only locked posts made under this tag."

Which is exactly what I need it to do, and doesn't seem like an unreasonable thing for it to do, but probably requires so many orders of magnitude of rewriting the backend tag publishing system that it's not worth doing (and while I don't think I can prove it as I don't know if I kept a local copy of this suggestion, I'm pretty much 100% sure I've suggested this functionality in the past).

The changes rolling out won't address that, but I almost don't care, as the CSS I can currently target will still say: "There has ever been a locked post under this tag"; it just takes longer to trawl through the results, as public posts will still be mixed in with protected (because the CSS will always, if I recall correctly, default to targeting the pseudo selector for any protected posts that fall under each tag).

ETA, next night: and that's fine and well, but the logic for deciding which tags get the public or protected parameter looks like it tends toward "whatever parameter has the most posts is Winner Takes All", which means a majority of my locked posts won't show up merely by exposing whatever tags do get the visibility protected selector assigned to them. In fact, adding such CSS would be equivalent to hiding even more posts on myself than I do now simply by mis-tagging or forgetting to tag.

But that means finding and targeting the exact CSS again, then adding it to my style sheet and updating it - I mean, to find one freaking post (there are probably others, which is why I find myself bitching about Tag page CSS in general - I know I'll have to go back and find and re-tag more stuff, not to mention change some posts from protected to public, as I accidentally forget to change the access level on more of them than I care to admit).

It would just be so nice to have a way to sort out public posts from protected ones, as that's sort of an informal filing system in itself - at least for me.

ETA2: just checked Archive Year and Month: Year doesn't parse public from protected posts via CSS, while Month shows a lock next to each protected post, so I'm not sure what else it would need - if anything - to make it more useful. (Maybe unhiding tags on that page would help - will try that next to see what can be manipulated, if anything).

ETA2a: Month doesn't parse between public and protected filters, it just slaps an .access-filter selector on anything not public, which wheeee, why don't we have standardization across our CSS, I think that kind of bugs me. Unfortunately (if you're looking to hack in some sort of workaround) the CSS is semantic, so there's no sneaking in say, dt .access-filter + tag {do this:now} and making it work. I can target surrounding CSS, but that just changes all instances of it on the page without targeting merely the protected tags I'm after.

ETA3: [personal profile] brainwane points out a few ways to parse public from protected posts, namely by using URL parameters like so: "" or choosing from a list of parameters:

If you try a value for "security" that doesn't exist, like "custom", e.g.,

you get a list:

"You can filter entries by the following security level:

Public [link]
Access List [link]
Private [link]

[personal profile] darkoshi adds that you can combine tag names and security parameters like so: "". The page they saw that on also has this suggestion from [personal profile] chagrined:

you can already search for two tags at a time also but I'm on my phone and don't remember the syntax for that ottomh, I can look it up l8r if u want. I think it is limited to only 2 right now tho. but still handy.

eta: nm found it in faq it's tag/tag1name,tag2name?mode=MODE

and where I wrote MODE put either "or" or "and" (and gives only posts with both tags)

iirc can stack with security level filtering too I think


All of these tricks are lovely and useful, but not what I want. I'm just looking for a way to parse - in particular - what's public from what's private without having to scroll through pages of posts found under each tag. Lists of posts found under each tag, sorted by public or protected parameters, would be better - an internal, non-public way to get search results for my posts, in other words, in simple list form, with dates besides the posts under each security parameter in question to help determine which is the lost post (or posts) I'm after.

Basically, I want a system so simple it works for people suffering from memory loss. I'm not claiming that might be me, but there are days it feels like it.

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2017-02-22 01:13 am
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Told y'all I was clogging up the Suggestions queue! LOL (Updated 2-24 and 2-28)

That's what I get for going offline for a few days, I swear to God (I just needed a break, it happens)...I come back tonight (well, right that tonight?) and I've got 40 comments/poll votes to look over.

My mind's not exploding or nothing, nope, not mine. :)


ETA, a few hours later: I wrote title text on the link above (now deleted) saying at least four of my Suggestions went up but only two did (Give Us The Ability to Delete Junk Data and Spam From Polls and Add time/date stamp to Inbox messages) but the latter isn't under this username*, which I'll explain at the end.

What confused me was I linked to a poll of mine in the first Suggestion which made me think I saw at least three new polls in my Inbox. I assumed they were all Suggestions when one was actually that same poll I made a while back. Also, it got spammed and I became a total bear in the comments to everyone perhaps because it got spammed, perhaps because I really, really hate spammers. And spam. My apologies! Belatedly! It got new life and everyone's voting on it again. Gaaaaaaah. I'd like to rip my hair out.

I think [staff profile] denise was holding at least six of my Suggestion posts since the last time she ran the queue, with two of those published yesterday - but I have to check through copies I made to be sure.

If I got at least two rejections in the last year (which is possible: there's definitely been at least one!), have two new posts up and am missing two more, that's two more rejections I might be getting - but again, I have to find the folder on my computer that holds them, which I had to create years ago to account for how much time goes by between submissions and Denise running the queue.

Without this folder I have no idea, after a while, what it was I even suggested. (Unfortunately I don't keep offline copies of rejections received - but they might be preserved in my email Inbox, so if I feel like going on a wild goose chase to match up rejections to what I've submitted, that's the only way to go about it.)

*The Suggestion made under username [personal profile] style_tester was mine. I have two CSS testbed journals - that and [personal profile] style_test - so if you ever see me do stupid, stupid shit like leave a comment or post to Suggestions under these names, it was an accident, not because I'm trying to keep things all like on the downlow. I guess coding makes me start thinking about different things because my mind wanders, then I forget to log out and log back in under this name to post whatever I was thinking so gaaaaaah I don't know.

ETA, 2-24-17: apparently the folder I can't keep track of Suggestions without? I deleted it at some point. I have copies of suggestions made but only the ones submitted up until mid-2015, but they're not in a folder, so something went wrong. No new rejection letters since posting this, so I guess that's it.

ETA2: But heh, as soon as I posted the first ETA, it hit me I forgot to check my external hard drive! There is hope I might still find something! But I'll have to find and hook up that hard drive, first.

ETA3, 2-28-17: Checked my external hard drive, OneDrive, current hard drive contents, past hard drive contents, but nothing I've submitted in roughly the last two years shows up. I've got one more thing to try, but I don't know when: I switched hard drives on my laptop sometime last summer or fall. I have an external connector to hook the last one back up and look it over but since I usually wipe and format them, I'm not holding my breath.

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2017-02-15 05:32 am
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CSS/https to-dos

ETA, 2-22-17: Aaaand killed, rewrote and re-submitted this request, try next one... bingo. (Actually, I'm surprised "Wow, that's weird!" took a whole week to find me. My luck holds as usual).

ETA, 2-28-17: Not weird, just another issue.

  • Move background images from WP to DW (but keep WP backups and WP style sheet, just in case)
  • This layout looks 7 years old and is actually 7 years old; maybe do something about it - ETA, 2-28-17: maybe not? I actually hate doing new code.

Dreamwidth is running a beta of HTTPS Everywhere. This page turns it on; right now it's the second red button down from the top.

I turned it on tonight (actually, just minutes before opening the editor for this post) and have done exactly zero poking or prodding. Since I'm a frequent finder of Wow, that's weird!, if there's any Wow, that's weird! then hopefully my luck will hold. I like finding bugs, as long as they're not destroying things (though, theoretically, I could like a bug that destroyed some or even all the things, but that's probably a pretty far out edge case involving a fake news website of some sort. Thousands to choose from...).

I asked in a DW comm thread and was told by [staff profile] denise that turning on HTTPS Everywhere, the Dreamwidth Beta, won't conflict with keeping HTTPS Everywhere, the browser add-on, enabled while on Dreamwidth, so apparently you'll be able to keep both running at once.

Being me, I'll try the beta both with and without the add-on (I've been using the add-on for a while and am kind of stuck on it - it's not bad as long as you don't force it to run literally "everywhere", which prevents about half the web from appearing in your browser) so I can see how it all gels.

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2017-01-02 12:38 am
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LJ moved its servers from California to Russia; all the what-what

Your hostess is not feeling too hot (it's been a rather rough winter) so my usual wordiness has gone wanly MIA, with apologies if you actually read me for my wordiness.

I've been kind of outed by one of my friends (*cough [personal profile] darkoshi*) for discussing this under access lock, so since I'm rather alarmed by one aspect of it I was going to make a public-facing post to discuss it more thoroughly, anyhow. I just didn't know when, but as I like to own what I've been quoted as saying, I guess that'll be right about now.

What Anyone Knows

There are zero confirmed reports that anything's changed for LiveJournal. There are many unconfirmed reports, IP tests and pings done to find on a per-user basis that LiveJournal moved its servers (which store content such as user's journal entries, comments written and received, pictures, Scrapbooks, usericons, mood icons, profile information, friends lists and payment information) from San Francisco, California over to servers located within Russia.

Here's a MetaFilter written by our own [personal profile] brainwane, with enlightening comments made by many people: - written Dec. 30, 2016

I don't want to create public editorial on what it means because I left LiveJournal six years ago over clickjacking done by SUP, the Russian company that runs LiveJournal to this day, and I didn't do so with the expectation I'd ever look back and feel I have to make public comments on any fresh fiascos from here. I really do wash my hands of the place.

Other people have made excellent editorial on it, though. Some links: - written Dec. 30, 2016 - written Dec. 29, 2016

What Concerns Me, Part I

The least important thing is many people seem to think if they hit "delete" then poof! LiveJournal can never touch, change, disseminate, share, prosecute them for, or republish any of their stuff again. But LJ still has their stuff; hitting "delete" doesn't change that.

You know how Windows has a thing where you can go into the Recycle Bin when you hit "delete" on files you forgot you needed and just point your mouse at them and hit "restore"? It's pretty neat, isn't it? Lifesaver, sometimes. Same idea.

Nothing changes, you just can't see your LJ anymore, but it's sitting around in a "to be purged" file somewhere on LJ's servers - unpurged and restorable with just a click or two. So don't think deleting it protects your copyright or ensures your freedom from any possible Russian prosecution.

Deleting, as others have said, might make a nice political statement, or make it just a bit harder on LJ staff as they might have to dig around a bit in a server version of a Recycle Bin to find what they want, but that's about it.

What's most important is what you post to LJ from now on. It's basically too late for anything you've already put there.

What you post from Dec. 23rd on (yes, flex with me back in time to the actual date the server move occurred!) is now sitting on servers operating under Russian law, so from Dec. 23rd on, their law applies, not ours (US/stateside here). Act accordingly, as again, I have little desire to make additional comments.

What Concerns Me (the most), Part II

According to scattered user reports like this one and my own at-home tests, at the same time the server change was made the https:// URL protocol was suddenly no longer live nor allowed to function on any part of LiveJournal (and as of this writing, the HTTPS Everywhere add-on won't help, so if that's the only reason you're tempted to install it...*shakes head*...don't bother).

Lack of secure socket technology (in simple language, "sudden lack of a private web connection to LJ") means hackers, spies, governments, and yes, even your nosy next-door neighbor can easily spy on you while you're on LJ.

As almost any LJ/DW user already knows, the implications of that last paragraph are fairly terrifying, as friends locks (LJ) and access locks (DW) are important to nearly all of us, so this change should scare everyone and convince people to stop using LJ until it's corrected, if indeed it ever is.

Because Dreamwidth is a place that's always encouraged people to continue using LiveJournal (DW supports both full imports of all LJs and crossposting to LJ and I'll add a disclaimer that by reporting on the LJ server switch and by talking about the current lack of secure browsing on LJ I'm in no way suggesting, "Stop using LJ and forever and ever!!!111!".

In referring to LJ's lack of secure browsing, I *am* simply suggesting you stop using LJ until that gets fixed, but ultimately, what works - and feels - best for you is always your own decision to make.

As far as making comments here goes, I welcome them, but really don't want to talk about Russia. I do enough of that under lock, so if you're on my subscribe list I can consider adding access so you can share all of my sheer, overwhelming joy on that. There is so much joy. But I'm always keen to answer any question(s) you might have on "how to Dreamwidth" or to point you in the right direction if I can't (or shouldn't try to) answer myself.

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2016-09-17 10:07 pm
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Saw where someone on my reading list...

Is getting laid off from a part time job they had (but I shall not name names) and remember asking - perhaps years ago - if they were hiring so I could apply myself, as it's more or less an extension of online work I do for free, for my own edification.

I got a reply saying the company was sort of selective and if I recall correctly, was not given its name, but was told what the work might involve. Armed with that information, I applied to every such company in existence, only to not advance through the application/hiring process because it's not enough to perform such jobs correctly - even brilliantly - you must also present a minimum four year degree in hobnobbing, even if the work you're applying for is done in such isolation you'll never see another soul.

Reading about the layoff, it occurred to me I finally knew which company this was (though I've applied to all of them, so an overlap exists even if I'm wrong). Just days before this person was laid off, I got three emails from said company (because I wouldn't reply to the first one, they sent email for two more days until I finally replied just to shut them up) saying (paraphrasing is in [brackets] to protect identities; added dashes for better readability):

Thank you for your interest in [a company you applied to work at years ago, you schmuck]! I am [slow to get back to people who lack four year degrees in hobnobbing] and I am writing to clarify pertinent information regarding your application as [a disposable cog in our oh-so-hip, trendy little wheel].

--Are you a native speaker of [at least one of the two Romantic languages mentioned here]? If not, please rate your [] language proficiency based on a 5-point rating scale (5 as the highest).
--Were you born in the US? If no, in what country were you born and when did you move to the US?
--Have you lived in [either of these countries]? If yes, for how long?
--When was the last time you were in [either of these countries]? For how long?
--Do you still have family and friends in [either of these countries]? If yes, are you still in contact with them and how often?

Excuse me while The English Pedant - a separate personality of mine that's been getting airtime recently - picks this apart:

  • "Were you born in the US? If no, in what country were you born and when did you move to the US?" So a company that rejected my app because I'm not formally trained to claw my way up the social ladder is sending a guy who can't write English after me to see if I'm fluent in other languages? Are they serious? (If you missed my problem with the second sentence, it should read: "If not", not "If no".)
  • The way the email was originally formatted, there were five paragraphs containing 12 questions with an average of 2.4 very badly worded questions - which are sometimes not questions at all, but actual commands - per paragraph. I've seen Chinese instruction manuals that were easier to read.

Of course my answer to every question was "No": I have no proficiency in anything except English, and while I do have a hot, ongoing love affair with one Romantic language I took in junior high, that counts for nothing, so I indicated in my reply that I have high English proficiency and to please let me know if any jobs that can utilize it were open, only to never hear from this person again, and to learn of the layoffs at what I suspect is the same company just a few days later.

If it's the same company as I suspect, my only regret in never getting hired (now) is how well the laid-off person said this job paid. What this person considers a part-time salary? Would be at least $3k over the highest full-time salary I've earned to date, though I guess by normal middle class standards, it's still quite modest.

Oh, well. Until I get my shiny, awesome degree in hobnobbing or else wake up one morning suddenly bilingual, I guess it's hopeless.

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2016-08-27 01:18 am
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Cut access list down...

Anyone who feels this was in error because, contrary to appearances, you still actually read (even if you don't comment) or because you want to read but haven't lately or just haven't been able to lately, please let me know below. I'll try to keep this post around for a while and eventually Sticky it so I can re-catch whomever I might've released in error.

Secondly, anyone who wants access who's not had it before please let me know below. That's any of you. All comments will stay screened. If you don't already grant me access and aren't planning to anytime soon, then my answer will probably not be in the affirmative, but don't let that stop you from asking.

Also, I don't want (and I'm talking to a particular person who's just going to have to figure out who they are) any bad feels over this. If you want access restored, say so. We met on my DW years ago, so it's not like we can't exchange comments here, if needed, once again. I no longer have any contact info for you (nor the addresses we once exchanged emails on) and I'm not PMing an account that's been inactive for years just to avoid any possible butthurt here. Hey, I guess that's one way to figure out you're alive, isn't it? Bye!

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2016-08-25 01:50 am
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Ah, drunk-blogging, how I must....stop

Just fixed the last three public posts for drunk-blogging errors. I mean, I'm bad enough sober (warning: I'm sober), but drunk-blogging is just like, cringe-inducing. I haven't engaged in much of it over the years (and most of it was on my other blog, where yeah, anyone would need a good stiff drink, or three, to deal with that audience) but after seeing the results of my latest bout of this sort of blogging I don't think I'll do it again.

Then again it's FUN it's really FUN

Which reminds me (or did what I'm about to say remind me I was drunk-blogging? Hmmmm) there's a real reason women drink (warning: I'm a woman) but the author, now sober, can't seem to find it. This read was almost as cringe-inducing as checking out my drunk-blogging, because as snarky/rhetorical as the author was in asking, "Is this why we drink?" as she comments upon situations where drinking's been foisted upon us as the normal thing to do either before, during, or after doing the thing, you can't help but wonder, well, why else?

Historically, alcohol numbs pain, so the Brazilian shouldn't even be on her rhetorical list of reasons for drinking. I mean, put me in enough pain and yep, me too! Other situations where society's made drinking what to do before, during or after self-improving activities - like hot yoga, working out or running a marathon - indeed seem like ridiculous setups for this sort of "reward".

I most want a drink after sleeping badly, working ceaselessly, arguing with idiots and banning at least two people from my other blog before cooking dinner, cleaning up, cleaning cat puke and in general wanting to go hang myself. OK, in that case? Please. Give me. A freakin'. Drink. Preferably before I get to the part where I'm cooking dinner. Drinking is for numb, for turning the day, mind, and todo list off. It's for finally cracking a smile and not spooking in shock at it because there's something else I just haven't thought of. Yet. Or something else looming I just haven't gotten to. Yet.

For me drinking's not the reward.

Not feeling like I need a drink? That's the moment when I win the day, the Internet, the world, freaking EVERYTHING. That's the dissociation I make. I don't go, "Oh, got my nails done/got off work/got done shopping/got the walk over, time to "celebrate" [or "relax"] with this drink!" No, I don't even want a drink, which is how I spend vast amounts of time not drinking - I'm just not stressed out/tired enough/pissed off enough. Then again, my tolerance levels for sheer bullshit might be off the chain by now, so of course ymmv.

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2016-05-04 01:48 am

21 Days For Dreamwidth

As part of 21 Days for Dreamwidth (our yearly celebration of well, Dreamwidth?) you post for 21 days on Dreamwidth, or post for 21 days about Dreamwidth, or answer 21 questions about yourself in relation to Dreamwidth one question at a time, for 21 days - I'm not sure which. I'll never post for 21 days about anything unless someone pays me, though, and pays rather well.

I'll post this since I don't think I've done our Q&A meme before - at least not the way [personal profile] finch put it together a few years ago (well, five years ago. I can be slow to get around to things?).

Hitch is, I'm not bursting with energy, so will try to limit answers (when possible) to one sentence - one word or less would be even better. Pro tip: I will fail to achieve short answers on most of these questions.

Are we playing 21 Days or 21 Questions?

1. Why did you sign up for Dreamwidth?
Linkjacking. There's a lot to unpack in this one little word. Also, the Basic Account fiasco and being owned by Russians. No, I mean, personally feeling owned by them.

2. Why did you choose your journal name?
It's the name of a poem I wrote years ago. Yes, named after my own poem - talk about self-reverential. Ask if I still like or want the name and the answer is ... but of course no one asked.

3. Do you crosspost? Why or why not?
No, no and no. Does that answer these questions?

4. What do you do online when you're not on DW?
Now that I don't update my other blog much anymore, mostly read news, take paid surveys, clip online coupons and stream music via Youtube's autoplay, which is auto-on, how nice. It gets more like Pandora by the day and has a feature where it tracks what I like by what I look for, so it still knows to play music I hunted down years ago in a different part of the state. I no longer leave comments on other websites because I'm tired of the arrogance and condescension from some blog owners, on the one hand, and of comment trolls and stalkers, on the other. I'm probably in my third year of snubbing the entire internet and really enjoying it.

5. How about when you're not on the computer?
Life intervenes. I usually go online long after my day's over and anyone without the insomnia and polyphasic sleep schedule I suffer from has long been in lalaland. It's the only "me" time I have where I feel - even if I'm writing or editing or coding like crazy - that I'm really just fucking off and doing nothing.

6. What do you wish people who read your journal knew about you?
That all your base are belong to us. That I could've been Mariah Carey instead of Mariah Carey being Mariah Carey but chose to keep smoking when she chose to quit in return for her voice - an exchange God actually agreed to, if you believe her. That if I'd right placed/right timed myself I'd be bigger than Veronica Webb right now. Has anyone heard from her lately? Seriously, this is an awful question. If I want people to know something, I'll tell them.

7. What is your favorite community on Dreamwidth?
With a few caveats which I can't discuss without seeming like Scrooge, [community profile] style_system, because I like geeking out over code, people's coding problems, stuff on Dreamwidth being broken or not operating at peak Dreamwidth, plus I like breaking and fixing things. I also enjoy DW news and keeping up with our maintenance and developer communities, for about the same reasons.

8. What community do you wish was more active?
There have been soooo many that have gone inactive. Eventually I unsubscribe from them because I can't stand dead communities or journals on my list. There have been so many that I can't even say anymore what they were about. *checks for current shortlist*

OK, how ', common_nature, cookability, dreamsheep, dreamwidth_haikai, dreamwidthlayouts, dw_beta, dw_codesharing, dw_design, dw_nifty, dw_styles, dw_suggestions, dw_volunteers, dwim, emily_dickinson, factfinding, gardening, linux4all, literaryquotes, lj_refugees, omnomnom, polls, pretty_pixels, reallycutefurrycritters, stock_icons, stylemakers, the_style_kit, visualwit, and written_by_hand.

(Disclaimer: the last one is mine, and would be awesome if anyone would ever post to it). But our dead Android community burns me up. Someone make it undead, please... :(

9. Are there two people on your reading list that you think should meet?
*checks profile* No. Actually, yes! But I'm not sure if they could stand each other. [personal profile] italiceyeball and [personal profile] revolutemind are similar writers and thinkers (but, I suspect, not similar personalities).

10. Tell me about your default icon.
We don't talk about that 'round here. ;) I will say I got it for its more rebellious aspects but keep it because it matches my layout, if not my feelings so much, and it makes people laugh.

11. What features do you think Dreamwidth should have that it doesn't currently?
Omg, the features. Ask [staff profile] denise because she knows - I have all her rejection letters and the published polls to prove it. To this day I'm clogging up the Suggestions queue with even more features that have not been voted on. How about the one I thought of tonight? In which, when you subscribe to someone or just up and grant them access out of nowhere, that you should get a notification in your DW Inbox about it, so you don't forget who you subscribed or gave access to? I literally don't have time to jot down and request all the features I want because so many occur to me, often when I'm unable to record them.

12. What do you consider the five most "telling" interests from the list on your profile? Why?
I don't have interests on my profile. I had hundreds but deleted them years ago in the interest of having less lists to maintain. See imperfect coding/no more tags.

13. Do you have any unique interests on your user profile? What are they? How'd they get there?
See above.

14. Did you have a gateway fandom? Still in it? Why or why not? Is there a community for it on DW?
Not in fandom.

15. What's your current obsession? What about it captures your imagination?
What captures my imagination is there being a redemptive aspect to the time we spend on Earth. Also, that's two questions. Anything that interests me can obsess me, but most things don't. That said, web design is my forever love/obsession.

16. What are you glad you did but haven't really had a chance to post about?
There are things that others were glad for, which in turn makes me feel good, but I wouldn't necessarily post about them because that's "tooting my own horn" - which can make me feel a bit tacky.

17. How many people on your reading list do you know IRL?
*checks profile again* One. Five, if you count not meeting in person but communicating away from DW, and if you also count the one person I sort of know IRL who I'm no longer subscribed to.

18. What don't you talk about here, either because it's too personal or because you don't have the energy?
Almost everything! I can write and write and exchange tons of comments and PMs yet feel no one knows me any better when I finish than when I started. It sort of makes me feel - outside of things, I guess - but that's because I want to live my life, as opposed to describing it.

19. There is no question 19!

20. Yes, but what are your thoughts on yaoi?
I can't even.

21. What's your favorite thing about Dreamwidth?
It's the closest you can get on any LiveJournalish type of platform to owning your own website - without the headaches or hassles of owning your own website. I'd like DW to roll its own user analytics so I can take the stupid stat counter down, and I'd like to add plug-ins via JS (never going to happen!) or s2 (which might!) but other than that - and my perfectly endless feature requests - I feel like I've got what I need here.

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2016-02-24 09:07 pm

Link spammette

Wiping out the remaining bookmarks I discussed during the last, formal linkspewing here. This one will probably be even longer, to catch every last link, but with less commentary, which means I'll still talk too much. :)

DIY King Size Bed

The queen-size bed I bought 3 years ago was not great to begin with and has defintely worn and (literally) torn since then. The solid (some kind of fancy wood) carved headboard and footboard are worth more than the frame, mattress and boxspring put together, so it pains me I will have to drag the entire thing to my next place, but once I'm there, I'm seriously considering buying the pieces for and building this neat king size bed (I'll even have a king-size room to put it in, yay).


50 Foods You Should Never Eat - should the link die - as MSN tends to kill off hosted content rather quickly - here's the original article, but you might have to disable adblock to view it correctly.

Foods You Don't Have To Buy Organic
Foods You Should Always Buy Organic

Recipe of The Link Week

Absolute Best Liver and Onions. Yes, I try before you buy™ because I'm simply nuts like that. While I wouldn't call this the absolute best, it might be with better instructions. Mainly, change the milk-soak time from 2-3 hours to 2-3 days a minimum of 3-6 hours (in the fridge, of course, another thing they don't tell you).

And double the amount of milk, which I say because the liver on the bottom of my soaking bowl was saturated, therefore very tender and mild - almost veal-like - while the pieces closer to the top were drier and definitely stronger tasting.

Other than that, this recipe was pretty much perfection (I caramelized the onions, which, while I can't recall if that's exactly what this recipe called for, killed it).

Brainstuffs & Bodystuffs

The Surprising Reason Why Some People Smile More. Turns out faking it is merely working against your genome.

Oldie But Goodie (because I'm still catching up on posting from the recent head cold era): The Dress: People who saw it as white and gold had more active brains. So yes, hi, I'm MM, and apparently I'm brain-dead. I will never, ever see that sucker as anything but the actual hex colors it is.

How To Never Get Angry (warning: likely not good advice for those in abusive situations). Living in my currently untenable situation I had the chance to practice the advice given in this article but soon wished I hadn't. From that day on the person involved decided I must be soft and got up in my face so much (nearly once a day from that moment on) I had to threaten a 911 call to finally stop him (just as he was about to get up in my face again).

I get claustrophobia and fight-or-flight anxiety from unwanted people getting too close on purpose so I was being nicer than I normally would've been - and for a much longer time than that in which I would've normally remained nice - if I hadn't read this article in the first place.

Don't be a pushover: no one will respect you. Someone gets in your face and that bothers you? Tell them flat-out to knock it the fuck off. Or else.

But for, say, non-volatile work situations where you know you're dealing with people who's personalities don't default to "stalker-like, bug-eyed crazed maniacs", this advice might still come in handy, which is why I'm linking to it despite the disastrous results that ensued for me.

Windows 10

If there were Emmys for Win 10 coverage and I was in charge of giving them out this guy would get one for I Think I'll Wait To Wash The Windows, simply because he doesn't even USE Win 10. The combined linkspam and advice-giving he's done is very helpful (alas, I've followed almost none of it in running the latest Win 10 builds on my laptop and phone - and the phone build's STILL buggy as hell).

Online Security

Everyone Should Get A Security Freeze. It just makes life easier.

The Web Authentication Arms Race - or why nothing is ever, ever truly secure.

Software, Computer Stores

Normalization of Deviance In Software, because "deviant" is the new black. But it's not just software. If you read carefully, you'll realize most workplaces are broken in exactly the same overarching ways. :(

Apple vs. Microsoft UX Wars. A tale of two cities stores. Interesting results can be applied not just to how shoppers view the stores in question, but perhaps could be extrapolated to how they view their phones and computers from each respective brand, as well.

Dreamwidth Has A True Image Uploader

I discovered it last night while trawling open Support Requests. Haven't tried it yet (if I recall correctly, you can upload images easily enough but you'll never find them again; that might have changed since the last I heard about it, though).

I have tried our email uploader (this behemoth; I'm linking to one of at least three FAQs because it's *that* much of a complete PITA) but my God, it's hell on wheels. As another user said in another support request, your post doesn't show up afterward (likely cause: there's a significant time-delay between emailing and the post just *splunk* finally uploading to DW; when I last tried a few weeks ago, I had to check early the next day to see it'd finally arrived).

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2016-01-29 09:52 am
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I don't know if I'm just irritated...


Apparently Ms. Sunshine didn't "see" the post about my cat before unsubscribing (or so she said by reply PM shortly before I banned her, which I did not knowing she'd already replied).

So as a PSA that I figured, based on what she did, I would eventually have to make anyhow, even without her feedback, here goes. For the love of God, people, before you unsubcribe from someone? Anyone? For any reason?


LOOK at their journal?

READ - at least skim through - their last nth posts?

Then decide what to do?

Can this please not be so damn hard?

Because for all you know their mom, dad, cat, dog, sister, best friend, favorite teacher, or anyone else special to them just got hurt, hospitalized, killed, died, or maybe that very day they lost their own job or apartment or something and there you go clicking them away without so much as a single comment upon the misfortune (which is how it might hit them if you don't check their DW first, even if that was not your intention)...

I know there's no law saying you must do this before doing that. I'm saying out of common courtesy, please stop being dicks. It takes just a minute or two to quickly skim a few posts on someone's journal to make sure you're not about to make a bad day/week/month/life feel even worse. If you are about to make it feel worse, then maybe, if you can stand it, wait a day or two...I don't see how this would kill anybody?

And yes, I really do check people's DW's before I hit the unsubscribe button. And yes, I have a deep, well-known fondness for hitting it, but no, that does not mean I'm as rash about it as my rep for doing so might make me out to be.

But regardless of the irrational feelings that may be driving it, I can't help but think it takes a special kind of someone to unsubscribe from you shortly after reading you've suffered the loss of a loved one that same day.

Verrrrrry special!

For what that's worth, before doing anything else today I shot them a PM thanking them for their exquisite, empathetic, oh-so-thoughtful timing. Then I banned them so they can never, ever, ever try to explain what they were thinking, because my fucks, darlings? They are given.

Which (probably) won't be changing anytime soon.

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2015-01-21 03:10 am
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[site community profile] dw_news is so hideously painful to read right now.

I need that icon of the guy with his head in his hands edit: look over there ---> - because srsly what the hell's happened on DW, that it's LJ all over again? Deja voodoo.

The only thing missing in comments made to the latest News post are the GIFs. Apparently Everything's Gone Wrong Life's Ended Civilization Is Done and Over and Denise and Mark are tone-deaf, sightless, and bad-code-breathing fire dragons. Which, to judge by their limited responses and offish attitudes they sort of are.

I mean, I'll give them some credit: I didn't know whining about custom colors on your Reading Page going away soon was A Thing but yes, apparently it is A Thing, folks... *nods slowly and gravely*... so the entire .8% of our custom-color-using DW population has come out to discuss it. Woo-eeee. The discussion grew exactly this intellectual before devolving into pure 'want-colors-not-lists!' tantrum-throwing: "Noooooo".

Discussion of our new tag arrows (a mind-blowing corruption of multi-page article and chapter continuations) follows a similar trajectory by starting off with the spellbinding request, a la [site community profile] dw_suggestions to +1-ing a plea to give an option to disable please (you must put this phrase in bold and repeat it seventy billion times or it's not as effective, which is another trending DWism, like Noooooo). Apparently Nooooo is a catchy new way to spell the word "No" on Dreamwidth, especially when used at the beginning of sentences, and especially when you're throwing a fucking temper tantrum.

So I can see how reactions to parts of the code roll-out this week have probably been nothing but pure *eyeroll* for Mark and Denise - not just for the agony of reading through them, but for the sudden, shared realization they must have had that they're running a preschool. And for that they have my sympathy because, like, OMG. A preschool. But as for bouncing out of all of Microsoft's email servers - at once? For that they get my utmost admiration. Nothing says your social media's arrived like MS deciding it's an extremely persistent and particularly obnoxious Russian spam syndicate.

In other News, our new HTTPS feature initially didn't work while new account creation led you to the root of the website, one of our devs forgot to use any CSS in his code (this will fix him right up, though, if he ever sees it), the post body on the Beta Create Entry page has gotten too wide for a majority of people to bear much longer because Nooooo, and Mark's attitude? Is enough to make me spit actual foot-long corrugated steel nails.

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2014-12-06 04:41 pm
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Forgive me for pre-empting [community profile] changelog_digest, but guess what, y'all?

We're getting inline Reading Page commenting... sometime soon. It'll come to us via the Quick Reply functionality we already have on DW entry pages.

ETA: Pictures! These are some pictures of what it will look like live on a standard DW layout.

Once it's live there will be no more clicking entry titles, then filling out comment forms, then hitting Submit and waiting for yet another page load... what you read and the comment(s) you leave will all be on one page. Comment counts will refresh automatically, but not on custom layouts nor from the number 0 on any layout (and go figure me on that one...what other number would comment counts start refreshing from? I'm hoping [personal profile] darkoshi and/or [personal profile] andrewducker might come to my rescue on that question).

Lastly, we're rolling back to "non-foundation iconselector js/css" for the Reading Page Icon Browser. I'm not sure what that means except maybe I'll have to re-code my CSS to handle the rollback (and keep two sets of code going on it, besides). I just got done re-coding a few minutes ago to work around DW's @media CSS, which messed up my @media CSS and for some reason, also messed up comment icon positioning, which got a mind of its own over the last month or so.

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2014-11-12 04:16 pm
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There's Just So Much Stuff

In checking over my journal late last night I kind of pulled a [name of someone who might recognize herself when she sees this post so if you don't recognize yourself then it's not you] in deciding I wanted my DW to have exactly 650 entries.

This DW accumulates plenty of druck and I haven't done a major druck-clearing in a while so it's not like it wasn't time to review possible candidates for File 13; it's just that I don't know why I became obsessed with the number 650. I'm thinking because it's a nice round-looking number and I've posted more Stuff in the last few weeks than I might every few months and I'm so sick of looking at Stuff I can't take it anymore.

It's bad enough looking around to see everything here in a box or bag or taped or tied shut so I have to dig for the Stuff I need - then try to put the Stuff back where - or near where - I found it so I'm not doing too much last-minute repacking.

Perhaps my pure irritation with All The Stuff and the mini-chaoses that ensue from finding and unpacking/repacking so much of it each day triggered my sudden-onset round-number pursuit. So 650 it is. Or was. Because this post once again pushes the total amount of Stuff I'm keeping online to 651.

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2014-10-27 11:30 pm
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OK: this guy is hilarious.

You may know exactly how much I like to go on (or off) about where the Unsubscribe button is in the event that any of you don't like something you'll find written here (as a gentle reminder, it is over there -----------------------------------> and as always please don't hesitate) but this guy takes the cake: is his Unsubscribe button big enough for you? (And yes, I want that - not just on one post but every post of my entire damn journal.)

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2014-09-19 02:44 am

If any of you are testing your web design in while logged into Dreamwidth...

Update, 9-21-14: added new Support request URL.

I just noticed your Dreamwidth login gets passed to so* (see correction below) the emulator winds up displaying all of your locked entries. I am kind of freaked out about this so I have a Support request in with DW to check if a) it's normal for emulators to get passed our log-in info to be able to display our locked entries and b) to find out if DW staff feels this is a security risk.

I feel it is a security risk - regardless of how they feel about it (no offense intended but oh, happy hell) so until someone can explain to me how it is not a security risk, my question - and my sheer anxiety over it- will stand.

*Correction: as pointed out by [personal profile] ideological_cuddle in this thread, I've worded this issue quite badly from the start. I don't, in fact, believe our log-in state is passed directly to; rather, I'm questioning whether our logged-in materials are (as he explained, these materials are presented in an IFRAME, allowing even our access-only posts to display in their emulator if we're already logged into DW).

Given this refinement of exactly what I feel is the potential security risk my question stands, with the caveat that I'm not worried so much that our log-in details (such as username and password combos) are getting passed along as I am that our access-only content is first getting displayed in's IFRAMES and then somehow being scraped and/or stored by them for future use/disbursement.

Sorry for my original wording; on account of it I'm leaving it as-is with strikethroughs added as needed to show where I really confused the hell out of exactly what I'm on about here.