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In the Net's much less politically correct days we used to chew over weighty topics like (warning: sexist themes, bad language, feminine personal products; written in '04): Bill O'Reilly is a big blubbering vagina. Let's see how hard he cries now. Or, not *rolls eyes* I've waited years for him to get his comeuppance, so aaaaah yeah, relief.

Too bad the only reason Fox News likely got rid of him is how badly they're hemorrhaging advertisers over his ongoing presence, which goes to show just how sexist Fox News is (they'd keep him, despite all the allegations and hush money they've paid out, and despite how people like him - he's not the only one - have turned being a woman at Fox News into such a needlessly rotten, abusive nightmare).

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Since he thinks it's so appropriate to use foul language even while serving as Orangado's Senior Adviser, I will too: Stephen K. Bannon absolutely needs to get the fuck out of the White House. He's not mentally fit to begin with and is a national security risk for that reason.

Him standing down from the National Security Council changes nothing. He's still the Trump Whisperer - nothing's changed, no one is fooled.

Kushner is someone I'd have trouble throwing water on if he was on fire but that doesn't change the fact that everyone in the White House should treat each other with dignity and respect. Calling Kushner a "cuck" - an insulting, derogatory term that denotes a white man who likes to watch his wife cheat upon him, sexually - usually with a black man - is not treating him with dignity or respect. Saying he feels "shived" just ices that cake for me.

He needs to go.

Polls are taken every week: how popular is the President? How much do you like him, how good of a job is he doing? Well, why does no one ever do the "How embarrassed are you by him?" poll? What do you think the numbers would look like on that? I cringe to think what other countries/peoples think with him in his stolen position of power. This poll, if it's ever taken, would probably reflect as much for many, many others, perhaps a majority.

And now you have this overwrought flying monkey going on about "cucks" and "shivs", in an ode to how two-bit the Oval Office has become, with a racist, bigoted, Breitbart-running white supremacist inside of it. That idea's not working out so well - is it?

No class, no class, no class, no class, no class.

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Originally published on 4-1-2017 (according to the original DW date/time stamp - but given the update date, there might be mismatch between my time and theirs, somewhere in the system).

ETA, 4-5-17: grrr, this was supposed to be a public post from minute 1, but leave it to me to forget to unlock it until someone pointed out (five days later) that the post I was linking them to (this one) was not available. And yes, I've posted a DW Suggestion about changing the way we unlock posts when our journals are set to private or access-list only, like mine is, to prevent exactly this problem from occurring, but it got shot down last week, so we'll have to continue to depend on me to not be forgetful. Good luck!

They want to gut net neutrality now, too. As anyone who's hung around this blog might recall, I'm as touchy about net neutrality as I am about AOL's fraudulent business practices and bad customer service. In other words, I think I've found my cause, folks. Welcome to 2017!

While I could say something on what I plan to do, before we jump in, may I direct your attention to Adam McElhaney, who as of this heartbeat has raised $184,039 of his measly $10k goal (the amount has literally gone up almost $60k since I last checked a few hours ago, and goes up by many hundreds every time I hit Ctrl + R) to buy the internet histories of all the cute little Congress critters who voted to let the ISPs sell our internet histories.

You know. These people...

They betrayed you - FFTF's mock-up billboard showing names of House reps who voted against your online privacy

Their histories? We're buying them. We're using their existence to donate a lot of money to good causes! Take that, corporate sell-outs. hi-ya *does a few Chuck Norris kicks*

If the new law means what I think it means (and yeah, it pretty much does) then our non-anonymized data will be sold without our permission, knowledge or consent with our names, addresses, telephone and even Social Security numbers slapped right across it to whomever wants to publish it wherever they feel like publishing things - like in huge ads slapped across our friend's Facebook pages and data dumps about our browsing habits bought by our bosses, "friends", co-workers, families and neighbors for perhaps just pennies on the dollar.

Update, 3-31-17: so it doesn't exactly mean what I thought.

Anything not crossed out above is still true, but actually (and I have to thank [personal profile] andrewducker for posting a link on his DW, or else I might've never known!) the data still has to be anonymized before being sold to the highest bidders. So there's that.

These are some trying times for everyday people.

You can sort of laughingly say we never had any privacy to begin with because of the NSA and the CIA and overseas spying outfits and hackers and Facebook and data farmers and Russia and a so-called family tree site that knows everything about you whether you ever told it these things or not, which scares the crap out of some people (but yes, the opt-out does work).

But ISPs actually spreading our data around as casually as farmers spread manure is sort of another matter, and has worse implications. Upon hearing this, the other person I spend time with suggested they shouldn't be selling our data to others - we should be selling it to them because we pay them to access it in the first place. Which, yeah. But the point is, we pay them.

We pay them to access the fiber, cable and lines they provide us with to go online. We owe them nothing beyond the dollar bills we shove in their small, greedy hands each month in exchange for those services.

In return for allowing them the otherwise unstoppable access they have to our data, we don't willingly give them the right to actually look at it. We also don't give them the right to sell it to others to make even more money than they already get each and every damn time we pay them to go online out of our wallets. We certainly don't give them the right to do so in a way that shreds our privacy and any scrap of mystery we try to keep for ourselves.

Now they not only want to profit off of us at least twice - first by charging for access, then by selling the very data we unfortunately have no choice but to share with them just by using the internet, but now they're trying to turn the internet into a series of pay lanes you have to pull your wallet out for over and over again each time you want to visit a website.

So instead of just going to websites, now you have to sign up for a "package" with maybe 3-5 websites - say the AOL, MSNBC, New York Times (and Jesus, even I can't stand The New York Times), Facebook, and Twitter websites. These are your online "channels" in the new "package" you have to buy each month or as part of a long-term contract. To access even one more website, you'll need to have them "unlocked"...most likely on a very expensive, per-website basis. "So I'll have to pay to have each website I want to visit unlocked, beyond the 3-5 websites in my package"? Yep, that's it! Exactly!

This marks the peak of a very big and messy wet dream for ISP CEOs, stock traders and corporate bean counters alike. It's also the end of any of us freely surfing the web. That option will no longer exist - that's what ending net neutrality means. And Facebook is behind the effort to paywall the web 100%, because they want to be the top, headline item in every tiny little package on offer.

No one who gets what's going on with the effort to end net neutrality wants it to - no one, that is, except corrupt Congress critters and Ayn Rand basket cases, but getting people to see why and getting them familiar enough with the territory to explain it to others in a way that "clicks" remains one of the challenges, and that's the one I intend to spend time working on.

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Excuse me, but because I'm totally outraged, tonight's post will feature a huge copypasta from a newsletter I subscribe to from the website Fight For the Future (FFTF).

tl;dr: we just lost the last shred of our online privacy to the undrained swamp creatures who voted us out of it, so see if you can spare $3 (or more) to put up billboards in their districts shaming these creatures so they can't and won't get elected again (I've donated).

They betrayed you - FFTF's mock-up billboard showing names of House reps who voted against your online privacy

BREAKING: Congress just decimated Internet privacy rules and voted to allow Internet Service Providers to spy on you and sell your sensitive information to advertisers without your consent.

The House of Representatives voted on the bill today, and it was already passed by the Senate last week. [1] The President has already said that he’ll sign it. [2]

The most disturbing part? The members of Congress who pushed for this attack on our privacy have been taking money hand over fist from the very same Big Cable companies that stand to profit from selling the intimate details of our lives. [3]

We can’t let them get away with this. We’re crowdfunding to put up billboards with the name of every lawmaker who voted for this travesty, because the public deserves to know which politicians sold out our Internet privacy to giant corporations.

Will you chip in to hold these corrupt lawmakers accountable and help us get these billboards to as many Congressional districts as possible?

Slashing these privacy rules means that ISPs like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T will be able to constantly monitor and store your most private information, like the websites you visit, the products you buy, and your real time location, and sell that data to the highest bidder.

Even creepier, it will allow ISPs to inject ads into your web browsing, install undetectable software on your devices to track your activity, and deploy systems to undermine encryption. [4]

When ISPs collect and store this information, they’ll also be making it available to the Federal government and law enforcement through bulk surveillance programs.

This is nothing less than an all out assault on our basic right to use the Internet safely and securely, and it’s putting all of us at risk.

Will you help us expose the corrupt politicians who voted to kill our Internet privacy? Click here to chip in so we can put up billboards so everyone knows their names.

Today’s vote is a crushing blow, but what’s most important is what happens next.

We need to generate a massive public backlash to make it clear to our elected officials that we will not sit back and allow them to put our friends and family in danger.

Major news outlets like USA Today and The Hill have already covered our plan to unleash these billboards shining a spotlight on the lawmakers who betrayed us. [5] [6]

Help us get these billboards into as many of these corrupt lawmakers backyards as possible. Click here to chip in.

We’ll keep fighting. And we’re honored to have you on our team.

For the Internet,

-Evan at Fight for the Future







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When fire comes if you throw water on it, it may or may not go out. If you throw chemicals on it, you've fucked the environment and possibly your health. If you don't cover every last ember in foam, the ashes may yet come roaring back to life.

So you think, hmmph, maybe I'll pray on it. Nope, that won't make it go out, either.

Learn from the experts: controlled burns are the best.

Firefighters know a thing or two about fires. Their entire job is to save people and put blazes out. In order to not have to save people, one thing they do to prevent fires is...set them. Now pretend Trump is the fire. How do you put it out?

This is actually kind of easy. He's a Norman Vincent Peale devotee; in my twenties, so was I. While I wouldn't knowingly revisit my NVP days (see this criticism, along with the Wikipedia page), Trump is currently still living them, so so should you.

What do I mean? A lot of Peale's philosophy was "believe you can". Believe you can make the sale. Believe you can close the deal. Believe you can overcome. Believe.

Russians, Comey, white people: there are so many reasons to think "this is why Trump's in office".

Clear your mind and let yourself think, just for a sec, that none of that even matters because more than anything, he believed himself into office. He believed himself there. You simply want him out more than he wanted in. You want him out that much. More than he wanted in, you want him out.

Will it work? Eh. Odds are a long shot.

Will it destroy his time in office and give him nearly nothing to look back on with pleasure besides the rather questionable act of getting elected? Exactly. So leave him to cherish his many false memories of that; fair enough trade once he's gone.

If this sounds like religion, fear not, for in a weird way, it is. Norman Vincent Peale was not just the most famous can-doer of all time: he was also a minister - Trump's minister, to be precise. Peale's advice, therefore, has religious themes (sometimes blatant) so read his book and get a feel for how Trump thinks.

If at times he's ridiculously positive it's because he was brought up to be. If he's Teflon™ it's because nothing can stick to that sort of belief. While this might normally be an admirable character trait, Trump's use of it overall has been rather blatantly selfish and repugnant.

Be the example of what non-stick-coated belief should look like, and give it the reasons it should exist. Want him out more than he wanted in. He's not wanted in as much as you think, and wants out more than you might know.

Make him want out more than he ever wanted in. Convince him it's the only thing he's ever wanted.

Or, in firefighter terms: the whole damn forest might burn if we don't light some weeds on the other side of this, so please pass the matches.

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*dusts this thing off*

I suck. I really suck. I can go 22 days without a public post and 17 days after a locked one before posting again, so I must suck. I was thinking - even today - "Ha, maybe I'll post in April, maybe I won't." On a blog I offered to abandon for "greener pastures" months ago.

I don't feel like writing about Cheeto, though. He was among the main reasons I stopped (majority Republican Congress being the other, because you can't fight facts). I was too overwhelmed. I wasn't thorough in covering Spray Tan In Chief to begin with - I'd read what others were chewing over or linking to, then pick and choose, usually offering up bits and pieces others didn't - filling the gaps, if you will. Which was good, for a while.

But you can get tired of just being good in a pinch.

Then I started looking at bloggers like [personal profile] solarbird, [personal profile] conuly and [personal profile] gwydion - whose in-depth coverage are the bees knee's - and realized I'm never going to do that. I don't have the time, patience, or attention span. I can't sit at the computer that long verbally wringing my hands over the Deplorange regime because I'll probably go nuts. And sitting at the computer has been bad for me over time, woo-hee has it now.

So if I can't, then maybe I should stop this, because I'm already overwhelmed.

Not to mention my favorite role turns out be cheerleader, surprising even me. I'm more into victories - the first travel ban being held up and revoked, Trump being proven wrong or a liar time and again, the health care bill being held up or failing - than I'm into all the currently fashionable doom and gloom.

Even Nancy Pelosi walks around with this half-shocked, half-empty looking in her eyes like she's seen the devil, who is now running our country, the fuck. I can't sink to that level, sorry. An Irish girl's got her pride.

So I can cheer but no one cheers along, can yell "Go team!" and pump a fist in the air but the team's dragging bats, ready to walk off the diamond for good. And so many people are "scared", and I'm like, "What is that?"

No, seriously, what is it?

I was terrified for weeks - maybe months - with the election. One life ended, another began 2am on Nov. 9th. Both were my own. I've had tons of trouble, sleepless nights and fucked up days where I'm at best in an awful fog and at worst drowning in apprehension. Just for the fact that it went as it did, and that the newly majority Republican Congress moved so fast to undo everything the other side has spent decades fighting for.

And I worried anew over the first Muslim ban because of the heavy implications not just for Muslims but other communities down the road. But then the orange who fought so hard for it? L-O-S-T. For the 20 years the elevation of a piece of fruit to the highest office in the land has aged me and spooked me out of my own skin, at least 12 of them rolled off my shoulders instantly in just one night, and I haven't really felt so afraid since.

There are more holes in that piece of fruit than you'll find in five blocks of Swiss cheese. He is a joke. Hopefully one that gets thrown out of office soon, and I don't mean in four years - hopefully three and a half times as fast.

I tried to ask myself tonight while cooking dinner (liver and onions - because maybe I'm anemic) OK, if you're going online later to piss and moan about how inadequate you are against the sheer spectacular whirlwind of bullshit ejected by this ongoing orangado, what will you do about it? Because there's only one thing I hate more than other people whining, and that's me, whining. I'm like, "Action, bitch, take some".

But all that occurs to me is, "Hire a team of reporters?" Which...dudes, would be heaven. I'd *love* it. I might not run it off Dreamwidth, of course, but have a team, yes.

And a gun for potential grizzly, because you just never know.

But yeah, short of that, I've just kind of fizzled. I'm out of predictions, at least for the moment, but glad the Muslim ban got held up yet again (may it be held up into perpetuity) and glad the health care "plan" got "pulled", though I'd much rather it "die" in an actual "vote", something these cowards are a shade too pale to pull off until it's more "conservative" - Republican codespeak for "so it kills as many of their own voters as possible".

In the meantime, I realized without logging into or reading Dreamwidth that I don't run out of things to do and my old adage is true. Actually, two of them are. A poem of mine from years ago goes: "Never settle for less/When you want nothing but the best/If you've got to have more/You know where to find the door...I'd rather have nothing at all/Than have a little/But not have it all", which completely sums up how I feel about covering Rumpernado, at least for the moment.

The other adage is "it all comes back around" (actually, that's the title of another one of my poems). I realize we'll spend the next however many years (hopefully, not even one) - collectively, as a country - live on Twitter, CNN, CBS, and coming to a radio station near you - watching whomever voted this orange into office get what they asked for, and I'm going to do a lot of that thing where I haltingly laugh into my sleeve, then pretend I was coughing, then wonder how much they're enjoying it.

Live and learn!

They're getting it now. The healthcare bill - should it ever come forward - ETA, 3-29-17: aaaaand it's baaaaack - will decimate their finances, families, personal well-being, and even take some of their lives. Talk about dying for your country. The shuttering of the Appalachian programs will put the most ardent orange peel supporters - who, I don't kid myself, might very well continue to support him in spite of it - out of their very jobs. And just wait 'til the new tax laws come out. Just wait.

Mind you, I'm not exactly happy about any of this. But they deserve every last bit of it, a lot more than those who didn't vote for citrus zest ever have or will. Them I feel sorry for. His voters? Uh, maybe get back to me on that.

What happens when you get what you say only others deserve?

When you don't have a conscience until what you wished upon them comes back to bite you right in the ass?

That might be a question we'll spend decades trying to answer, starting right