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Thinking that...

  • Browserstacks does the worst mock-up of a Nokia phone. It's supposed to be flat with no 3D bezel. Specifically, the 930 (which runs Windows; I know there's some new ones out, and yes, even if they run Android, you might want to get one; I know I want to) has no 3D bezel. Yet Browsertacks shows me this and tells me it's a 930 and I'm like 0_o:

    Non-existent Nokia featuring 3D bezels - it's supposed to be, but is not, the 930

    Btw, this is what a 930 really looks like - not so bad.
  • That the net might be doomed.
  • That I don't understand why browsers can't write @media CSS on the fly. They write other CSS rules ("default styles"; literally the only reason why you know Eric Meyer's name - unless you're [personal profile] theferrett, his real-life friend). It seems browsers could be set up to "read" style sheets for size rules and custom-scale them automatically (brought to you by my coding a new style sheet and realizing I used more CSS to scale mobile than I did to put the whole style together - such a tedious, let-me-stab-my-eyes-out-just-to-check-if-I'm-alive waste of time.)
  • If nothing else, there should be a bot we could let loose in Notepad++ to just write the @media for us. *pauses* Y'all think I'm kidding.
  • That somebody makes t-shirts with custom logos, right? Because someday when I have a few dollars I want a sky-blue t-shirt with white lettering on it that says: *:not(what you think), which might be an abstract joke about the universal selector.