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Timeline to dismissal; updates with ongoing Russian contratemps*, Flynn revelations that tie in, Comey set to testify 10am EST on June 8th, June 14th BREAKING NEWS Trump is now under investigation, and other still-unfolding events

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I...I tried to keep it to an even 30 days away because I like even numbers, but obviously I've fallen short. I don't have any reason to write, just blowing dust off The Thing.

Well, if you really want to know, I'm killing time while Tablet from Hell gets a hard drive format so I can finally sell it. I sold one of the two we had for $20 while Other Person was asleep, just to get it off my hands (it was mine after I cracked the screen and bought a replacement with better overall specs) but also because I hated it, and just sold this one for about 6 times that because it was in better condition, but also because I hated it. And OP has a Surface tossed out by someone who apparently didn't know how to clean contacts on a charging cable; nothing else was wrong with it - so he didn't need (or want) the replacement anymore.

Since it's been a hair over three weeks (140 years in intertubes time) I could talk about what's happened - [personal profile] madgravity and I've been having a nice, off-topic bi-monthly chat on a post I made back in August; I have no idea why; AIM's shutting down on December 15th, and while I'd be the obvious choice to say something on that, I'd just be raining on the collective's parade, so can't compel myself. "AIM installs OpenCandy" (malware - yay), "AIM won't let you download your Buddy List since I don't know what version it was they decided to lock you in like this" (using an existing AIM email address might work, or you could try an older version of AIM; I can't get the oldest versions to run on Windows 10, but I could try newer old versions, if I ever stop not feeling like it), AIM never complied with AOL's Software For Sale philosophy (big rip-roaring success that was) which was why it never became Skype or WhatsApp....rain, rain, go away please come back another day. I can't do it. People love AIM so much I just hate pissing on that parade.

In other exciting news, a frozen quart of chicken stock jumped out of the freezer the other day, which probably broke my toe after the corner of it hit said digit just right. I haven't spent a day in that much pain since the other foot got laid to semi-permanent waste, which means I last went around wanting to kill an inanimate object that was actively trying to kill me about three years ago, almost to the day.

Btw, inanimate objects doing everything from flying through the air to jumping out of freezers, fridges, ovens, off of stovetops, out of kitchen sinks, bathtubs, off of buildings and so on are exactly why I believe in quantum psychics. If something can be in two places at once, then something can be two things at once, which literally means all the stuff we think of as "inanimate objects" is actually living - and capable of thought. Tell me it isn't possible. I'll kill time much as I usually do - desperately fleeing inanimate objects that are clearly on the fucking warpath - while I await your response.

Hmmmm, the hard drive forcing me to sit through this post because I have absolutely nothing else to do (I could go scrub the shower, but the hell with it) is still formatting. So lastly, politics suck. I valiantly powered through 12 months of searching for the right words to make change possible via the inwardly flailing author of this blog and finally got my reward in the form of tonsillitis and bronchitis all at once. When I can look at OP and go, "If I don't get antibiotics I'll either be dead or in the ICU in a few more days" - something I've never had to say before, though other times in my life I've cut it pretty much this damn close, so nothing all that new going on here - then yeah, I think it's time to take a break - if not have my head examined.

I have Suggestions in queue on Dreamwidth image hosting that, if they ever post, will show the date of the night I got sick. It was two days later that I got antibiotics over the counter because I couldn't wait on a doctors appointment (up to six weeks off in the future for any clinic I can afford), knew what was wrong because tonsillitis has haunted me since my early 20s, and wasn't about to pay $2,000 for an emergency room visit. And Oh Doctor Heal Thyself I indeed got better. But I'm not revisiting my previous posting schedule - not unless the subject matter changes a lot, and actually interests me again.

The depressing slop that's today's political landscape doesn't, except in a sort of, "Hey, let's watch this trainwreck again in slow-mo!" fashion borne of being so disgusted with such rapid and unthinkable change you can't stop looking, though it's the same trainwreck over and over and over. Each time you watch there's one more tragedy you simply hadn't noticed before. And in the long run, there's too many for any one human to see, absorb or actually deal with without tuning out or drowning, and I don't have any fairy dust left to sprinkle on this thing and make it all go away. Even Eminem's become sort of incoherent, and when he struggles for words, I guess it's time to cut the tape.

Then there's the thought of finding yourself - if not your passion or path, then simply who you are, what you want. But in all the political madness I forgot what I want. I forgot who I was, who I am. I forgot. Then I read Christ in the Garden of Endless Breadsticks and considering how seriously I'm writing this up, you might laugh: it's an article about Olive Garden. But the incredibly over-the-top artsy-fartsy ridiculous fashion it's written in made me realize I no longer want to take the political landscape in and breath it back out like the black soot upon our souls it is. So while I was recovering from tonsils, I stopped emailing myself anything political to repost. The first link I emailed myself was on Olive Garden, weeks later. I decided I liked where it was leading me - way off the path I've beaten here.

But what really swings me around is the situation with North Korea. Which, if you want to (briefly) talk politics (I hope not), all I can say is: "We warned you. There's nothing he's said or done that should raise an eyebrow, nothing he can say or do that should induce the slightest shock. We warned you. And warned you. And warned you! Those of us writing, we warned you. Those of us reading such writers, we warned you. Those of us telling you he was no good, and into infinity exactly why that is, to a person, we warned you."

Anything predicted is coming true so ad infinitum there's probably nothing left that won't - and you know what, if I have but a short time left thanks to this walking brain stem and "his [so-called] people" I'll be damn well sure to enjoy it, or at least die trying to. Nothing he says or does is worth more than the ounce of energy it takes to scan the headlines and any extra ounces required to read in-depth when I must. Because we did warn you, and we shouldn't have to keep retreading the topic of His Royal Asswipe like the threadbare tire it's so quickly become.

Which is to say that while I don't know what I might do with myself in lieu of no longer covering this topic, I can probably think of something.

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I'm uh, still reading about it, and even just as I was reading and trying to find out which version I have - without actually opening the program because holy crappola - Windows Defender displayed behind-the-scenes scan results saying it found an CCleaner. I'm not sure what to tell anyone as far as "what to do" because I don't know the answer to that.

ETA, 9-20-17: Current recommendations are to either use System Restore to roll back your system to a time before CCleaner 5.33 (32-bit) was installed, or else to "refresh" (Windows 10) or completely re-install your copy of Windows.


It's a backdoor called Backdoor:Win32/Floxif that's been in the wild since CCleaner v.5.33 released in August of 2017. ETA, 9-20-17: But it affects 32-bit versions of CCleaner only. You can tell which version you have by opening CCleaner and looking in the top left corner, where it will say if it's 32-bit or 64-bit.

Signalbost: CCleaner has been hacked

Time to reinstall my OS, if the fucking backdoor hasn't already destroyed our ability to do so...ETA, 9-20-17: and I did just that. It didn't destroy our ability to do so, at least not as far as I can tell.

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Amount of posts to add new image links to: 89 (some of these are imgur photo swaps because I don't trust them, either, and some are to edit out links to an image because it was lost or is no longer being made available) so say there are still around 80 posts to swap Photobucket images out of.

Dreamwidth's uploader lets you beam the server as many images as you like, so I fed it a bit north of 260 of them. At once. After deleting under 20 images and noting that another 20 won't be included in my posts, that still leaves about 220 image links to replace across 80 entries I've written.

And it's taken me the better part of a few weeks just to get this far because a) I don't feel like it, b) I got too busy on eBay up until I had to end all my sales early because of the fucking storm, 3) the storm, plus d) see a).

We don't have a link rewriter to automate this mess, so before I do anything I might campaign for it via Support request*, after checking to see if anyone else put in for one besides Steve from LJ (whose request was summarily rejected a few months ago), then check the web for any scripts that might help me get anything done here.

*ETA, 9-15-17: I put this into a Suggestion rather than a support request, since Support isn't set up to handle feature requests, and that's all this really is.

ETA2, 9-16-17: I've since posted two more (closely related) Suggestions. Considering the parent suggestion's topic matter, if one gets tossed they probably all will, yippee.

ETA3, 9-16-17: I've been trying (as I mentioned in my last Suggestion) to find a screen scraper to grab links to images I downloaded from Photobucket and uploaded last night to Dreamwidth, but there's not a one that's gonna work, or at least not without getting me ToSed, mostly because Dreamwidth doesn't make a public-facing, per-user image directory available for this (or any other) purpose. I'd almost hire someone to do what I'll have to do instead, but 1) my privacy and 2) that'd probably also get me ToSed. I just aaaarrggh.

ETA4, 9-16-17: Minutes after my last ETAs it hit me why, above all, I can't use Dreamwidth to host my Photobucket images: because DW changes the original file name on every image to a random number, so there's no pattern-matching/find-and-replace to either find the image in Dreamwidth's Manage Images interface nor to easily find its match to swap out with in the entry. So I'll just upload my Photobucket album to Anti-AOL on Wordpress (my Plan B to begin with) and do this whole thing from there.

Because I've got to get it done.

I could post yet another Suggestion at this point saying more or less, "Oh and btw can DW plz stop swapping out image names for like, random numbers because it's messing up my project" but it's too late now (for me, not for others who might be affected by this issue in the future) plus I think I've about used up my Suggestion-fu for the month week day. I need to just get my ransomed images fixed already, then maybe...

ETA5, 9-16-17: after taking a break to make tuna pasta salad from scratch, because yum, I decided to roll "don't rename image files" - along with "add a search box" - into an existing Suggestion (my second one, with a request my rewrite be released from queue instead of its predecessor). And I'm not trying to stay up all night (yeah, for once, right) so I'll pick up again on this tomorrow, maybe.

In retrospect, I'm sort of glad I waited this long to look into moving my images, because I either never had the time or else the presence of mind before to dive this deep into why DW's image hosting is or isn't workable for moving images from another host. It really isn't, but it seems most of its issues could easily be remedied...problem is, there are so many ways to fix various issues or shortcomings in the service I really had a hard time choosing which to give preference to, so I just submitted all of them. :/

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I can't imagine how else they'll sell the base on auditing everyone eligible for the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) except to tell them:

"There they are, cruising 'round in their Cadillacs with those heavy Gucci bags back to their McMansions to rest on their big, fancy couches with their 104 inch, 4000K TVs blasting away in their faces, eating some crab legs. Meanwhile, hard-working people like YOU are just scraping by!"

I could see this as the thing that makes the plug-and-play "base" stomp and howl and chant, "Lock 'em up!" at Trumpanado's next barnstorming. Of course, half the people at the rally would have be locked up, too, but whatever; never let facts get in the way of a good hate-in, is what I say.

Before anyone asks, it rained for about 14 hours. We're at a slight elevation so it wasn't too bad. Wind held steady between "blowing branches off trees" and "knocking them over" (including one down the road that took our power out around 6:30am, so at least it wasn't like we were in the pitch black dark while debris made terrifying landings on the roof all night). I jammed earplugs in and slept through most of it, because I didn't want to know.

I made my own ice blocks using gallon ziploc bags the day before, and today we found a store with some ice, then the power cut back on a few hours later, so food loss was pretty minimal.

The hardest part was not knowing: as of 9pm last night Irma was supposed to hit as a Cat 3 or 4, so I was fairly anxious, even apologizing to Bowie, who's even more terrified of debris hitting the roof than I am, which by then it already was.

But Irma was downgraded via push notification to a tropical storm shortly thereafter. I could not believe my eyes, so I spent another hour checking my radar app, my news app, NOAA,, the latest on the Post, the Times and the local news, then, satisfied this was probably not End Times In My Neighborhood, just tried to get some sleep.

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The Equifax data breach is turning into a complete disaster because the very thing they're offering to "protect" us - free credit monitoring for one year - has so many "gotchas" built in you might be better off not signing up, or even using their website to check if you were affected by the breach.

For starters, checking your name for breach status or signing up for Equifax's credit monitoring could prevent you from joining the class action lawsuit which arose from it.

ETA, 9-12-17: Not to mention the website appears to be broken, which sounds about right, because the first time I checked I got no answer on whether I was "impacted" or not, while the second time (same session, same cookies) I was told I was "impacted" and encouraged to sign up for free credit monitoring - after I already had.

And opting out by snail mail from the arbitration clause which prevents you from joining requires submitting an "Equifax User ID" that people who merely check their status or sign up for protection will not have, so opt-out for us isn't actually possible.

But signing up for "free-for-now" monitoring will result in getting billed for service after just one year if you don't cancel ahead of time (just like AOL's so-called "free" trial, if you do nothing they'll start charging for service whether you like it or not). Signing up also requires internet access and a credit or debit card because of course it does, so your connectionless grandma who still uses a landline, has no credit or debit card, does everything by snail mail and just writes checks for whatever she wants is SOL, because Equifax has to minimize their losses, somehow.

If all of this isn't bad enough, it's been said that:

  • Kaspersky Antivirus flags Equifax's breach-status website as a "phishing site"
  • Entering Qwerty as your last name and 12-3456 as the last six of your Social indicates your information was stolen
  • Equifax insiders sold off stocks before the breach was announced - but they've known about it since May, so obviously they were locking in profit ahead of the stock collapsing

I still feel "hackers gonna hack" and haven't wanted to hold Equifax responsible, but it's getting increasingly difficult to maintain that position when Equifax is doing nothing to show they're being "responsible" or "transparent" about this, or to adequately compensate anyone who might be affected (which, let's be honest, could be almost all of us).

ETA2, 9-12-17: since posting it's become not just "increasingly difficult" but impossible to sympathize when it's not a case of hackers finding a novel way around their backend security, but their own failure to patch an Apache Struts vulnerability that they've been able to fix since last March. So they're as at fault as they could possibly be for this entire mess.

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She called herself a master negotiator and "worth the trouble" when the Democratic Party tried with all its might to pitch her overboard, preferably head-first.

Boy-howdy, she wasn't kidding. She stood her ground and so she stayed. She did it again this week, and in doing so saved the day (the week, the month, the year, and possibly all of 2018).

Nancy Pelosi, hell to the...

YES!!! An MSN poll shows 65 percent currently approve of Trump accepting the Democratic proposal to avoid federal government shutdown