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Mom was just looking out the window and saw a big red truck go by with two large animal carriers on its flatbed. She went to another window to watch and witnessed them stop the truck at the end of the road where the woods begins. A man and woman got out. The woman removed one carrier, took a black cat out of it, held it to her shoulder and kissed it, then walked to the woods and dumped it out of her arms. Then she got the second carrier out, held and kissed the second black cat, then dumped it, as well. The second dumped cat spun around on the woman as if to say, "No! Don't do this! How could you!" The truck then pulled down the back end of the road behind the woods so we couldn't run out to stop them nor get a license plate number. I held it in long enough to write this but now that I'm done I'm shaking and trying so hard not to cry - how could people do this to such innocent creatures? ON EASTER, no less?

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Date: Apr. 25th, 2011 03:09 am (UTC)
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That is so horribly sad :( After I read that I had to go over to my sleeping kitty and promise I would never dump her. I wish people would at least bring their animals to a shelter where they would get taken care of.