Apr. 24th, 2011

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Mom was just looking out the window and saw a big red truck go by with two large animal carriers on its flatbed. She went to another window to watch and witnessed them stop the truck at the end of the road where the woods begins. A man and woman got out. The woman removed one carrier, took a black cat out of it, held it to her shoulder and kissed it, then walked to the woods and dumped it out of her arms. Then she got the second carrier out, held and kissed the second black cat, then dumped it, as well. The second dumped cat spun around on the woman as if to say, "No! Don't do this! How could you!" The truck then pulled down the back end of the road behind the woods so we couldn't run out to stop them nor get a license plate number. I held it in long enough to write this but now that I'm done I'm shaking and trying so hard not to cry - how could people do this to such innocent creatures? ON EASTER, no less?

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This was the post I got on Dreamwidth to write before cats got dumped at the end of my road. I'm still feeling a little shook up so maybe this won't be quite the post I wanted, but at any rate, as a public service announcement of sorts, I meant to post about what having a vitamin B2 deficiency is like. Most people who have it don't know they do, and if you don't catch it in time it can wreck your life. It's not doing much for mine.

The only reason I know I have it is because I'm the third generation to suffer. It passed from my maternal grandmother to my mother to myself, so clearly either it's inherited or else our diets are lacking in riboflavin, due to similar genes which lead to likely similar taste in food lacking the vitamin. The "lacking" is enormous, though, considering I get stricken badly from time to time despite taking a general vitamin and a super-B complex with tons of riboflavin in it each and every day.

Normally (it didn't work out that way this time, but) the first symptom that alerts me I'm entering an episode of extreme deficiency (the same as my mom, and her mom before that) is what we call the "crack" that opens up on one side of our mouths (it can be on either side and if it's a really bad deficiency, on both sides; I have no idea if opening on one side as opposed to the other means its more serious than usual or not). It hurts (and looks like) like a sore or small open wound. Usually if I start popping a separate B2 supplement (in addition to my other supplements) it calms down within a day or two and goes away within three. Not this time, though. I didn't know it was on me in extremis this time so I didn't the pop the supplement in time to catch it.

This is what I want people to know before I continue: certain vitamin deficiencies can disguise themselves as icky head conditions, like mania (which is commonly associated with insomnia). Even I didn't know that until this week, when I worked from 7:30am to 2pm one day, then stayed up without even taking a nap until 6:30 the next morning reading The Secret Life of Bees from cover to cover because I had no desire to rest. I wasn't even tired, except in an odd "my head feels sort of mushy but still clear" way. I stayed up until 4am the day before after a similar shift. And I began shaking all the time, like I had Parkinson's (probably because of an as-yet unknown deficiency in one or more other vitamins). I didn't realize I was trembling so much until I had to take some pictures for a friend and couldn't hold the camera still. I also couldn't eat enough anymore, which alternated with a complete lack of desire for food. And I lost a bizarre amount of weight very quickly - like a couple of pounds in one night.

The crack appeared that same night and the rest is history. I'm in such bad shape that I'll probably need to do what my mom and my grandmother did before her and get a cursed B2 shot - but I really hope not. It just will not calm down no matter how many B2 pills I take (I'm taking two a day now in addition to my other supplements and I'm in my second day of doing so - so, by last night around 1:30am - I could sleep again - so, in honor of finally being able to sleep, I slept in today - but I'm still shaking, the crack is still open, and my head still has that slightly mushy feeling- I can think clearly, but it takes slightly more effort).

Ultimately, a vitamin B2 deficiency, left completely unchecked, could probably kill you, but it takes a lot of ignoring major signs and symptoms to get there. The deficiency is not much worse than a mere annoyance - if you can keep it in check better than I did this time.