Feb. 7th, 2012

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When I deleted my last LiveJournal (about mid-summer of 2010) I left all of my comments and community posts behind - even stuff that anyone else might want to delete to save face (since, you know, I could act up a lot over there, and back in the full flush of my youth - from my mid to late 30s - I did).

I figure if you post anything, even comments - though they seem so throwaway in nature - you create a record of yourself, and for better or worse I wanted to preserve that record, to look back one day and say, yeah, that was me then, but this is who I am and where I'm going now. Of course I've got a lot of LJ tied up in my memories, but reading what you've written makes the reality of what you've said and done that much more concrete.

So it came to pass a short time back as I was reading a DW community post that a Dreamwidthian mentioned LJ deleted every comment she ever made after purging her account. And I thought, oh no, that must be why all record of me was expunged from [livejournal.com profile] thefulcrum, a fact that puzzled me until that moment. I mean, to erase literally hundreds of comments and break so many threads seemed far from...from what I knew of Liz, I guess you might say.

I made a mental note that night to check other LJ communities to see if I'd been expunged from them, too. I was particularly anxious about [profile] s2_bloggish because I wrote some tutorials for them that I was kind of proud of. But I figured if LJ wiped my comments, they'd also wiped my posts. Then I let a month go by, because I was too afraid to find out.

I finally dared take a peek tonight and while my tutorials are still there (here's one, so I assume all three are still kicking around) the comments I made on them are gone. Blotted out. Erased. On the tutorial linked to above there was a thread between my CSS mentor [personal profile] av8rmike and myself, just disappeared (I can still remember what it was about, too: he was telling me my wording was off, and I was keeping him posted on my edits as I made them).

How does that help any of LJ's users, that they can't even follow a comment thread properly anymore? What's the point of erasing comments with purged accounts? When I deleted my LJ accounts, purging comments wasn't even an option - they just went ahead and did so without even asking. If they had asked I would've said no.