Jan. 5th, 2017

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Flunking it. I guess there's a generous bell curve they grade on? Go me.

Personally, I don't see what the point of this is, except to make you feel bad for not knowing your compatriots better.

Does it matter that even more of them are xenophobic bigots than I thought? Does it matter that such a high percentage of USians claim they're happy that I want to *headdesk* eternally because some of them must be Trump supporters and I'd like them to very much not be happy forever and ever, amen? Did I really get up hours earlier than I normally do just to have one of the main points of my day to be making this post?

Nothing like a random quiz to bring out the existential angst simmering just beneath my surface. Geez.

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And the wrong part of the problem, at that. Boy, I bet you're all wishing now I got up hours earlier than I normally do, all the time.

#Notmypresident seems wrong, because until and unless we get confirmation that the Russians did #somethingreallyconcrete to actually get Trump elected, you have to admit we agreed to abide by the rules of the game, and by those rules, we fucking lost.

This is not to say being elected legitimizes Trump, not in any way. He's unqualified, corrupt and treasonous in consorting with our enemies (both from within and without) but the electoral college exists for just that reason: to keep people like him out, so it failed in its duties the one time in our lives we could not afford to watch it fail, when entire country's future depended upon it not to, and that fact cannot and should not be overlooked, and should probably result in it being dissolved before 2020 to prevent just such a disgraceful thing from happening again.

I feel zero respect for Trump (though I sometimes think in spite of himself, he can, and probably will continue to have, some fairly good moments, almost as if by accident, but I promise this is damning him with the faintest of praise, similar to saying even a broken clock gets to be right twice a day) and I doubt that feeling will change for much but for the worse.

But. Until and unless such audacious Russian nefariousness can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to have gotten him elected (and maybe it will; I hear some news is coming out on that on Friday), we're stuck with him.

And I'm not sure false news campaigns and the alt-right count for much because hatred and subversion (<-- look that last word up; it's the entire Russian endgame) aren't strategies that can work without a fair amount of people willing, ready, and able to be subverted or to live not for love but for hate, which speaks more to the meanness and stupidity of any given electorate such tactics are performed upon than to an actual monkey wrench in the works. I mean, I didn't fall for it. A majority of my fellow compatriots didn't fall for it.

Again. A majority. Did not, are not and will not be caught dead falling for it.

#Notmypresident, to quote the person being targeted by the hashtag, is "Unfair!", given the facts as I know them to be at this point. What we should be hashtagging, with wild glee and a stubborn persistence that makes Mitch McConnell's Congress look like a bunch of hungover, crybaby pushovers we kicked down the road for eight years compared to how bad they've got it now against our minority antics, is "NotmySenate." "#NotmyHouse."

It's #NotmyCongress, and I'll tell you why: gerrymandering Republican wins is more subversive than likely any trick the Russians pulled. It's in-your-face, contemptuous dismissal of the American electorate that's saddled us with a rubber-stamp Congress that's going to destroy anything it wants simply because it can. If gerrymandering isn't a prime example of a should-be-illegal move, than I don't know what is (OK, OK, so there's also this thing called *grumbles* "reconciliation", but still, both sides are guilty of that, so that's an all-around mistake, while gerrymandering is more of a strictly Republican thing).

Without the many ought-to-be-illegal, gerrymandered Republican wins, Democrats would not only have an easier time of things under Trump, but could easily recreate the Mitch McConnell Congress - only with Chuck Schumer & Co. at the helm. That would have been fun and sent an excellent message to Rs and Trump.

So if you want to get mad, get mad that by keeping gerrymandering legal, we've created the very kindling for the trashfire of the next 2-8 years that Trump's Republican majority Congress will simply set the match to.

#NotmySenate. #NotmyHouse. #NotmyCongress. Spread the word!