Jan. 11th, 2017

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This, more or less, is an impromptu and quite informal Bible sermon. If you're itching to invade the comment section to say you don't believe in my stupid, fairy tale god/goblin (which is a completely off-topic thing to even bring up!) then go away. If you won't go away then buh-bye, because you're buh-banned.

I'm tired of evangelicals dragging Christianity around on "their" Republican platform like it belongs to them. There is nothing un-Christian about not being Republican.

Democrats believe "judge not lest you be judged", "do unto others as you'd have done to you", and "...the greatest of these is love". Atheists, agnostics, and other stripes of non-believer or uncertain-what-to-believe have similar moral codes which rule their lives.

Similar moral codes rule no evangelical life, ever.

Evangelicals have a single, overweening and quite twisted moral code that translates into something like this:

"Judge, or be even more harshly judged and ostracized by the rest of us".

As a mostly white, middle-aged, middle class and rather noisy, if not immensely powerful, voting bloc they've been trying for well on 50 years now, if not longer, to force their views upon this country - which is to say, to force everyone they don't like, don't "want" or don't feel things in common with to either leave the country or else to check their right to exist.

Do you have the right to exist?

Forget checking your privilege, especially if you're white. You think that's so bad. Try being black, brown, Jewish, disabled, LGBTQ or a woman in this country. Try it. Check your right to exist if you can tick one or more of those boxes, because evangelicals don't guarantee it. They're working against your own interests every day of your life, to make your paths as difficult as possible.

Why? Because they judge you.
What basis do they judge you upon?
Not looking, acting, being or living like them. Alternately, for the seditious act of disagreeing you should. That really is enough, these days. The in-group identity politics are strong. Even the children are indoctrinated early-on and in myriad ways, which is really kind of sickening.
What's the basis for this criteria?
Believe it or not, the Bible.

The Old Testament pisses on about Sodom and Gomorrah and slaying enemies if they're not God's chosen, while the New Testament pisses on about how women should be seen but not heard, keep their "place" and head covers on and keep away from the pulpit, turns a supernatural birth into the original Madonna/whore story, glorifies slavery, and hints that only Poors might possibly ever inherit the Earth.

Which means the middle class and rich must inherit Heaven, so yay, let's make lots of Poors! Evangelicals and even non-evangelical Republicans might see this as a way to secure their place in the afterlife, where they probably envision getting thanked by God for oppressing All The Rest.

If that doesn't sound like a cult to you...

Evangelicals twist the above-noted passages (note I'm not giving exact chapter/line references because I'm no theologian nor am I Joyce Meyer, but I entreat people to look these things up and welcome any corrections) while conveniently forgetting the equally important passages in my opening paragraphs and many others, such as doing good works, healing the sick, paying taxes ("give unto Caesar what is Caesar's"), not charging interest and welcoming people of all ethnic origins into the fold.

The above is just a short list of Biblical directives evangelicals will never willingly acknowledge nor consider as ways to ensure the well-being of their own people, society or the entire world. These are perfectly Christian directives pulled from the New Testament, a book solely about Jesus Christ, which they ignore entirely.

The most important of these ignored messages, given our political landscape, is the one to "judge not lest you be judged". There are nary evangelicals (and precious few non-evangelical Republicans) who give any credence to that. They're here to judge. They think it's their calling.

They judge if you're poor. Disabled. Don't have a job. Don't have a better job. For being "too" educated, or knowing how to spell, which is entirely too "elite". For being black or brown. For not making fun of blacks or browns. For being a woman. For not minimizing the roles of women. For being LBGTQ. For not hating LGBTQ. For being too PC, but only where PC means "disagreeing evangelicals should judge". Otherwise you're not being PC enough, not in their version of PC, which is ugly and brutal.

For thinking people should live their own lives. For thinking dignity, respect, and self-agency belong to all humans. For the audacity of anyone thinking those they don't like are human.

For all these things and more they judge because God and thunder and brimstone, Sodom and Gomorrah and chosen and hell, I tell you, this is Hell.

Does any of this sound very Christian to you?

But they can't just leave it at that. They not only judge, they control. Remember I said a lot of Biblical wars were fought against those who weren't God's chosen? Well, let me add a qualifier: those wars, according to the Bible, were fought by God's chosen. The evangelicals make the mistake of choosing themselves to act as God's chosen, cherrypick the criteria for judgment, then enforce it by using the law to shove what they (falsely) believe down everyone else's throat.

This is how you get the next eight years of people dying so we can cancel the ACA without putting something comparable in place ("the meek shall inherit the Earth", so get busy meeking or get busy dying). This is how you get fights over who gets to use which bathroom turned into laws stating birth certificates must be produced just to go powder your nose (Sodom and Gomorrah).

This is how you get the minimum wage repealed (because the Bible says "be the best slave you can be"), women's rights rolled back ("seen but not heard"), blacks treated like second class citizens (see the slave thing), anyone brown or non-Christian rounded up, interred and/or deported (the self-chosen get to choose whomever they want for exclusion; it's what God would want).

These are just some of the things evangelicals think "their" Bible puts them on a God-given mission to accomplish. It's like a holy war. Or simply another strange cult.

The Bible has many inconsistencies, a history of being re-written to help the rich profit from the mind and income control of the masses, and a wealth of good and bad morality tales. So I'll just say this to evangelicals: if you're going to base your religious power-politics upon the Bible, then take everything it says as a whole - whether it agrees with your particular brand of identity politics or not - or stop calling yourselves Christians.