Jan. 30th, 2017

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Oh, wait, you mean to tell me there's a person in this wrapper, and it's not a wrapper, but a dress? Well, knock me over with a small, silver-wrapped chocolate.

Jared Kushner, seen fondling a Hershey's Kiss

After deciding "that's a human Hershey's Kiss™" I googled to see if anyone else thought so, but the world's concluded she went out wrapped in a box of tin foil...and yeah, I can see that, but if you look from the waist up - and maybe turn your head to the right...tell me the shape, starting from the narrow drape at the neck on down, doesn't look a bit Kiss-ish.

Box of tin foil or spot of chocolate, Internet's not too happy, either way...

She had not a care as her father set the world on fire, banning Muslims only from countries he doesn't do business with while publicly mulling his strong preference for Christian refugees (which is the very definition of a "religious ban"; the stupid wording of this order wouldn't pass law school muster) and simultaneously demanding social media data from travelers to check their "political" views (and denying entry to those who protest or refuse to hand over or unlock phones) and all this on Holocaust Remembrance Day, which seems awfully nasty:

"It was during the Holocaust that the world shamefully refused to give asylum to Jews and to others who were being murdered or about to be murdered in Nazi Germany," Hetfield added, referring to the US government's decision to turn away European refugees during World War II.

To add insult to injury, no mention of Jews was made in the White House's official statement for Holocaust Remembrance Day, which was hand-waved away as showing inclusiveness by not including them. We just got trolled by the White House, I think.

While I never thought much about it, now that I do, it doe seem wrong to ignore others who suffered and died - like the Roma, Polish, Czech, Russian, people of many other colors and origins, disabled, LGBTQIA, anti-Nazi activists, known Communists, anyone suspected of less than mindless adulation for the Reich, and so many others...so many lives were disrupted, destroyed, ruined...and are gone.

It was hatred of Jews that started Germany's genocide, so if they want to argue inclusiveness (or more specifically, not excluding others, which isn't a bad idea, except with this White House it's bullshit) then they should mention the others who suffered and perished along with them, do some research and write a proper statement. Until they do (hint: they never will), they can fuck off with the "inclusiveness" doublespeak.

To all those who are (US), who will (UK), or have been out marching over the ban: thank you. Because first they came for...

This is where your state leadership stands on the Muslim ban. Hold their hands to the fire. And for God's sake, let's have no political correctness on this: it's the Muslim ban, not "the travel ban". The right is turning political correctness on us left and right (no pun intended). Saying "the travel ban" plays right into their hands. Don't use the neutral, harmless sounding language they invent to take the horror out of the things they've done and will do.

If, like me, you're preternaturally allergic to writing or calling Congress critters or other politicians, here's a solution: send a fax. As a former head secretary under orders to "File 13" (literally the term used) all faxes not from co-workers or companies we did business with, I don't have high hopes for faxing, but I need to research the law; there could be something on data retention that letters and faxes from constituents and concerned citizens fall under (besides, you know, a desk).

Which would mean they can't File 13 it, even if their bosses secretly actually to read it.