Feb. 5th, 2017

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I thought they'd at least wait until Monday (federal courts operate on weekends? Isn't Trump busy charging us $3 million to golf at his Florida estate right now, and doesn't he do the M-F thing all the time because who needs presidents on weekends - not that he's fulfilling that role, anyhow?) but nah, they just filed the appeal right away.

In case you slept, shopped, or worked through the news, last night a federal judge in Seattle ordered the Muslim ban lifted; about 12 noon the State Department stopped enforcing the ban's restrictions and a few hours later Homeland Security backed off, as well. The Justice Department filed their appeal ASAP as promised; regardless, lawyers/experts (I can't find the link saying so, but if it ever turns up I'll edit it in) estimate we're looking at another 30 days of unrestricted travel before the appeal is decided.

Which is an amazing victory. Go, Team!

Maybe some wonder (given the dearth of replies to my last Muslim ban post) why I'm so rah-rah about the Muslim ban being protested, contested or (eventually, I presume, and I really do believe we'll win the next round) lifted. But any victory in this bleak political climate is energizing; this one saved me from the brink of emotional death after seeing how this regime - its head having promised to stop letting the US be a a 3rd world country when it wasn't one to begin with - is turning it into a 3rd world country.

To say I hate what's going on doesn't explain the flummoxing emotions I steep in. It ruins my sleep. I dream of Trump and politics. And I can't stop. So yes, any victory, much less one this important, makes my spirit soar.

But, just to clear up why I think as I do, if I had to call it, I'd say I'm a non-practicing Red Letter Christian; I have no Muslim friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, or online contacts that I know of. Islamic teaching is not to my liking in any flavor or form, and of course I reject the more extreme practices of it by certain branches, but then I also reject so-called "Christian" fundies, who sound no different to me than any hate group with ultra-extremest views.

I guess it's like asking why I get excited about the progress made (or these days, given the same fundies mentioned above, setbacks avoided) for LGBTQIA or women or any marginalized group. Because everyone matters (yeah, black lives matter, too). All of it matters.

If Muslims or Mexicans lose rights then I might, too. If women lose rights then I will, too.

If LGBTQIA lose rights then the fundies can force themselves into my bedroom (let's admit they do that now, and are trying to get the law on their side, or already have, in many states and on the federal level to codify being in my bedroom - by lobbying for laws which state I must marry before I can have sex, and my partner must be of the biological opposite birth gender, or else the fundies - but anyone, really - can and will hurt me any way they can.)

Women's rights are human rights, which means it's my job to defend human rights for all people, whether we currently have more rights than other groups do or not.

If I don't stand in solidarity with those experiencing injustice then someday the person hurting might be me. Is that a selfish outlook to have? Should caring how I wind up mean caring about other people's outcomes? If I've given much thought to people who don't always have the same advantages as I do then the answer should be Yes. We're all part of the same fabric, but the thread of humanity that binds us together can very easily be lost.

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So it's on. That's Human Rights 3 | Trump 0 - if you've been keeping score.