Feb. 13th, 2017

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Too easy to blackmail.

marahmarie: my initials (MM) (Default)

If you have a good half hour (or so) to spare, then this is one of the best articles on what's going on with the Trump administration; it's not a light or easily read and depending on your pre-existing knowledge might take time to think over and process but if you're game, here's how the Trump regime was manufactured by a war within the Deep State.

Since I'm fairly good at tl;dr, the tl;dr on this is: "The elite still run everything; the more corrupt of the two elite factions is merely the one now in charge".

Which reminds me: Trump voters, how dense are you? Let me count the ways.

  • The Trump song and dance about cutting taxes? Mostly for the rich. They're getting their taxes cut bigly, you're not.
  • Any Republican song and dance on taxes: exactly ditto. Am I using small enough words for you folks?
  • Trump song and dance about bringing back "your" jobs? That's taxpayer funded - if at all - and didn't work out the last time we tried it. What you're demanding just to "bring back" a few dirty, dangerous, coal mining jobs and some work in factories or steel mills doesn't seem worth your be-all/end-all $20 an hour (chump change after taxes, deductions, 401k, etc. Get a serving job. Seriously, you'll make more money.). Ruining the economy and putting our own people out of work is how we "pay" for it.
  • Nope, the infrastructure plan won't add jobs, either, because there's literally no one to do them, and yep, your side is deporting lots of the few people who could. But this plan will raise the national debt by a cool trillion; thanks for stepping on my taxes to pay for things that likely won't help "your" family (never mine, because I don't vote Elephant) or "our" economy. It's funny how you only care about national debt during years your personal robber barons aren't in charge. And pretty fucking short-sighted.
  • Even Republican senators or house critters don't have the audacity to promise jobs in a year that Trump isn't twisting their arms like the bad deal maker he is because we've been there, done that, and even the t-shirt we got for it jacked up my taxes. Seriously, fuck that.
  • But at least you swept out the elite, right? Oh, the huge smile on my face. Every one of the people Trump "hired" to "work for him" are the elite, there to fleece not just us and our country but to shake down the world. Not for you; for them. They only pay lip service to your jobs and needs; enough of you are naive and gullible to get us in these situations again and again.
  • Those you've elected don't act in your best interests, unless your "best interests" happen to be "banning" and "deporting people". My God, will they do that. Which brings me to my last point:
  • Deporting people doesn't solve "your" problems (I don't vote Elephant, so I don't get to have the same problems). Doesn't lower taxes, doesn't give you jobs, doesn't make your towns, communities, or neighborhoods one bit safer - but does hurt people - actual living, breathing, thinking, feeling humans with jobs and kids and relationships and families and hopes and dreams just like you. If you're so full of spite and fear that eliminating them makes you happy then I don't care what else you "need", just be happy with that, because that's all your Republican controlled everything will make sure of, anyhow.

Two more years, they tell me, when I've continually felt like I don't know how to get through two more days.