Feb. 16th, 2017

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So, I let Obama and Clinton browbeat me into doing all this "peaceful transition" stuff, which included - for me - locking up posts about Trump made up until that point, in the interest of having all this big, wonderful "peacefulness", only to watch the day of the actual transition turn into a war between our sniveling Victim In Chief and the media over Inauguration crowd size, among other ridiculous distractions.

Soon after, I learned the press will be officially identified by the White House only while using some form of a Nazi slur, that Trump, Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer do nothing but lie, lie, lie, though sometimes just to change things up they also distort, evade, and try to mess with our heads, and watched as Trump quickly broke his last campaign promise ("drain the swamp") by instead pumping it twice as full, turning it many orders of magnitude swampier than it was to begin with.

I felt like Obama and Clinton had sold us down the road - like, did we all do something to piss you two off? Maybe not enough Dems voted, but hell, some of us did - and like it's really hard being their supporters anymore because there's just no safe haven left in which to turn. Obama should never have peacefully handed over keys and codes; he should have fought like hell to keep him out. Clinton should never have conceded; she should've asked Obama to invalidate election results over Russian's tampering and fake news pumping.

Instead, they kicked us down the road, right into Victim In Chief's waiting arms. I think how Obama and Clinton handled this was not only irresponsible; it was just plain wrong.

After stewing on these many things for a month or so, it occurred to me some days ago that the moment for a peaceful transition has been over and the fledgling administration has been such a shitshow of absolutely stupendous proportions that I have no reason (or any hope for) seeing or maintaining the peacefulness Obama clearly over-emphasized. In that spirit, since I don't like locking up public posts if they're not personal in nature to begin with, all of once-public politibitch is coming back, so if you enjoy that sort of trip down Memory Lane, go for it.