Feb. 17th, 2017

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A sane reporter was recently spotted at Fox News claiming the Sniveler In Chief owes the American people answers. Fat chance, buddy. You might want to record his claim for posterity - in case he gets fired. SIC also owes us his resignation and maybe some jail time. While we're waiting...

Wasn't SIC just ever-so-coherent at his latest public tirade press conference? Highlights (with the most unintelligible parts italicized):

Cut in case his blatherings make you throw up in your mouth a little )

He can't form complete sentences most of the time, nor coherent ones much of the time. Re-reading the transcript, it's just fluff mixed with word salad mixed with unintelligible vocalizations which serve no purpose except to stroke his ego as he rails at the press in classic Nazi style.

But drip by drip we'll get where we need to be, because the madness of King Donald has turned too many lives upside down, to the point many stand at the ready to act or react because what Trump is doing is not OK, and we already know the elites won't help us.

Trump is so unstable and compromised even the Kremlin is starting to worry.

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You know the tremendous number of people Sniveler In Chief expects this weekend in Melbourne, FL for his next ego stroking? (There are much less pleasant terms I could use than that. Most involve a part he claims has no problem with and another part he can't keep zipped, but I digress.)

Wonder how he came up with the idea of it being a tremendous amount? Wonder no more, because like many who cheer him on, he either brings them along from the inside or else hires them off of Craigslist.

Here's ardent "fans" cheering his candidacy announcement - you could buy these for just $50 a pop back in July of 2015 (this link also explains the cheering sections since he took office - hint: not spontaneous). Considering how well the entirely fake crowd worked, they probably go for up to $75 a pop, now.

Yeah, these are the folks who sold their souls for $50 apiece to our formerly wannabe regime changer:

And below is a Craigslist ad (it's a screen cap; I can't find an archival record; it's been submitted for removal from CL) for the rewards you get at his Melbourne, FL rally tomorrow night (and please for the love of God, I hope there's more protestors chanting away outside of it then there are "enthusiastic patriots" inside):

Screen cap of Orlando Craigslist ad for Snowflake In Chief's Melbourne FL rally, taken on 2-17-2017

Free to attend! Free cash vouchers! Free bling to flip on eBay (Christ, I'd go just for that and I deeply dislike him and most of his supporters*)!

You don't even have to be a Trump fan to get behind it; it's a moneymaker so of course attendance should be high. Much easier to buy people off than make them want to attend; I guess he gave up on that a while ago (like, before he even ran for president. I get the feeling he knows he's an old, crazy coot so any glimmer of "success" must be bought).

Yet protests against him/his policies/executive orders/Congressional actions are "paid"...no, really? If he can't get anyone friendly enough to show up for free, then he knows protestors will do what they do for nothing. Right? He does know that, doesn't he?

Sometimes I wish he'd stop buying his own bull just long enough to admit - publicly, at a press conference without any paid supporters - that Howard Stern's right: he does not, has not, and will not ever want this job. He wants Hillary to do it, instead. It'd be a relief for pretty much everyone who dislikes him or is merely doubtful.

*though I'd have to handle it wearing gloves and maybe have a priest come bless my house before bringing it inside