Mar. 2nd, 2017

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ETA, 3-29-2017: Daniela gets to stay for now.

She couldn't afford her DACA renewal - $495 - when it came due in November, so she kept saving up, but now ICE is deporting her - but not for not renewing her DACA status on time.

According to ICE, she got a visa waiver in the interim, which is good for just 90 days, so now they're trying to send her back saying she overstayed her waiver. Thing is, ICE's story isn't adding up because Argentina doesn't issue waivers anymore.

ICE also said on Wednesday they'll make sure she has a hearing. Well, that's not what they told her attorney on Thursday. They told her that Daniela's being deported immediately without any hearing or bond.

The worst part, maybe, is that if she hadn't spoken up about her family being deported at a press conference, ICE might not have gotten her. They pulled her and her driver over on the road after the conference just to take her away.

Realizing you've been taken from your home country, brought to another you don't know or understand and forced to grow up in it, then being told 15 years later that you must leave when you're trying to stay must be an awful shock. She isn't, to use Cheetolini's words, one of the "bad ones", and that should be quite clear to anyone.

It's blood-chilling how ruthless this roundup is so quickly becoming. With people like Daniela the writing is on the wall: it might only be random "good ones" right now but before you know it, it will be all the good ones.

Daniela's case makes me think no one should have to leave over lack of money: if someone's fit to stay, they should stay. She came here as a small child, as have so many others. So every time I read an update on her my question is, why didn't she have a GoFundMe or access to some other crowdfunding site to raise money for her DACA renewal?

Is anyone raising money for financially disadvantaged Dreamers to stay? If not, I think it's time the intertubes came to the rescue, and got a fund started.