May. 5th, 2017

marahmarie: A coffee mug that reads: "I figuratively die as I hear you literally abuse words." (grammar)

Every uterus-possessing person's dream! I had to stop reading when I got to the part where we're "incented" to do so because o rly we're INCENTED? Wtf? As my mind does scores of times per typical reading session - because no one has a fucking copy editor anymore - I mentally shouted the correct term at the screen: "INCENTIVIZED", then looked up both the tragically wrong-sounding usage and its better-sounding cousin. While most of the Internet's resigned itself to "either/or" this comment seems to aver it's about as either/or as someone saying "I might could do that" instead of "I might" or "Maybe I will".

In other words, it's a typo that's somehow jumped the misprint divide into actual known, if not "common", usage.

I just, arrrrgghh...words.