May. 6th, 2017

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And they celebrated it in the Rose Garden. Feel the ice in your veins as they turn it that cold. They're not just murderers but psychopathically incapable of feeling bad, though our blood remains on their hands, regardless.

But still, it's always helpful when the other side shows their true colors; at least then you know who the fuck you're dealing with.

Orangini showed his hand only after the game was over, revealing he prefers Australia's single payer to our incomprehensible patchwork of health care laws, proving he doesn't have the courage of his convictions (nor courage or convictions, for that matter).

He just panders to his rowdy little band of reverse Robin Hoods who steal from the poor and overcharge the old to cut taxes for the rich.

And don't get me started on how when White Guys Do It That's Just Fine (see Romneycare) but black guys can't do anything if enough racist bigots are on hand to stop them so Obama's live show got cancelled, likely costing millions of lives if the Senate passes a bill that even remotely resembles the still-incomplete butcher job the House has done.

Disclaimer: and don't get me started on Rick Scott.

Thanks to him - and though I live in a Democratic county - the entire state got opted out of the ACA's Medicaid option, which is the only way people like me/my household/my neighbors/entire swaths of my county and surrounding areas stretching hundreds of miles in every possible direction could possibly afford health insurance. Which means no, I don't have any, either.

On another note, though I'm sword and pitchforking here, most people reading this will readily note I'm not a Congress critter (for the rest of you: no, I'm not). Given that Congress critters have rules for behavior that limit their responses to unwelcome vote-casting, I think singing, "Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye" was completely appropriate and actually too good for every last one of the healthcare-destroying R's sorry fucking asses.

Stay classy, Ds. Also, they can carry a tune. They ought to form an informal Congressional choir or something. Singing's a great stress reliever, and JFC, are we under some stress, or what?