Jul. 7th, 2017

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Thinking that...

  • Browserstacks does the worst mock-up of a Nokia phone. It's supposed to be flat with no 3D bezel. Specifically, the 930 (which runs Windows; I know there's some new ones out, and yes, even if they run Android, you might want to get one; I know I want to) has no 3D bezel. Yet Browsertacks shows me this and tells me it's a 930 and I'm like 0_o:

    Non-existent Nokia featuring 3D bezels - it's supposed to be, but is not, the 930

    Btw, this is what a 930 really looks like - not so bad.
  • That the net might be doomed.
  • That I don't understand why browsers can't write @media CSS on the fly. They write other CSS rules ("default styles"; literally the only reason why you know Eric Meyer's name - unless you're [personal profile] theferrett, his real-life friend). It seems browsers could be set up to "read" style sheets for size rules and custom-scale them automatically (brought to you by my coding a new style sheet and realizing I used more CSS to scale mobile than I did to put the whole style together - such a tedious, let-me-stab-my-eyes-out-just-to-check-if-I'm-alive waste of time.)
  • If nothing else, there should be a bot we could let loose in Notepad++ to just write the @media for us. *pauses* Y'all think I'm kidding.
  • That somebody makes t-shirts with custom logos, right? Because someday when I have a few dollars I want a sky-blue t-shirt with white lettering on it that says: *:not(what you think), which might be an abstract joke about the universal selector.
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For days I've read that it's the latter, only for it to possibly turn out to be the former. Interestingly, neither website says where they get their information from, so if not for users posting locked-out black badges like this one I'd wonder if I should tsk-tsk about "fake news".

The only thing I can say is both things seem to be true: Photobucket's ToS says (emphasis theirs): "The free account does not allow any image linking or 3rd party image hosting" but this might not necessarily result in a ransom situation for any free user - though at any moment it certainly could, considering "free user" does not compute to "light user".

With Photobucket tossing word salad with such impunity, I've downloaded my albums - a measly ~60MB for images on both blogs (I don't use Photobucket for personal image hosting, so at least there's that) because when web hosts of any kind - blog hosts, image hosts, whomever - "get funny", and by "get funny" I mean do strange, unexpected, and quite sudden things without notice, it's almost always presage for a disaster.

And given any notice at all (and/or any time to act upon it) I don't f*ck around, so I downloaded them. My next "someday" project will be rewriting blog image links after I upload them either here (Dreamwidth has its own image hosting) or Wordpress.com (which much to my eternal chagrin, hosts my other blog, but also offers a few gigs of free media storage).

Oddly enough, images hosted on Wordpress might load faster than they do from here; I think I'm seeing this when I test on pingdom.com for how long background images take to load (they take forever coming from either site, where the web's definition of "forever" is more than two seconds and Google's is more than one, but before I decide DW is slower, I'll need to test again and actually note each site's speeds).

I have to File 13 my Photobuckets, though: PB's been impossible to visit for well over a year without on-page memory use clogging up the pipes; they changed how images are accessed so hotlinking's impossible (the so-called "direct link" brings you to a web page instead of the actual image), and I have three image hosts (four, if you count images I shove off onto accountless imgur uploads because I don't ever want to see them again; in that respect, imgur's literally my online trash can).

For now I divide image hosting between two Photobuckets, Wordpress.com (which hosts images on both blogs via just one WP account) and Dreamwidth. I don't think there's space on DW to move all my blog images here, so they'll probably go on WP, or stay split between DW and WP. Which is...I'm considering moving Anti-AOL to hosted Wordpress just to use a plugin to rewrite all the image links. After roughly 10 years of moving around online MM Itinerant Blogger style, done that, got the t-shirt, so spare me.

Though of course it would save money, if not improve my character, to just rewrite all the links myself.