Aug. 29th, 2017

marahmarie: Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back! (Kotter)


The push notification came during dinner. I glanced at it, put my phone down, got out of my chair and started whooping. I also had something to say about the walking cheese doodle, with a smile on my face while two fingers stayed up in the air.

Now, I'm not one to engage in bothsidesism, especially when the divide opens on the same side(!) but this time I have to. Mattis is openly defying Trump, and that's one of the most courageous and beautiful things I never thought I'd see. There's a lot of elation going on right now, just owing to that. But you have the parallel universe we occupy where, in fact, Mattis is not at all defying Trump - if anything, he's still following orders to the letter - so I just want to get that out there.

But! There's not going to be any study "proving" transgender people are unfit for anything - not unless Alex Jones (or some similar quack) conducts the damn study himself. So let's just wait and see...

ETA: Scavenged the news and saw the ACLU's sued over the ban, Democrats and "LBGTQ" advocates (I prefer the term LBGTQIA) are vowing to fight the ban, and opinion at The Washington Post states Congress must block the ban. Agreed!