Sep. 2nd, 2017

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As some of you may recall, I adopted three male kittens from the parking lot in front of our place last summer. We love all three, and two have worked out great, but the one called Tab-Tab sadly has not. He probably has a different father; the others are twins with just a coat color difference, while he's a tuxedo/tabby with the same unusual (and really gorgeous) smoke brown color and tabby markings of the feral tabby roaming our neighborhood.

The difference might matter, because he's (literally) tearing our twins apart, apparently because there's a territory issue he thinks can't be resolved in any other way.

And it's not just his brothers. A while back we had two calicos, and they were so territorial that between them and Tab-Tab the house was a chaotic mess 24 hours a day...the calicos were constantly hiding, spitting, biting, and chasing down the kittens (even when they were just tiny, sweet, friendly babies) and Tab-tab in particular was getting his "revenge" (even when he was still just a tiny, sweet, friendly baby) by lying in wait and attacking and chasing them in return.

When one of the calicos began repeatedly peeing the bed earlier this year we decided to re-home them. I made it clear to their new owner that they're great cats as long as you don't let them live with any others (which I said only because they were even quite mean to my last adult cat, Stuie, right up until the day he died).

With the calicos re-homed things calmed down, but only for a month or so; in the last three or four months Tab turned vicious on his brothers. I don't mean "too rough" nor "too energetic". Vicious. He actually tears the fur out them, leaving huge wounds full of blood all over their necks, heads, faces, chins and upper backs that take weeks to heal, and doesn't stop until they're cornered, screaming in pain and terror and I chase him down with the water bottle.

My place is too small to deal with Tab-Tab separately; it's got an upstairs and a downstairs and is not cramped, but there's only one room with a door on it (the bathroom, which only locks from the inside); the rest is an open floor plan. There is no walk-in closet or any other closed space to hold (or even raise) Tab in by himself.

So, here are the good parts: he's fit and healthy, to judge by his clean, clear, very big bright eyes, his healthy teeth and gums, clean nose, thick, shiny fur and his tremendous energy, is entirely flea-free, has no other pests or worms, and he doesn't shed much. He has a good appetite, drinks just enough water, uses the litter box religiously, has no litter-output issues, loves to play with his toys, loves our 7-foot tall cat tree, will pick a spot and sleep in it and nowhere else, loves to talk to people, and is exceedingly sweet and gentle with all of us bipedalists.

He just can't be around other cats. I don't know if he can be around dogs; if the dog's small enough, maybe not.

If you're into indoor/outdoor cats, he's your guy: I keep him strictly indoors, but he's an escape artist and likes to go (and stay) outside. In one of his escapes a few months ago, he got badly injured, either by a wild animal or another cat. He almost died of infection before he went for surgery: his fever was touching 106 degrees, which is pretty much the beginning of the end, but the doctor brought it down with antibiotics and his leg healed so you can't even tell anything happened. Thanks to that he has his rabies shot but still needs all the others, and will need fixing as well.

If you take him I can give you his vet papers and whatever supplies you need to get started: I have an extra cat carrier you can take and keep for yourself. I'll send him along with his favorite food, treats, toys, and whatever else you can think of to help his new life get off to a good start. I just ask that you don't have other cats around this little guy. His brothers are not having it: they avoid him entirely now; one of them actually comes to me crying and howling after every attack and can barely be calmed down because it upsets him so much, and my nerves are about shot.

At one year old, if I put him in the shelter they'll probably put him down, especially if I own up to how bad he is around other cats, which in all fairness I'd be compelled to do to prevent his next owner from getting quite a nasty surprise. The Humane Society is complaining it's kitten season (which it is, though we're at the tail end of it) so they're full, and while I do intend to ask around the 'hood and run local ads, if necessary, I just figure I should try my luck here.