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Didn't know Christ was running in 2010 or else I surely would have cast my vote for him...

Gotta love G's auto-correct

I ran across that trying to look up exactly who ran against Crist the last time he ran for the governor's seat...I had said Alex Sink in my last post but on second thought I think she ran against Scott in 2010 because the time (I need to look all of this up again) I think had switched from Republican to Independent to run for the Senate.

It's all very confusing because the guy has literally switched parties three times in about as many years (which is not something I blame him for...he was never a truly conservative nor Tea Party Republican to begin with, even if he did occasionally pantomime their views merely to get himself re-elected - so given the pressures of the right-wing and Tea Party elements 3-4 years ago I think he simply had no choice but to start jumping party affiliations).

But, hey, Christ FTW.