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Wasn't lobster. The stores were all out presumably because of the holiday, making my idea not as original as I thought. So then this other idea popped into my head (once we got home and it was after 10 at night, of course): "We'll have roast chicken!" but alas, we didn't feel like going back to the store to get it (when you're debating whether or not to build an ark for all the rain we can't stop getting, repeatedly leaving to shop becomes so much less appealing).

But leave it to me, I'm never without a good plan or a convincing facsimile. So I mentally dug through my freezer and decided we'd still eat something non-traditional, ie, homemade shrimp scampi with wine, fresh garlic, butter and spices first baked, then run under the broiler, with the aforementioned mashed potatoes (hand-mashed with heavy cream, extra sharp hand-shredded Cheddar and lots of butter), a hand-torn tossed salad with all the trimmings (well, I'm out of tomatoes, so there was [not] that) and fresh homemade stuffed jalapenos (with goat cheese, extra-sharp Cheddar, heavy cream, and crumbled German beer sausage). Oh, and we also had fresh shrimp cocktail with my homemade cocktail sauce. If you'd like to me to cook at your house we can discuss rates; drop me a PM. :)

The whole meal was absolutely...fabulous. We were going to have the jalapenos and shrimp cocktail as appetizers but we were so hungry, and cooking times ran so close, we just sat down and yeah, ate all of it at once. One of the best Easter meals I've had in a while, and by a while I mean 4 or 5 years. Hope those of you who celebrate had a good one, too.

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