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ETA: not just me! More sightings at SERoundtable and Web Search Help. Consensus seems to be drifting toward "no one likes it". Also, a style name in honor of it: Grackle, for it being Google/green and Black...le.


Google with green and black fonts, top half of page

And, uh...

Google with green and black fonts

I mean, I know: it's Friday night, some dev at Google's probably bored, we all know I stay up late...

If anyone else is getting this design change I haven't seen proof of it yet in the Google searches I've done - not in regular nor News results.

For the hex enthusiasts out there the colors used are #292929 (black) and #006621 (green). I sampled each via the Firefox ColorPicker add-on to avoid having a stroke by looking through Google's CSS again - I haven't put myself through that in years. Also, the visited link color (if they even have one for this style) is not working and the "Searches related to" text down near the bottom is much bigger than normal scratch that because upon re-comparing, I think it's the same size.

For anyone else looking to see this version of search results, I got them using the browser search box in Firefox 46.0.1 on Windows 10 but was not able to see it in Microsoft Edge when I opened it minutes later to perform the same searches. Which I did because science.

So ymmv, or you might simply never see this look in the wild at all.

Um, do any of you like it? It is more designer-y, which might be an improvement?

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Date: May. 9th, 2016 05:27 am (UTC)
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So.. was the big text for each search result still a link, or was it plain black text and not a link? What was the green dot next to each one - was that a link? I like my links in a different color so I can tell they are links.