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Date: Jan. 16th, 2017 07:59 am (UTC)
marahmarie: my initials (MM) (Default)
From: [personal profile] marahmarie
Narcissists suck all the air out of a room and all the life out of the air. I can name a couple (at least two celebrities) and give one personal example, as well (an ex from fairly way back) but that's alright. Point is, I only know how I've dealt with them. Theirs is the only brain on earth that matters or even functions correctly, so do whatever you can to flatter, appeal to it or appease it. You can't make these people feel smart or right or shiny enough. It's just not possible.

Therefore this plan will eventually fail but it does buy time while the person being flattered into thinking anyone gives a shit ruminates on whether or not to permanently lose their shit on you or to turn on themselves (but they always turn on themselves. My ex literally went down in a fog of...well, let me save that for another time).

They all know losing their shit altogether is not the right (or "polite") or most dignified thing to do, and they *are* big on manners, because manners are the only thing that keeps anyone else interested, and deep down inside they're afraid of losing that.

They all eventually will, though. They don't call Trump a sore winner for nothing (and my ex had exactly this trait; stand on your head to appease - mostly around political topics, which he went off on regularly - and he'd go off on you for not believing what you said to appease him.).

Prepare for more of the same, and possibly much worse, with Trump as time rolls on.

Moving on...

I want to take all his kids

I don't. His two grown adult sons are racists. I'd want to take them somewhere, maybe, but not to that particular group. Ivanka's in denial. She might benefit from what you're suggesting, but she's so fiercely protective of her dad right now she doesn't have the objectivity to take any sort of a step back. Barron - Trump is known to not directly raise his kids, but the lessons he does teach when he's around are probably not re-enforcing more positive lessons, if you look to his grown sons for the examples they've given on life with good ol' dad. *shakes head*
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