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(He means "flaming pile of garbage", more commonly known as a "trashfire", aka, what the next 2-8 years of his presidency will certainly resemble, but fuck it) you need to take it as a...


Ideally - as a news organization, government official, or a progressive, liberal or even socially moderate activist - every day of your life you're aiming for Trump not to like you as much as possible. The less he likes you, the better you're doing at representing him accurately to the American people.

CNN is FAKE NEWS? Drinks on me, folks - you're doing a great job!

Always take Trump's insults as a huuuuuuge contraindication of our shared reality. DON'T do this, aka "turn on each other". It's not necessary to rip Buzzfeed's head off and spit it out on Twitter merely to appease Trump or prove to the "public" yours is the more ethical news outfit. There is no "public". Most Trumpsters don't believe either outfit is any "good". Most progressives, liberals and moderates don't believe Buzzfeed or CNN is in any way "bad".

Don't toss each other to the wolves over an already-divisive, so-called "leader" and his minions, aka "political base". If ethical news outfits (and by that I'm including Buzzfeed, so get used to it) don't stick together, they'll eventually pull the entire free press apart. You need to work with, support, and when needed, correct each other in a civilized fashion, not toss each other's bodies out to the lions in the Twitterena. You people fucking crazy or what?

Incidentally, when people, such as John Lewis, express their genuine feelings or share legitimate facts that seem critical of Trump, he's not "hitting back" (hard! So hard! The hitting's getting so huuuuge!) by knee-jerk reacting in crybaby "UNFAIR!" victim fashion or by telling lie after lie about the person or organization being critical of him - he's doing what's routinely called "throwing a fit", which should always be reported in the press as such:

Trump throws HUUUUUGE FIT after John Lewis merely says what most Americans are thinking

*yawn* we've never see this before

Maybe I should just go work for one of these news outfits myself. I'd get fired on my first day of Trump coverage..."She keeps adding "D'Orange Twittolini just threw another HUGE FIT over [...]" to her post titles, we can't have that..."

While I'm on the subject of Twitter (it's where Trump throws fits, so it just keeps coming up) you need this browser extension called RealDonaldContext, created by the Washington Post. It takes the entire flaming pile of garbage D'Orange Cheetolini passes off as "truth" and fact-checks it, or if you simply have no idea why, out of nowhere, Trump attacks a respected Freedom Fighter, it does what it says on the tin and adds the missing context.

Most importantly, you don't need to sign into Twitter for RealDonaldContext to work. Here it is in action in the pic below.

RealDonaldContext browser add-on in action right on Donald Trump's Twitter page

Live RealDonaldContext example: Trump tweets, "Congressman John Lewis should finally focus on the burning and crime infested inner-cities of the U.S. I can use all the help I can get!" Hmmmm, what the fuck brought that on, you wonder. Well, RealDonaldContext to the rescue! Right under the tweet it says: "On Friday, excerpts from 'Meet the Press' were released in which Lewis calls Trump's election 'illegitimate.' Lewis, a hero of the civil rights movement, has been in the House since 1987. [LEARN MORE]"

If all else fails, rather than praise Trump for "hitting back" (hard! So hard! It's huuuuuge, folks!) a title I've seen 456,000 times if I've seen it once, why not do as this guy did (a Republican, no less!) and tell him: Dude, just stop? Because seriously, wtf, knock if off. Can't KellyAnne take his Twitter away, again? We're up to our eyeballs in the lying word-vomit he keeps projectile puking out of it and it's not even Day One of his selling us off to Russia and China. America did nothing to deserve this.

Lastly, I believe there are two keys to understanding Trump - and eventually toppling him, because hope truly does spring eternal, and I'm optimist-in-your-face like that:

  • He hates being made fun of
  • He adores being flattered (more importantly, flattery will instantly turn off what little critical thinking he's capable of like an actual off-switch)

If these are the only two things you know then it's possible to get what you want. Fortunately, we know more about him than two things, but what we think we know is sometimes wrong. For instance, it's often said he's vain and egotistical, but someone who hates being made fun of doesn't have a strong ego. He might have a very huge and obvious one, but it's superficial. He's the kind of person schoolyard bullies probably reduced to tears all the time ("Waaaahh that's so UNFAIR!"). I mean, I hate to sound cruel, but it certainly sounds fairly likely.

The flattery thing's a bit more tricky. If you don't want to trip him into acting like a crybaby for the lulz - say at his next State of the Union address - then your next-best bet is to flatter him. I've seen it reported that certain press organizations did so in public settings and everyone else was like, "Ew, you're just sucking up to him for access!"

No. They're ensuring it. It's that simple. Once you're in, you certainly don't have to be as nice as you were to begin with; you just have to choke down your bile long enough each day to get the job done.

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Date: Jan. 15th, 2017 12:08 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lethe1
He's the kind of person schoolyard bullies probably reduced to tears all the time ("Waaaahh that's so UNFAIR!").

Bullies, schoolyard or otherwise, don't have a strong ego themselves. They project their insecurities upon their victims, and as long as their victims cooperate (by not standing up to them), they'll continue their bullying (usually in a group). If the victims stand up to them, more often than not the bullies turn out to be great big cowards.

I think Trump was (is) a bully, rather than a bully victim.