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You get trolled these days. Quite easily.

You think the worst thing that's gone on is Trump's Muslim ban which you know was his idea because he campaigned on it, except no, it wasn't his idea, so yeah, you're outraged and protest and write about it and wring your hands and flail over how we must all Do Something. Especially about this.

It's all very noble and justified and good until you realize we've been played - head-faked, as one writer put it, trolled, as I like to put it, "distracted", as the Russians might say. The ban is ordered on a Friday (all bad news from this regime is issued on weekends so the public can rage and stew and gloat and preen at each other for a few days, instead of living their lives as they see fit, and then get back work on Monday, with the seven Daily Hates already accomplished for the week).

One day later, during the height of the turmoil - the raging, stewing, gloating and preening that the latest order, like all the orders, is designed to induce - another order quietly installs Bannon as head of the National Security Council and simultaneously ejects the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence, who can both still drop in whenever they want - like it's just some useless daily coffee clatch going on there, one that decides, among other things, which American citizens to secretly kill today - but who are no longer, uh, specifically required to attend. Wonder why not.

Fortunately, I'm a quick learner, if not always a good predictor of the subtext I need to absorb before the next order strikes. Bannon counts on people like me to succeed, and this time around, I guess I did him good. In his own words: "It only helps us when [the media] get it wrong. When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing". I might not be [the media] but hell, I got it wrong, along with millions of others who are also decidedly not [the media]. Score 1 for Bannon, but that's the last fucking point he knowingly gets from me.

The subtext here is amazing, and contemptible, and I'm done being anywhere but three steps ahead of Bannon's increasingly transparent plan to use Trump as a con to distract and confuse us while the real work of locking down power gets done by him alone.

Transparent? Yes, because it's already become easy to see Bannon uses Trump as his front man, the con who distracts with a mean tweet or awful ban while Bannon re-arranges deck chairs off-stage to lock in power. The businessmen's rewriting of the Constitution might ensure an eventual power grab like nothing we've seen before.

You think it's going to be stoppable? OK. The same con head-faking us with executive orders, ugly-American tweets, Muslim bans, sanctuary city threats, spats with Australia, concurrent wounded preening about Inauguration crowds and winning the popular vote minus the illegals, who praises protests because it proves his con is working to take our eyes off more important things his master is working on behind the scenes, is the very reason it will never stop.

Things calming down? Time to turn the South China Sea or the entire Middle East into a sea of glass. Still not enough? Start having DHS knock on doors and set up roadblocks looking for all those illegals.

Make everyone scared for their own hides, even finger innocents because everyone gets pulled into the dragnet as a matter of design so no one can think objectively anymore, or even cares to. Daily survival becomes paramount to getting anything else done. The con's campaign promises were designed to distract and divide the populace while White Men Get Real Work Done, and are rich in ways to make people fear for their lives, to turn major portions of the populace against each other and to keep them distracted, confused, angry, fearful and unknowing while the rule of law is systemically destroyed without input from a populace too absorbed in its own problems caused by the regime to even care.

The endgame from the start was to get some part of the population to legally and willingly vote them and theirs into office so they could easily effect change to increase their bottom lines. Once in, they can quickly change the rules (Constitutional Convention style) so they can never be subverted again. What part of the population would be naive and gullible enough to think people after increasing their own personal wealth are actually only out to help them succeed? Well, disenfranchised lower income voters of all sorts, for starters.

So just run a racist campaign promising them and them alone all the jobs in the world (and after 20+ years of absorbing Fox News - whose overarching message has more than softened them up to the idea that jobs are the be all and end all of EVERYTHING because the welfare state is shameful and therefore forbidden to any Dignified White and that they and they alone deserve All The Jobs - this is incredibly easy to do), install many well-known racists into high-rankling government offices after winning election to prove you're really out there fighting for the Little Guy, then legally change the Constitution to lock in your power either before, after or during the time when you use the power of the military granted by dint of your position to hold down protests domestically while you go out to enrich yourselves at the country's expense and wreck and plunder the entire world.

Of course this could all go fantastically wrong, so simultaneously build a new life and many bunkers for yourself and your equally rich friends over in New know, just in case!

Best advice for anyone reading: when this regime head fakes you with Big News like the Muslim Ban, alert each other and stand on the press to look behind the scenes for what's really going on, because the extent of it will probably never be "just" the Muslim ban or whatever today's flavor of the Weekend Hate actually appears to be. The ban, just as an example, was used to keep racist devotees devoted and those opposed focused on the hatefulness, confusion, turmoil, heartbreak and anger it caused while changes went on behind the scenes to lock in Bannon's power. Presidential pronouncements are being used to manipulate emotions and further divide the left from the right, in other words, so no one will be tempted to think about or focus on the bigger picture. That's the real news, but this sequence of events is a provable pattern, a blueprint we can use from now on to dig beyond the Big News and find out what this regime is really up to.

The blueprint's in place. Use it to figure out what the real news is to the greatest extent possible. Part of the plan is to eventually lock us out of the ability to know, so keep that in mind. Live life to the fullest while you can; life as you know it - and prefer to live it - could be over with by the next Weekend Hate.

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Date: Feb. 2nd, 2017 07:31 pm (UTC)
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That's a very grim picture you're painting. Let's hope you're wrong and it won't play out that way.