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At the rate I'm going I could rename this [profile] thepoliticalprophetess, move the political posts to their own website, run ads, add a Paypal button ("Help me prophetize - donate today") and maybe make a buck or two. Secret sauce: drink more than you would've if Hillary had won. I swear that's the whole thing. Which, yeah, might require more funding.

Here's a thing I said a few weeks ago in Egg On Your Face, emphasis added: "The ban is ordered on a Friday (all bad news from this regime is issued on weekends so the public can rage and stew and gloat and preen at each other for a few days [...]." The news today: "Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon arranged the timing in the expectation that opponents, freed from work on the weekend, would stage huge protests [...] says a senior administration official".

Where was this magical ability to predict with Obama? (Couldn't, he bored me. Voting for him was like hitting the Snooze button for eight years.) How did I not see 9/11 and still can't say if it was an inside job?

Before I get serious, I also predicted: "When Trump calls you/your outfit/your organization a 'failing pile of garbage' you need to take it as a HUGE WIN." Guess what? They did. But I wasn't just rallying the troops: I truly believe that. The more he runs his Cheeto™ cruncher at them, the more they must be getting under his skin like an army of mites - one little, annoying itch at a time - so I say keep on keeping on.

To expand on this, because I sense no one will feel reassured, Spicer holding a private presser is not an unusual move coming from any White House, and won't be until it starts looking overused, manipulative, or retaliatory. But shutting out disliked organizations - on the same day - is unheard of and fake-newsing this reporter on some no-name, sympathetic website was wrong, offensive and disgusting.

While I wouldn't let one-offs - which these all are, at least for now - impart a chilling effect if I were in the press, future patterns in the same vein coming from this regime will be something to keep an eye on.

Now for the serious part: If you're distracted by all the low-hanging fruit this regime keeps shaking at us from the tress then you might not see this train coming until it's too late - remember, it might've been Trump's idea to run for office, but once he became campaign CEO (more like "malevolent mastermind") it was Steve Bannon we swore in, Steve Bannon's Inaugural speech Trump read to us, and it's Steve Bannon's "deconstruction of the administrative state" (he should have said "dismantling", but whatever) and war on Muslims that's in the offing while we grab our smelling salts over who or whatever the guy we think got elected took a crap on today.

Question: why are people not protesting still-empty federal positions? Why is Congress not in a clearly festering rage that four weeks in, Trump still doesn't have the same budget prepared that Obama and W. submitted in their first terms by Week Two? Where is anyone's give a damn? If I'd known these things sooner I'd have spoken out sooner. Why doesn't anyone else?