marahmarie: Drink coffee, do stupid faster (coffee)
MM Writes ([personal profile] marahmarie) wrote2017-04-16 12:43 am

Almost forgot to make my traditional "What am I having for Easter dinner this time?" post

We're having crab legs and shrimp (because, as long-time readers might know, I will not make/eat/endure a turkey). I made a last minute change last night and decided I wanted leg of lamb - but only after (mentally) tossing the leg around for a week, then due to work and other issues was unable to get to a store in time to procure it.

I'd imagine procuring it tomorrow's out, since lamb leg-selling stores are probably closed. But the way I had it figured, since I didn't buy too many crab legs, anyhow (at those prices, I'm still trying to understand why I bought any at all), they'd be an appetizer (along with the shrimp) then we'd have the lamb leg for dinner. Which is still what I'd actually prefer. Maybe next time I'll make up my mind less than 24 hours before the last leg-of-lamb selling store closes.

To those who celebrate it, enjoy.

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