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That's what I get for going offline for a few days, I swear to God (I just needed a break, it happens)...I come back tonight (well, right that tonight?) and I've got 40 comments/poll votes to look over.

My mind's not exploding or nothing, nope, not mine. :)


ETA, a few hours later: I wrote title text on the link above (now deleted) saying at least four of my Suggestions went up but only two did (Give Us The Ability to Delete Junk Data and Spam From Polls and Add time/date stamp to Inbox messages) but the latter isn't under this username*, which I'll explain at the end.

What confused me was I linked to a poll of mine in the first Suggestion which made me think I saw at least three new polls in my Inbox. I assumed they were all Suggestions when one was actually that same poll I made a while back. Also, it got spammed and I became a total bear in the comments to everyone perhaps because it got spammed, perhaps because I really, really hate spammers. And spam. My apologies! Belatedly! It got new life and everyone's voting on it again. Gaaaaaaah. I'd like to rip my hair out.

I think [staff profile] denise was holding at least six of my Suggestion posts since the last time she ran the queue, with two of those published yesterday - but I have to check through copies I made to be sure.

If I got at least two rejections in the last year (which is possible: there's definitely been at least one!), have two new posts up and am missing two more, that's two more rejections I might be getting - but again, I have to find the folder on my computer that holds them, which I had to create years ago to account for how much time goes by between submissions and Denise running the queue.

Without this folder I have no idea, after a while, what it was I even suggested. (Unfortunately I don't keep offline copies of rejections received - but they might be preserved in my email Inbox, so if I feel like going on a wild goose chase to match up rejections to what I've submitted, that's the only way to go about it.)

*The Suggestion made under username [personal profile] style_tester was mine. I have two CSS testbed journals - that and [personal profile] style_test - so if you ever see me do stupid, stupid shit like leave a comment or post to Suggestions under these names, it was an accident, not because I'm trying to keep things all like on the downlow. I guess coding makes me start thinking about different things because my mind wanders, then I forget to log out and log back in under this name to post whatever I was thinking so gaaaaaah I don't know.

ETA, 2-24-17: apparently the folder I can't keep track of Suggestions without? I deleted it at some point. I have copies of suggestions made but only the ones submitted up until mid-2015, but they're not in a folder, so something went wrong. No new rejection letters since posting this, so I guess that's it.

ETA2: But heh, as soon as I posted the first ETA, it hit me I forgot to check my external hard drive! There is hope I might still find something! But I'll have to find and hook up that hard drive, first.

ETA3, 2-28-17: Checked my external hard drive, OneDrive, current hard drive contents, past hard drive contents, but nothing I've submitted in roughly the last two years shows up. I've got one more thing to try, but I don't know when: I switched hard drives on my laptop sometime last summer or fall. I have an external connector to hook the last one back up and look it over but since I usually wipe and format them, I'm not holding my breath.

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You know the tremendous number of people Sniveler In Chief expects this weekend in Melbourne, FL for his next ego stroking? (There are much less pleasant terms I could use than that. Most involve a part he claims has no problem with and another part he can't keep zipped, but I digress.)

Wonder how he came up with the idea of it being a tremendous amount? Wonder no more, because like many who cheer him on, he either brings them along from the inside or else hires them off of Craigslist.

Here's ardent "fans" cheering his candidacy announcement - you could buy these for just $50 a pop back in July of 2015 (this link also explains the cheering sections since he took office - hint: not spontaneous). Considering how well the entirely fake crowd worked, they probably go for up to $75 a pop, now.

Yeah, these are the folks who sold their souls for $50 apiece to our formerly wannabe regime changer:

And below is a Craigslist ad (it's a screen cap; I can't find an archival record; it's been submitted for removal from CL) for the rewards you get at his Melbourne, FL rally tomorrow night (and please for the love of God, I hope there's more protestors chanting away outside of it then there are "enthusiastic patriots" inside):

Screen cap of Orlando Craigslist ad for Snowflake In Chief's Melbourne FL rally, taken on 2-17-2017

Free to attend! Free cash vouchers! Free bling to flip on eBay (Christ, I'd go just for that and I deeply dislike him and most of his supporters*)!

You don't even have to be a Trump fan to get behind it; it's a moneymaker so of course attendance should be high. Much easier to buy people off than make them want to attend; I guess he gave up on that a while ago (like, before he even ran for president. I get the feeling he knows he's an old, crazy coot so any glimmer of "success" must be bought).

Yet protests against him/his policies/executive orders/Congressional actions are "paid", really? If he can't get anyone friendly enough to show up for free, then he knows protestors will do what they do for nothing. Right? He does know that, doesn't he?

Sometimes I wish he'd stop buying his own bull just long enough to admit - publicly, at a press conference without any paid supporters - that Howard Stern's right: he does not, has not, and will not ever want this job. He wants Hillary to do it, instead. It'd be a relief for pretty much everyone who dislikes him or is merely doubtful.

*though I'd have to handle it wearing gloves and maybe have a priest come bless my house before bringing it inside

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A sane reporter was recently spotted at Fox News claiming the Sniveler In Chief owes the American people answers. Fat chance, buddy. You might want to record his claim for posterity - in case he gets fired. SIC also owes us his resignation and maybe some jail time. While we're waiting...

Wasn't SIC just ever-so-coherent at his latest public tirade press conference? Highlights (with the most unintelligible parts italicized):

Cut in case his blatherings make you throw up in your mouth a little )

He can't form complete sentences most of the time, nor coherent ones much of the time. Re-reading the transcript, it's just fluff mixed with word salad mixed with unintelligible vocalizations which serve no purpose except to stroke his ego as he rails at the press in classic Nazi style.

But drip by drip we'll get where we need to be, because the madness of King Donald has turned too many lives upside down, to the point many stand at the ready to act or react because what Trump is doing is not OK, and we already know the elites won't help us.

Trump is so unstable and compromised even the Kremlin is starting to worry.

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So, I let Obama and Clinton browbeat me into doing all this "peaceful transition" stuff, which included - for me - locking up posts about Trump made up until that point, in the interest of having all this big, wonderful "peacefulness", only to watch the day of the actual transition turn into a war between our sniveling Victim In Chief and the media over Inauguration crowd size, among other ridiculous distractions.

Soon after, I learned the press will be officially identified by the White House only while using some form of a Nazi slur, that Trump, Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer do nothing but lie, lie, lie, though sometimes just to change things up they also distort, evade, and try to mess with our heads, and watched as Trump quickly broke his last campaign promise ("drain the swamp") by instead pumping it twice as full, turning it many orders of magnitude swampier than it was to begin with.

I felt like Obama and Clinton had sold us down the road - like, did we all do something to piss you two off? Maybe not enough Dems voted, but hell, some of us did - and like it's really hard being their supporters anymore because there's just no safe haven left in which to turn. Obama should never have peacefully handed over keys and codes; he should have fought like hell to keep him out. Clinton should never have conceded; she should've asked Obama to invalidate election results over Russian's tampering and fake news pumping.

Instead, they kicked us down the road, right into Victim In Chief's waiting arms. I think how Obama and Clinton handled this was not only irresponsible; it was just plain wrong.

After stewing on these many things for a month or so, it occurred to me some days ago that the moment for a peaceful transition has been over and the fledgling administration has been such a shitshow of absolutely stupendous proportions that I have no reason (or any hope for) seeing or maintaining the peacefulness Obama clearly over-emphasized. In that spirit, since I don't like locking up public posts if they're not personal in nature to begin with, all of once-public politibitch is coming back, so if you enjoy that sort of trip down Memory Lane, go for it.

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When your party's stance is deporting people and you, the Labor Secretary nominee, don't pay taxes on your paperless immigrant housekeeper, it can look kinda bad and...OK *record scratch*, enough of this bullshit. The truth is I'm surprised six Republicans actually lined up to oppose him when they've let worse slip right past (Rex Tillerson, Betsy DeVos, and the putrid Jeff Sessions - in some ways, Mitch McConnell's ideological twin - come to mind) with nary a blink.

Not to mention it's amazing they can line up in such numbers (six is like the new thousand for these pugs) over something as petty as unpaid taxes on an undocumented housekeeper, yet they let matters of national security slide, like Mike Flynn selling us out to the Russians because hey, it's nothing, dudes, before we pay any mind to that (if we ever do; ha ha maybe we won't) we gotta bust up this Obamacare thingy, see, and deport immigrants, and end civil rights and argue about whether the choice to die in hospice equates to being subject to a death panel, among other tasks of life-or-death importance to this faction of barking dogs.

Listen to John Thune, the poster boy for every Republican in Congress who's equally busy not acting on matters of life-or-death importance for the American people concerning national security:

"We know full well that there are issues that are going to come up on a daily basis that we're going to get asked about and have to respond to," said Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, the No. 3 Senate Republican, "but we're interested in repealing and replacing Obamacare, reforming the tax code, reducing the regulatory burden on businesses, confirming a Supreme Court justice, getting these Cabinet nominees through — that's what our agenda is right now."

Not to even mention the thing that got Pudzer gone was not lack of qualifications nor how shoddily (but it's all I can do not to say "shittily") he treated fast food workers at his companies but instead some bullshit over "not knowing" he "had to" pay taxes on an undocumented immigrant housekeeper.

Here's Trump refusing to answer multiple obvious questions about Flynn's Russian ties and communications (and by extension, his own...we all know Flynn was just his mouthpiece on some if not all Russian issues, like promising to lift Russian sanctions after they declared they'd hit back equally on sanctions Obama imposed after the election, then days later, declared they wouldn't hit back).

I was alive that week, and read both headlines even as they came in, and was stupefied. It should've been obvious at that exact moment what Putin's about-face was for. In any other world - where Trump or some fascist soundalike wasn't pretending to run the country while instead dividing and driving it into the ground - it would be very obvious (and immediately actionable) to most living organisms.

And all that doesn't even begin to account for Yates, who ultimately got fired for ratting Flynn out, not for defying Trump's Muslim ban (that was just the first excuse to let her go that came along after she exposed Flynn). And Trump was so mad at getting thwarted by her exposure that his usual vengeance immediately showed. I mean, you want to talk drama, my mind has been continually blown by just how far down the drain this shitstorm keeps swirling.

But the Republicans...cancellation of civil rights, health insurance, immigrant residency, regulations, any taxes on the rich or their companies...that's all they care about, to the admitted, actual, real-life detriment of our personal safety and security in this country, leaving each one of us exposed and dangling in front of the Russian's faces like the carrots we now are. Frankly, I'm getting just a bit terrified, because they've practically promised not to help us stay safe no matter how serious the Russian issue gets, as long as it becomes even more serious before they get all their hate legislation pushed through.

Heard about this? It's a Russian spy ship positioned just off of Montauk, LI. But we gotta get the legislation passed first, folks - sorry, nothing we can do!

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ETA, 2-22-17: Aaaand killed, rewrote and re-submitted this request, try next one... bingo. (Actually, I'm surprised "Wow, that's weird!" took a whole week to find me. My luck holds as usual).

ETA, 2-28-17: Not weird, just another issue.

  • Move background images from WP to DW (but keep WP backups and WP style sheet, just in case)
  • This layout looks 7 years old and is actually 7 years old; maybe do something about it - ETA, 2-28-17: maybe not? I actually hate doing new code.

Dreamwidth is running a beta of HTTPS Everywhere. This page turns it on; right now it's the second red button down from the top.

I turned it on tonight (actually, just minutes before opening the editor for this post) and have done exactly zero poking or prodding. Since I'm a frequent finder of Wow, that's weird!, if there's any Wow, that's weird! then hopefully my luck will hold. I like finding bugs, as long as they're not destroying things (though, theoretically, I could like a bug that destroyed some or even all the things, but that's probably a pretty far out edge case involving a fake news website of some sort. Thousands to choose from...).

I asked in a DW comm thread and was told by [staff profile] denise that turning on HTTPS Everywhere, the Dreamwidth Beta, won't conflict with keeping HTTPS Everywhere, the browser add-on, enabled while on Dreamwidth, so apparently you'll be able to keep both running at once.

Being me, I'll try the beta both with and without the add-on (I've been using the add-on for a while and am kind of stuck on it - it's not bad as long as you don't force it to run literally "everywhere", which prevents about half the web from appearing in your browser) so I can see how it all gels.