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  1. Collapsed comment threads. Nothing against Dreamwidth; I have always, always hated them, no matter where they might pop up. Knowing I'll have to click on one thing to "open" another that should already be on the page (and in fact, is on the page, just in a hidden form) is the online equivalent of chalk across a chalkboard.
  2. Expanding comment threads. Try this experiment on anything less than a blazing-fast connection: open this comment thread in a new tab. If you use Firefox, you can install this add-on to check page-load time (or you can just use Opera). Now go back to that thread and "expand" it (which will not exactly happen; you'll expand only part of it, then keep expanding it as you work your way down the thread). Check page-load time again. Which way loads comments faster? If you don't have a timer add-on, which way seems to load them faster? Now imagine how long it must take people on slow, unsteady (wifi/3G/dial-up) connections to use expanders.
  3. Being informed by the Intertubes that there's Greasemonkey scripts to save you all that comment expansion. Using scripts might've made sense when the only sites with collapsed threads were LJ and, well...LJ? Now everyone has them, from LJ to Dreamwidth to Facebook (and FB's implementation is even slower) to The New York Times, so you need scripts for increasingly large swaths of the Internet. Even worse, scripts (especially if you use a lot of them) can slow page loads as much as waiting for threads to expand, so what exactly do you gain?
  4. Being unable to show anything on Dreamwidth's default view besides unexpanded comment threads. DW strikes me as more user-friendly than LJ and its clones, so as a user, I would love to see the option to keep comment threads expanded by default across the site.
  5. "Flattened" comment pages. Instead of threads looking like threads, they become shapeless and without form so you have no idea what's going on. In Flattened Comment Dimension, you rely on clues like "Re: DIAF already", "In response to Jerkof11" and the almighty blockquote to figure out who's replying to who. Why not just chuck comments into a blender and display the output? Same difference.
  6. Facebook design. The chilling insistence upon one blue and white background, one tiny, greyish, and nearly illegible font, one Timeline, and one slowly expandable and completely un-navigatable comment thread is how I envision every website will look once Communist China takes over. Which scares the crap out of me.
  7. Photobucket. Page load times there will make you want to move to South Korea to speed things up by even a few seconds. I've never seen anything, and I do mean anything, like it. I would delete both my accounts if they hadn't gained over one billion of my pictures long before the site got so slow, and if only Photobucket would offer an export tool to help me get them out of there.
  8. @font-face. I've been playing with imported fonts for years but I still can't find much use for them. The best examples I've seen can make sites look marginally better, but for that one bit of splashiness we all pay by way of slower page loads and flashing text. Computers should come with a better and wider range of fonts - not slow down to load fonts from a far-off website. It's the worst implementation of a good idea I've ever seen.
  9. Google Plus. I have just one thing against it - besides this (but since I don't use it, I don't really care what they put everyone else through) - that Google took their ideas for Circles and filters from our very own Dreamwidth. I didn't guess where those ideas came from until Google tried to hire [staff profile] denise, this site's owner, shortly before rolling G+ out to the masses.
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I've known it all along, but outside of re-installing my last Bloggish layout (it was on Anti-AOL, but my custom code for it no longer works, which I know because I have an LJ account that exists just to help me fix it, which I haven't gotten around to doing in three years) I could never think of a good reason to put myself through all this just to install any Mixit/Expressive layout currently in existence. For reference, I used nothing but Bloggish and Mixit on LJ for EE (this blog) but of the two layouts, I found Mixit the hardest to work with and the least stylish (but I liked it because its code base is more modern than Bloggish's, which was created in, I don't know, 2001, I guess).

Then I saw The Croatian Magician, and even though I'm banned forever from commenting on layouts at The Fulcrum, I fell really hard for it. So I've installed it, without comment of course, as a theme layer. You can see it live on my Dreamwidth (well, sort of live - you have to keep that "?s2id=764192" part of the URL after the last backslash of whatever page you're on, or you won't see it at all). I had meant to add the theme layer it uses to [community profile] css_code but I done screwed up (forgot to switch users) but owing to this issue I can't. I'm not sure if I have to buy paid time for my comm to install and use it, but I'll look into that another day. In the meantime I'm going to play with it like I play with all pre-made layouts I use, before going absolutely live with it in either location.

Which all came about because I can't go a day without coding or re-coding something anymore - it's an addiction. It's how I 1) relax, 2) continue to feel somewhat productive and 3) keep my brain moving so it doesn't completely rot from lack of math/spatial challenges/moar pretty. I've recoded this layout to the point there's almost nothing left to do (I don't like my comment-page titles, and I have a huge bug I haven't unraveled in the edit box attached to comment forms, but besides that, it's starting to bore me) and I won't be updating the layout on [community profile] css_code because I don't like it, and I'm taking a seriously long break from Greasemonkey coding because Google's pushed me waaaaay past the point where I can suffer along with all the changes they're making, so my new Mixit layer should keep me busy trying to fix the un-fixable and/or spiff things up for a while (in fact, I imagine Core 1 will drive me crazy before long - which is kind of how I like my challenges to work).

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...people will tell me to blog on Wordpress instead of LiveJournal (in the past) or Dreamwidth (now). Can any of you perpendiculars imagine anyone telling me back in the early days of LiveJournal: "Well, LJ is for fandom - you know, where people steal IP and copyright to make up their own stories using other, more talented people's characters, but just for fun, not profit - that's what LJ's all about?"

Everyone from LJ's creator to users would have been all "W.T.F. peeps trippin'" - but not anymore.

Or...turn the example on its head for a minute - right after LJ's creation, people start telling others who actually write normal posts on their LJs: "You need to 1) get your own website, 2) move to Tumblr or Wordpress, 3) love and live for fandom or 4) GTFO". Again, everyone from Fitz on down would have been asking anyone so inclined to get their heads examined - and quick.

Here's the basic logic problem fandom can't solve: Blogs - believe it or not, people - really are for blogging. Journals are for journaling. I kind of do both, and lo and behold, LiveJournal and Dreamwidth also allow and encourage you, by the very nature of their design, to do both.

So what do millions of people do when they see that? They turn every hybrid journal/blogging site out there except Wordpress and Tumblr into fandom parties, then tell me to GTFO if I don't like it. Really? Without the slightest hint of irony or any sense of how absurd the whole thing sounds to someone who just wants to use their own blog to blog?

So here's me turning the logic problem around on all of you: AO3 or GTFO. I'm tired of feeling like I'm the one who doesn't belong.

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LJ has this so-called "feature" where if you spy a purged username (like Anti-AOL - it was mine until a day or two ago) you can "reserve" it for future use. Good idea, right? Just squat on a name until you feel like using it. If ever. Except it's not about "reserving" purged usernames at all.

It's about buying them, which you can do only by purchasing a "rename token" for an already existing account. And that will be $15, thank you and ya'll come by to let us screw ya again...ya hear?

Edit: for [personal profile] sophie, who has no idea what I'm talking about, and therefore, "no sympathy", here's a screen shot:

LJ actually does invite you to reserve any purged usernames!

I'll be damned, but this doesn't look like the innocuous (and free of charge) act of "reserving" a username to me. Not at all. It's got to be the biggest bait and switch LJ has ever pulled:

On LJ, you can't reserve a username, but yes, you can buy one

I learned of this after [personal profile] bel suggested I snatch my purged username while I could, after I wrote that I was fiending to host Anti-AOL on LJ again (I miss the traffic the blog got and the email it generated).

I would do that, but I can't take the ads and sneakiness of LJ, so I was tempted to "reserve" my username, just in case, you know, one day...someone else wants it (I'm mighty jealous) but after seeing LJ's bait and switch with my own eyes, the hell with that idea.

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No, not this one and that one; the two blogs that spawned them: this one and that one. I swore on this one that I would delete that one and it this July, when my last paid account expires on the other one.

But if I delete them, and they're purged, the user names might get recycled. I'm the only Marah Marie who lives in the US who doesn't have a MySpace, Friendster, flikr, Facebook, or any of that other social crap (but the Twitter is mine) so that LJ was always dear to me (I started it to write what became anti-aol years later): it proves that I'm not the other Marah Maries.

At least, it proves that to me. No one else has a clue, judging by what stalkers seem to look at the most in Google (Google does arrange links by how often they're clicked on, which, if it was a reliable method for estimating which results are accurate, would have me living in the Philippines, writing insipid poems on MySpace, and bearing the first name of "Helga". Yikes.).

In fact, I bought the name "marahmarie" back from LJ in early 2008 (what does that work out to with the new LJ math: 1500 tokens, right?) to ensure no other Marah Marie who wanted to start an LJ could. Which was selfish and rotten of me, but hey, "Marah's Test" wasn't agreeing with me - I'm not fond of describing myself in abstract verbs. If I was, I would choose much more interesting ones...

So if I delete them, it's done - until I hit the panic button 5 or 15 or 29 days from now to preserve my user names, which I'm as jealous of as God allegedly is of us. Or...see that's the problem...there is no "or". I don't want LJ's goddamned ads all over my journals, and I don't want to pay LJ to make the ads go away on space I'm not using, so I have to delete both LJs.

Maybe someone could pop me a Vicodin over the Interwebs if I start getting the shakes over this? Mmmmmm? Pretty please? I love me some Vicodin.

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Hello, Dreamwidthians, please tell me I'm not reading this comment, that it's all a bad dream and that I'll wake up knowing LJ is really about the cotton-candy and unicorns, just like I always thought, not about newly sadistic LJ staff who decided friends-only entries can be re-posted publicly now at the click of a stupid re-post button.

I'm going to go break something now.

Cotton candy and unicorns? Please? Don't tell me what I'm seeing in that comment is the truth. Because I'm afraid nothing will be left standing in this room if it is.

Obviously, this is going to be a huge problem. Leave it to LJ to assume people will know that using that one line of code makes the most locked-down post on earth PUBLIC.

It's comparable to giving AOL database passwords out to the AOL users. It's hard to say who's more retarded: LJ for putting the keys to the flocked kingdom in the user's hands, or the users for going "Der, when should I use that line of code?". When you combine that line of code with copyright law, you've got a real mess, since by using that line of code, even unwittingly, you are granting everyone permission to re-distribute your flocked posts in full forever.

It makes zero sense to make LJ users so vulnerable to such serious potential privacy losses.