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After being given a hard time canceling my AOL account in November 2005, then spending the next 6 years dealing with AOL customers having the same difficulties I did, it's only fair to say I know AOL's often unscrupulous business practices too well.

For the most part, I thought such atrocious behavior toward customers trying to cancel their internet service was limited pretty much to AOL - that is, until I learned that Dreamwidth's owner, [staff profile] denise, is having the same nightmarish time trying to cancel her service contract with Speakeasy.

I didn't think that could happen in this day and age. I thought every ISP had learned its lesson from the extensive bad coverage AOL got over such issues. But not only is it still happening - I think Speakeasy has AOL beat hands-down for exactly how atrocious an ISP's customer service can be. To wit:

[Denise writes - with all emphasis my own:] Does anyone reading this work for Speakeasy, now Megapath, and can provide me with contact information for corporate management? They were responsible for our six-week-long internet nightmare, in which the service worked (intermittently, even) for a total of six days before completely cutting out for the next six weeks despite multiple attempts to resolve the problem, and they have since failed to cancel the service at our old location, triple-billed us despite us having turned off auto-bill-pay, refused to issue a refund of that overbilling and of the credit on our account, billed us again despite having cancelled the service, and now charged us a termination fee for cancelling a service they were unable to provide.

Come on. If one company did all this to me in the space of just six weeks, forget starting a blog - I swear I'd simply try to sue them out of existence.

Let's parse this for absolute clarity. Speakeasy has so far failed to or simply refused to:

  1. fix broken internet service - for six entire weeks!
  2. cancel the broken service
  3. rescind triple-billing for the broken service
  4. rescind a fourth billing since the triple-billing occurred
  5. reverse the termination fee for service that was never rendered

Denise goes on to say:

I have exhausted the possibilities of resolution with frontline customer service and am now attempting to get in contact with someone who has the authority to resolve this. I've already emailed their "executive customer service" mailbox and their board of directors, but if anyone has an inside contact, please PM me; thanks!

As far as I know, Denise hasn't made an update on whether any of these issues have been resolved since she posted them to DW News, so I'm writing from the perspective that they still need resolving.

Many people have pointed out that the BBB is the best place for Denise to take her complaints, and indeed that's correct- - I have a post here that delves deeper into that if anyone's interested. In the meantime, some have offered to signal-boost her Speakeasy woes to Reddit, Slashdot, and other places, or suggested that Denise might want to do so herself.

Hopefully Speakeasy will take heed of the publicity, if nothing else, and resolve this needlessly prolonged issue in Denise's favor.