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It is, uh, wow. I don't have (many) words for that. Then again, I'd been trying to code for hours by the time I ran across it while giving my eyes a break on a google search for "css design trends 2014" because I MUST OBSESS and I love coding almost as much as I love writing (and I'm about as good at it, ha ha). So I made a site with them here. I'm putting down the link to see how fast it gets hacked...I'm sort of serious. I can always count on someone to try to break into something, so this is a good test. I really don't give a flying leap if it gets hacked or not beyond my boundless curiosity to know if it can be.

They call it "wysiwyg" but it's more like - not so much that. True wysiwyg is like SquareSpace. I love me some SquareSpace but cannot afford - I did the free trial maybe a billion five years ago and it was pure heaven; the key is not just having fun with the design but editing your posts right on the webpage. That was beyond awesome; I still dream about it now, since I am the weirdest of special snowflakes weird creatures: a visual writer.

I need to see my words up against a webpage to know what the heck I was trying to say, so DW's preview page, while damn close to the real thing, isn't good enough. Only going live does the trick. Then I know it's live, which triggers the, "Oh shit - what did I just do?" brain quadrant (yes, you have an entire brain quadrant devoted to all the possible "Oh shit!" scenarios it can possibly come up with) which is the only part of my brain that gets any decent work done, ever. SquareSpace solved that problem for me right out of the box. Webydo just looks like the sort of work I'd rather do in Web Dev (that's what my dev/design add-ons are for).