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Jun. 21st, 2016 12:58 am
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My possible bug report turned out to be a real bug, which is now fixed. It's listed at the top of the latest Code Tour, an utterly random, meaningless assignation that's still cool in a don't-get-too-used-to-the-good-feels-you're-feeling way. I actually felt bad after making this report for finding the bug "sort of hilarious", a stupid and sort of snarky way to say it was one of the weirder bugs I've seen, not that I'd intended to sound, well...stupid or snarky. Luckily Dreamwidth et al seems to have overlooked my said stupid snarkiness initial amazement in favor of straightforward bug demolition, but in the long run this bug was fixed "practically by accident" while one of our devs worked on another, related concern - a sort of hilarious wildly coincidental development, if you ask me.

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ETA: filed a Support request. Now that I'm thinking about it, I swear I've seen something about this bug spoken of on Dreamwidth before but since it's not on the Known Issues list I'd like to see it get fixed.

...editing an entry after you've deleted its tags from the Manage Tags page recreates its original tags. Just noticed it while disabling cookies so I could check my bloggy blog while logged out like other readers might be. Editing the post in question just a few days ago (*ahem*, this one - and please don't ask me to explain my love for that song but I think it's fantastic) somehow recreated them. I just didn't notice it did until about five minutes ago. I thought for a second: "How could I have missed deleting any tags?" because I definitely went all scorched Earth and deleted every last tag a few weeks ago because I don't want to see tags on any of my posts ever again. Then it hit me that the tags in question went to the one post that had tags to begin with that I've edited since deleting all my tags.

Oh Dreamwidth, you're still so buggy, and so far along now out of Beta.

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Update, 12-22: I've turned this entire post into a Support request. I'm tired of ignoring the lack of polish. I figure if I ever am to pay for my account again (and God knows I probably will, I just don't want to *right now*) this site has got to run better than it currently is or I'm really not going to want to keep throwing my money at it.

...the Active Entries module on the sidebar has to be the craziest of them all. I just noticed it was missing maybe n minutes ago, so like the Probable Blonde I am (seriously, the hair on my temples and top hairline is super-shiny yellow blonde despite my otherwise auburn-brunetteness - that counts, right?) I went looking for it in the modules section, only to discover it's like it was never there. Like I dreamed up the whole thing where I had an Active Entries module, for reals.

It's annoying enough that I'm losing a lot of things I expected to lose simply over the sum total of The Principle of The Thing, an equation of mine that says if you run something that costs money, trifling with how I use it will end in a loss for you every time (this equation works, too; maybe don't try it at home - unless like me you Cannot Let A Thing Go), but to have to lose features that aren't even listed in the FAQ just shows the Lack of Polish Thing DW still has going on after all these years.

Lack of polish annoys me. This site can afford more polish. Yet still lacks it. Why?

I mean, if you're going to yank someone's chain by suddenly denying them features they had while their account was paid, at least explain which features you'll be denying so the Probable Blondes like me won't wig out wondering why they unchecked a feature that they never actually unchecked because the problem is, not they unchecked it and forgot doing so, but that the feature no longer exists once your account goes unpaid for. My account goes unpaid for. This is probably killing everybody.

Maybe free accounts don't get to use colons in their metadata, either?

Random paying DW user to freeloading DW friends: "Look, guys, I have COLONS! You freeloaders cannot afford."

Arggghh! Let me pause for a sec while I release all this tension with a much-needed...


Related: upon checking my payment history, I came to discover just how easy it is to blow a Benjamin in less two years on something as stupid as a personal diary. Pen and paper never cost me so much! And I have expensive taste!

Back in my personal paper diary keeping days (roughly 1985 to 1995) I bought about six white Southpaw Notebooks - the ones with the big orange southpaw handprint on their front covers - a year. I cannot find imagery in Google to share with you all how great and unusual these things were, but I still remember. They were a little bigger than the standard 8 x 11 notebook and held less paper (80 sheets, if I recall correctly) and the wire binding was on the right instead of the left and the pages were put in backwards so us lefties wouldn't smudge our ink. They were awesome-sauce. I'm probably one of two people in the entire fucking world who still recalls what these notebooks looked and felt like; I'm really showing my age now.

Anyway, DW should have a thing where if you manage to slap a Benjamin or more down over the course of less than two years for this diary-keeping service it offers (*waves*) then you get to use the site for free with all paid features included - forever. I mean, seriously, Denise will inevitably carry users who will never pay a thing to use this site practically from cradle to grave, assuming a user starts here between ages 10-14 and uses this site until they die or move over to Facebook. And she will always carry maybe 10 free users or more for every single user who pays.

My logic is, reward us for paying. Show it means something to you. Maybe it will encourage more users to pay more for DW than they would otherwise, if they know eventually it will lead to such a reward.