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...Publish our posts? I'm reading through Support requests that are duplicates of the feature requests I've been making to [site community profile] dw_suggestions over the last year where people have been advised to...make a post about it to [site community profile] dw_suggestions! *cough* I already did *cough* I mean, this is getting too meta to deal with. The community has not been updated in almost eight months. I know part of this was all the fun that was had when our entire bug tracker blew up and whatever anyone could remember of it had to be reposted afterward to GitHub but, wow...*sigh* it's been such a long, long time.

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Besides my own suggestion getting patched, there's other awesomeness under way, like removing the black border from quick reply (this one made my whole week, because it's hard to override with CSS), avoiding reading-page spam when creating feeds, making the custom CSS box larger and bonus: cherry on top (another exciting one, because we have a postage-stamp sized text editor and I have the same problem with wrap-around lines that the OP did), rephrasing access to, which finally gets the access and subscribe list labels worded in non-symbolic English, inbox should not open links in new windows, don't show backdated entries on Latest Things, skipping reload for "mark as read" (awesome, because I'm on a lousy connection, so I constantly have problems with that), and removing h3 heading/sub div for subject icons (another brain-busting coding dilemma). That's more awesomeness in a few days worth of changes than I've seen in the last month or two. And yeah, I really *do* get excited about this sort of thing - especially if it's hard-coding or CSS-related.

Oh, wow.

Feb. 24th, 2011 08:36 pm
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My suggestion is getting worked in as a patch. I wonder if this means I should remove my custom s2 - once it's live, is it going to print twice because it's already in there once? Oh, another thing: it's being added to the page footer, but it wouldn't stay put for me there. So it's in my journal's body div (but displays within my journal's #entry div, before the page #footer) now. I'm wondering if adding it to the #footer will start that issue up again? ETA: Looked the new code over once more - [personal profile] fu added #body-footer to Transmogrified to support the new link so maybe that will resolve the issue (but I'm not sure). It's also going to print on the right instead of the left... *sigh*