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It's no huge secret: Dreamwidth has an image uploader. Yes, our very own thingy which uploads the uploads. It's for images only, but I've heard talk over the years that it might one day allow the upload of other things.

There is no FAQ on DW's direct image uploading capabilities. This FAQ claims capabilities do not exist. The Pentagon has nothing on us, lemme tell you, when it comes to secrets.

For those curious, you can set the security level on uploaded images the same as you do on entry posts.

Image Uploader and Bulk Editor Links

Bulk Edit:

Be not confused by how the Bulk Edit page will say, "Here are all the files you've uploaded from mobile." No, here are all the files you've uploaded to DW from any device, mobile or non-mobile, from the beginning of time.

This post brought to you by one reader who questioned how I didn't seem to need Dreamwidth's email service to upload the image seen in this post. They're right: I didn't, but if you really want to torment yourself, here's the FAQ on how to upload images by email. It, too, claims there is no other way to upload images. Therefore, I am Magik, and know All Things.

Dreamwidth also has a way to upload posts by email, which at times has come in handy, both on LJ and over here. Lastly, we also have a way to reply to comments by email.