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Mail's finally coming through again pretty much instantaneously (I get mine forwarded from Google to Outlook, so it has to make an extra hop, and is still coming through in real-time, so yes folks, it seems we're baaaaaack). That only took *checks date of my last entry on this*...18 days. Someone tell me that's not an obscenely long time to be proven legitimate enough to pass on the first try?

And just for those who missed the original story and ensuing long waits, it had nothing to do with Dreamwidth. Dreamwidth simply did what was described as routine maintenance on their servers one night which included changing the MX record (I'd say "records" but according to a resource I subsequently checked, there's only one). Over the MX record change Google's system flagged the site as...this is where it gets a bit murky...a possible spammer? A hijacked website? They flagged us for or as being something and started automatically rejecting all our emails with bounce messages indicating we should resend them, so we did.

Thus began a web-wide bottleneck that caused Dreamwidth's email to clog up all the pipes on GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live and Outlook, according to scattered user reports (AOL was the only email provider reportedly letting DW's email sail right through...which yes, the irony).

At one point I was so desperate for faster Dreamwidth notifications I publicly pondered switching to AOL (I never really had a quibble with AOL's email or messenger services - they both do their things, and always have, from what I can see, pretty smoothly). But I gritted my teeth, refreshed the pages involved and just waited it out. It sucks, really, that better systems can't be in place to let trusted senders just do their thing.

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Why don't email providers have a list of safe websites to not flag as spam? I know I'm vastly oversimplifying the various dilemmas huge email providers face against huge botnets of spam (another vast over-simplification, right there!) but you can take and run with it however you wish - I have a place to be soon so am past my expiration date.

I'll try to expand on this in the near future but for now the short story is that Gmail is making Dreamwidth resend all email (send it at least twice) to get it to go through once.

I am, as usual, outraged by this crap, which caused me problems with Microsoft starting well over a year ago wherein I now must forward all my DW email from Gmail to Outlook or I won't get it at all. Now I'll still get it thanks to forwarding, but I'll get it more sloooooowly? Right, how nice.

I hate using GMail and Yahoo (can't deal with either interface). We should be able to use the email providers of our choice and not have to go through these things on well-established, provably non-spammy websites like Dreamwidth, which I consider to be one of the safest sites on the net (we have an awesome anti-spam team which I occasionally report spam DW journals to because I would do that for a living if only there was such a job. Sadly, I think there is not).

Anyway, why can't (more over-simpifications are about to bounce) email providers do a better job of whitelisting, blacklisting, spam filtering, spam heuristics, or even merely creating, checking and enforcing simple lists of safe/unsafe websites? It's 2016, already - what's up?

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It feels really, really weird to have a whole slew of Inbox notifications not coming to my actual, off-site inbox. Nothing since the 18th - which was over 3 days ago. My box exists solely to feed me all the messages from this account so imagine how strange it's been to see it empty for three days when the bits and bytes should be flying in and out just as usual.

No DW News notification. No comment notifications, and no copies of my replies. I mean, when I asked Denise in the News post yesterday about it also being a issue (and it is, it really is) I thought maybe it was a fluke I didn't get my DW News notification - the first thing I would've had in my Inbox in days.

But now that I get no notifications at all I can see it's no fluke - this is the real deal, and us Microsoft users are pretty much screwed until further notice. I don't want to jump the gun until Denise makes an announcement, but if I have to give up over this I will not be happy. And no, I'm not going to blame her or Mark one little bit. I can't see why Microsoft can't differentiate our little social circles here from a huge Russian spam syndicate of some sort but honestly, it seems they can't. I remember AOL having the same problem, blocking email from so many websites over the years it actually got to be one of the most infamous things about them. But this doesn't feel quite the same to me. It feels like an algorithmic error that MS can't be arsed to use human beings to look into and correct. But they're not AOL and as long as they're not AOL it's hard for me to be mad at them for this.

The thing is, I really don't want to switch email providers. I've tried them all - all the more well-known ones, anyway - all the ones you've seen listed on - and I think they suck compared to MS's swoopy, glide-y, and ridiculously easy to use email. I love the way looks, feels, filters, acts, responds and functions. It really does do most of the thinking and heavy lifting for you so while it's a bit of a learning curve to get into it, it was well worth it for me in the long run to figure out just how it works. And I've gotten very, very used to what it offers.

FWIW, I will pry both my eyes out with a fork before I transfer DW's email to GMail, which has become so hard to use lately I don't bother anymore, and AOL's service is really not so hot (though, as always, I do still have a soft spot for AIM). I have one Yahoo account, as a few of you know since we use it, but I can't stand the interface or functionality as compared to Outlook's. So I don't see a lot of viable options here if I have to step away from the one I have now.