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It's no huge secret: Dreamwidth has an image uploader. Yes, our very own thingy which uploads the uploads. It's for images only, but I've heard talk over the years that it might one day allow the upload of other things.

There is no FAQ on DW's direct image uploading capabilities. This FAQ claims capabilities do not exist. The Pentagon has nothing on us, lemme tell you, when it comes to secrets.

For those curious, you can set the security level on uploaded images the same as you do on entry posts.

Image Uploader and Bulk Editor Links

Bulk Edit:

Be not confused by how the Bulk Edit page will say, "Here are all the files you've uploaded from mobile." No, here are all the files you've uploaded to DW from any device, mobile or non-mobile, from the beginning of time.

This post brought to you by one reader who questioned how I didn't seem to need Dreamwidth's email service to upload the image seen in this post. They're right: I didn't, but if you really want to torment yourself, here's the FAQ on how to upload images by email. It, too, claims there is no other way to upload images. Therefore, I am Magik, and know All Things.

Dreamwidth also has a way to upload posts by email, which at times has come in handy, both on LJ and over here. Lastly, we also have a way to reply to comments by email.

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Wiping out the remaining bookmarks I discussed during the last, formal linkspewing here. This one will probably be even longer, to catch every last link, but with less commentary, which means I'll still talk too much. :)

DIY King Size Bed

The queen-size bed I bought 3 years ago was not great to begin with and has defintely worn and (literally) torn since then. The solid (some kind of fancy wood) carved headboard and footboard are worth more than the frame, mattress and boxspring put together, so it pains me I will have to drag the entire thing to my next place, but once I'm there, I'm seriously considering buying the pieces for and building this neat king size bed (I'll even have a king-size room to put it in, yay).


50 Foods You Should Never Eat - should the link die - as MSN tends to kill off hosted content rather quickly - here's the original article, but you might have to disable adblock to view it correctly.

Foods You Don't Have To Buy Organic
Foods You Should Always Buy Organic

Recipe of The Link Week

Absolute Best Liver and Onions. Yes, I try before you buy™ because I'm simply nuts like that. While I wouldn't call this the absolute best, it might be with better instructions. Mainly, change the milk-soak time from 2-3 hours to 2-3 days a minimum of 3-6 hours (in the fridge, of course, another thing they don't tell you).

And double the amount of milk, which I say because the liver on the bottom of my soaking bowl was saturated, therefore very tender and mild - almost veal-like - while the pieces closer to the top were drier and definitely stronger tasting.

Other than that, this recipe was pretty much perfection (I caramelized the onions, which, while I can't recall if that's exactly what this recipe called for, killed it).

Brainstuffs & Bodystuffs

The Surprising Reason Why Some People Smile More. Turns out faking it is merely working against your genome.

Oldie But Goodie (because I'm still catching up on posting from the recent head cold era): The Dress: People who saw it as white and gold had more active brains. So yes, hi, I'm MM, and apparently I'm brain-dead. I will never, ever see that sucker as anything but the actual hex colors it is.

How To Never Get Angry (warning: likely not good advice for those in abusive situations). Living in my currently untenable situation I had the chance to practice the advice given in this article but soon wished I hadn't. From that day on the person involved decided I must be soft and got up in my face so much (nearly once a day from that moment on) I had to threaten a 911 call to finally stop him (just as he was about to get up in my face again).

I get claustrophobia and fight-or-flight anxiety from unwanted people getting too close on purpose so I was being nicer than I normally would've been - and for a much longer time than that in which I would've normally remained nice - if I hadn't read this article in the first place.

Don't be a pushover: no one will respect you. Someone gets in your face and that bothers you? Tell them flat-out to knock it the fuck off. Or else.

But for, say, non-volatile work situations where you know you're dealing with people who's personalities don't default to "stalker-like, bug-eyed crazed maniacs", this advice might still come in handy, which is why I'm linking to it despite the disastrous results that ensued for me.

Windows 10

If there were Emmys for Win 10 coverage and I was in charge of giving them out this guy would get one for I Think I'll Wait To Wash The Windows, simply because he doesn't even USE Win 10. The combined linkspam and advice-giving he's done is very helpful (alas, I've followed almost none of it in running the latest Win 10 builds on my laptop and phone - and the phone build's STILL buggy as hell).

Online Security

Everyone Should Get A Security Freeze. It just makes life easier.

The Web Authentication Arms Race - or why nothing is ever, ever truly secure.

Software, Computer Stores

Normalization of Deviance In Software, because "deviant" is the new black. But it's not just software. If you read carefully, you'll realize most workplaces are broken in exactly the same overarching ways. :(

Apple vs. Microsoft UX Wars. A tale of two cities stores. Interesting results can be applied not just to how shoppers view the stores in question, but perhaps could be extrapolated to how they view their phones and computers from each respective brand, as well.

Dreamwidth Has A True Image Uploader

I discovered it last night while trawling open Support Requests. Haven't tried it yet (if I recall correctly, you can upload images easily enough but you'll never find them again; that might have changed since the last I heard about it, though).

I have tried our email uploader (this behemoth; I'm linking to one of at least three FAQs because it's *that* much of a complete PITA) but my God, it's hell on wheels. As another user said in another support request, your post doesn't show up afterward (likely cause: there's a significant time-delay between emailing and the post just *splunk* finally uploading to DW; when I last tried a few weeks ago, I had to check early the next day to see it'd finally arrived).