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Me: staggers into kitchen and pours first cup
Him: follows right behind me; says, "Did you hear the news about CVS?"
Me: "Yes, I did! Wrote a post about it."
Him: "Yeah, they're going to - wait, what? You wrote a post about it?"
Me: "Yeah, last night. Kinda burned me up..."
Him: "Yeah, when I saw it, first thing I thought was, 'Wait, MM used to work there!'" [Technically I still do, but in reality, I don't - long story.]
Him: "HYPOCRITES! They're such fucking hypocrites!"
Me: "OMG, that's the title of my post."
Him: "They're such fucking hypocrites - wait, what? That's the title of your post?"
Me: "Well, it's called Hypocrites, fucking hypocrites but yeah, that's pretty close."
Him: "They act like if they don't sell cigarettes nothing else in there can harm you, yet they sell alcohol - there's cases of that shit all over the place...and drugs that people can get addicted to! WTF are they thinking?"
Me: "And junk food, candy, fucking cola....I know, I agree, this is exactly what I wrote my post about."
Him: "They're crazy if they think not selling cigarettes is going to help anyone who shops there."
Me: "Yeah, I know, tell me about it."

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So CVS will stop selling cigarettes this October. Good for them!

But don't let them tell you, "Ending the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products at CVS/pharmacy is the right thing for us to do for our customers and our company to help people on their path to better health" and feel satisfied that they're taking all (or even most of) the steps they could take to not in fact worsen it.

This hits close to home (I smoke) because the cashiers who will no longer push packs of smokes across the counter at you, like I once did, will still sell all the other junk that might kill you one day if your cigarettes don't: candy (front of the store is just covered in it; you'd think it was a candy store if you turned around at the checkout and left without seeing the rest of the place), cola, junk food, 5 hour-type energy drinks, all kinds of bad-for-you energy bars, fruit juices (yes, they're miserable for your health in many ways), cold cases bursting with beer and beer-like things, heck - the wine aisle counts as bad for you, too, if you abuse it - doesn't it?

These hypocrites say they're doing this to "help people on their path to better health" yet fail to take into account the latest research proving that bad teeth alone might kill you and that every item mentioned above will ruin your teeth and your health. Nor will consuming these items make your path to less obesity any easier.

The same money quote goes on to say: "Put simply, the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose."

Really? Then how about this?

  • Cigarettes: inconsistent with our purpose
  • Alcohol: inconsistent with our purpose
  • Candy: inconsistent with our purpose
  • Junk food/junk drinks/fucking cola: inconsistent with our purpose
  • Energy shots/drinks/bars: inconsistent with our purpose
  • Half the OTC and prescribed meds we sell: probably inconsistent with our purpose - let's do some research!

Unless they're going to remove every harmful item from the place and declare it a health food store they're not helping you down your path to anything, they're just helping themselves to your wallet. They push OTC and prescription drugs with one hand (and most of those do the bare minimum to control and very little to actually improve your health) and candy, junk food, cigarettes and alcohol with the other. What would you call that? Would you call it helpful? I think not.

I'd call it anything but that. It used to burn me up how many people would stare at the cigarette display situated behind me and say something like, "You call yourselves a drug store - or excuse me, a 'pharmacy' - yet you sell cigarettes? Really"? I'd brush them off with, "Yeah, crazy isn't it?" and smile and shake my head like they were simply brilliant to comment on that and not the umpteenth person to do so, then change the subject if I could.

But some of those same people making snarky comments about CVS's hypocrisy were pushing bags of candy or cases of beer across my counter as they spoke, so how seriously was I supposed to take them? Very seriously? Is there no end to the hypocrisy of people who patronize places like CVS, who will kick up a fuss about one harmful product - so much fuss that CVS is compelled to stop carrying it - while waltzing right by or even purchasing many of the other harmful products they sell?