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Scenario: 45 year old woman with no children or living family (OK, a living half-sister. Do not ask about this living half-sister) so no one to pass her remaining things down to when she uh, passes.

Issue: Photo albums. What the hell does one do with them?

History: Passed down from her maternal great-grandmother to her mother to her; added to continuously. Not added to so much anymore, because Digital Age, and no one living to add photos of to remaining albums.

OK, so this might be about me. The thing is, I come from sort of an amazing family that I happen to be distantly enough related to the still-living branches of that I don't know one surviving soul among them, anywhere. But I have these pictures! That they might even want!

Obvious solutions: like acquiring paying memberships at and similar sites, doing the 21andme thing and so on are out over lack of funds. So what else is there? For as long as I'm alive it's not like I'll dump them in the trash just to not worry about someone else who doesn't know me or care about my family being disrespectful enough to do just that.

Other solutions: like it's the Digital Age so just beam them to the cloud, MM! make me uneasy. Should I be uneasy? Because I think the only reason we're at ease uploading images is a) we're breathing so b) our copyrights are in effect - assuming you care about people not stealing your photos to do things to that you and/or dead family members might not approve of should they ever become capable of knowing (indulge me while I pretend there might be an afterlife - thank you) the copyright part of it is probably kind of important. Not that it stops anyone stupid enough, determined enough or crazy enough, but I see it as A Thing that might still matter.

I mean, I have images in my mind of some family member with his face digitally affixed to Mickey Mouse's body 50 years from now being redistributed endlessly on whatever passes for 4chan by then because it's for the lulz because some people will just always, always, always be assholes. I'll be dead, my copyright will be toast, and I will have hundreds, if not thousands, of family photos that this larceny could easily be applied to.

I'm not suggesting my pictures would be singled out for such mistreatment. I'm suggesting once we're all dead and gone and our pictures are without traceable origin back to anyone responsible for them, all hell is probably going to break loose. Am I wrong to think this?

If I ever upload them it won't be a light project, either, more like a serious undertaking that would take perhaps months if I just do a few here and there when I have spare time. But without someone to protect, I guess, the "integrity" of the photos once I'm gone, I'm not sure there's any long-lasting point to doing this.

Does anyone have thoughts on this, or any specific advice they could give? What would you do if the first three paragraphs mirrored or applied to your own situation?