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ETA, 6-7-16: [personal profile] needled_ink_1975 and I are having an interesting conversation about fandom demographics in the comments. Upshot: the only thing I might be right about is "fandom is majority white". It also (though we haven't discussed it) might be majority female. But it probably skews *much* younger than the following post suggests.

I'm not in fandom so forgive me for any ignorance I might profess in any comments that might follow, but the fact that J.K. Rowling has given her "blessing" to cast Hermione as black and slammed anyone who disagrees as "racist" has given me an abiding case of the titters. Though I might be ignorant of fandom's actual demographics, I envision much of it is middle to upper middle class whites in their thirties, and with all the privilege their color and income steeps them in I'm sure the effort that will be made 'round here to not erupt into a politically uncorrect uproar over skin color choice will be enough to make me wish I could break out antacids for everybody.