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2017-04-16 12:43 am

Almost forgot to make my traditional "What am I having for Easter dinner this time?" post

We're having crab legs and shrimp (because, as long-time readers might know, I will not make/eat/endure a turkey). I made a last minute change last night and decided I wanted leg of lamb - but only after (mentally) tossing the leg around for a week, then due to work and other issues was unable to get to a store in time to procure it.

I'd imagine procuring it tomorrow's out, since lamb leg-selling stores are probably closed. But the way I had it figured, since I didn't buy too many crab legs, anyhow (at those prices, I'm still trying to understand why I bought any at all), they'd be an appetizer (along with the shrimp) then we'd have the lamb leg for dinner. Which is still what I'd actually prefer. Maybe next time I'll make up my mind less than 24 hours before the last leg-of-lamb selling store closes.

To those who celebrate it, enjoy.

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2016-03-27 11:02 pm

Oh wow, what I ate on Easter...

Wasn't lobster. The stores were all out presumably because of the holiday, making my idea not as original as I thought. So then this other idea popped into my head (once we got home and it was after 10 at night, of course): "We'll have roast chicken!" but alas, we didn't feel like going back to the store to get it (when you're debating whether or not to build an ark for all the rain we can't stop getting, repeatedly leaving to shop becomes so much less appealing).

But leave it to me, I'm never without a good plan or a convincing facsimile. So I mentally dug through my freezer and decided we'd still eat something non-traditional, ie, homemade shrimp scampi with wine, fresh garlic, butter and spices first baked, then run under the broiler, with the aforementioned mashed potatoes (hand-mashed with heavy cream, extra sharp hand-shredded Cheddar and lots of butter), a hand-torn tossed salad with all the trimmings (well, I'm out of tomatoes, so there was [not] that) and fresh homemade stuffed jalapenos (with goat cheese, extra-sharp Cheddar, heavy cream, and crumbled German beer sausage). Oh, and we also had fresh shrimp cocktail with my homemade cocktail sauce. If you'd like to me to cook at your house we can discuss rates; drop me a PM. :)

The whole meal was absolutely...fabulous. We were going to have the jalapenos and shrimp cocktail as appetizers but we were so hungry, and cooking times ran so close, we just sat down and yeah, ate all of it at once. One of the best Easter meals I've had in a while, and by a while I mean 4 or 5 years. Hope those of you who celebrate had a good one, too.

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2016-03-25 11:08 pm

Oh, wow, Easter.

I had no idea it's so soon. I just checked and it was not until the 5th of April last year. So I didn't buy any Easter dinner because I thought it was not until next month (and, for some reason, not until the end of next month). I'm apparently in a time warp of my own creation. Can you imagine being so distracted that I didn't know there was a hand sprayer by our sink until someone pointed it out a few days ago? And I've been doing dishes in that sink all month. I swear it was never there before.

Now that I realize Easter's so close, I realize there's nothing traditional I'll want to eat that day. Ham? Been eating so much pork (not that I'm complaining!) that I can't even...Prime rib or roast beef? Well, with all the steak and liver I've been putting away (yes, my b2 deficiency is on again, not that anyone can tell... *consumes another animal; resumes writing*) it's not sounding too exciting. And we all know how I feel about turkey, so I won't even go there.

What else do people eat on Easter? Like, anything? Is it always just ham, pork rib roast, lamb, turkey, prime rib, and that's it? I mean, I don't know. My mom only ever made ham, prime rib or lamb. I could Google it but I doubt it gets much broader in variety than what I'm thinking is traditional.

Fortunately, there are lobster tails on sale locally (and even a cheap market nearby that has live lobster at a reasonable price) so though it's utterly non-traditional, it sounds nice; maybe I could do that. I have pounds of mussels in the freezer, so I could steam those to have beforehand as an appetizer with drawn butter. Maybe some creamy, cheesy mashed potatoes and steamed corn to go along with it?

The bad thing about having a b2 deficiency - when it erupts, as it is now - especially as I get older, is I need so much protein to get through it. I cut back on peanut butter in the last few months because I lost my taste for it after years of eating gobs of the stuff every day, which I think is contributing to the huge shift in my diet to meat, which I normally don't even like to eat a lot of, but I crave it now, though I don't actually want it.

I mean, if you left it up to what I'd prefer, I'd eat vegetables, seafood, pork, starches and dairy to the exclusion of almost all other meat, but I can't do that because then I have to triple my b2 dosage (as I'm doing now to make up for the lack of protein earlier this month - and that's in addition to the huge amount of b2 that's already in my B complex!) and eat a lot more meat just to to function correctly.

The only good thing about having a deficiency is when it gets bad it forces me to eat more meat so I've gotten really good at cooking both steak and liver (I've always eaten a fair amount of pork, which I actually prefer over the other-other white meat, so I was getting good at cooking that a while ago). If you like to cook for others who like to eat meat more than you do then I guess that's an advantage. Another advantage might be how easily I can justify having lobster for Easter (that conversation with self goes something like this: "Well, you already ate so much steak and pork this month over the b2 thing and heck, lobster has lots of protein and B vitamins, doesn't it?"). Yeah.

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2014-04-20 04:36 am

To those who celebrate it, Happy Easter!

It's the one true Christian holiday of the year and my favorite for that reason. Today your hostess will be doing marinated, boneless roast leg of lamb with fresh garlic, fresh string beans and - I don't know, perhaps jasmine rice with brown/lamb gravy, a side salad and some toasted French bread with butter. Kinda can't wait...

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2011-04-24 05:43 pm

People, man. On Easter, no less.

Mom was just looking out the window and saw a big red truck go by with two large animal carriers on its flatbed. She went to another window to watch and witnessed them stop the truck at the end of the road where the woods begins. A man and woman got out. The woman removed one carrier, took a black cat out of it, held it to her shoulder and kissed it, then walked to the woods and dumped it out of her arms. Then she got the second carrier out, held and kissed the second black cat, then dumped it, as well. The second dumped cat spun around on the woman as if to say, "No! Don't do this! How could you!" The truck then pulled down the back end of the road behind the woods so we couldn't run out to stop them nor get a license plate number. I held it in long enough to write this but now that I'm done I'm shaking and trying so hard not to cry - how could people do this to such innocent creatures? ON EASTER, no less?