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I will, too. Fireworks. Noise.

I have three and a half cats, one just a tiny kitten and one the mother of said kitten, who lives half in and half out of my house because she can't decide which she likes best (thus "three and a half"; she started off, apparently, living half outdoors and half with one of my neighbors, as her kitten was litter box trained when I got it, so I guess the call of the wild is still too strong for her to resist) and not one of them even blinked at the fireworks going on tonight behind our place.

I was glad for this. I used to live with a dog who would growl, cry, whimper, and hide at much less firework booming than we had tonight and have had countless cats who would jump and poof with every boom. Much calmer crowd, this.

If anyone was wound up it was me, because I fucking hate fireworks unless they're part of a formal display you go out to see (love those). This was not a formal display. This was, by the sound of it, some neighbors deciding hey, I can set off colors in the sky just like the Gruccis - watch this! These fireworks were big and loud and rather than stop setting them off at midnight when technically it became July 5th? My neighbors carried on for the better part of yet another hour, from well before sunset tonight. I had to continually resist the temptation to open my blinds to see if they'd burned everything down yet. This is a heavily residential area with lots of trees, kids and dogs and a small forest behind it so I was not exactly impressed.

I also hated how many people decided to set off residential fireworks on a Monday. I don't care if it's the Fourth of July, it's still a work night for a lot of your neighbors. Have some freaking respect. We've had to listen to late night fireworks every damn night since last Thursday - since I guess some neighbors have been celebrating around their work schedules - and then listen to the worst and loudest of them tonight.

Which makes me ponder: Independence Day is a federal holiday. So why can't there be just a single day to legally set off fireworks (the closest Saturday night preceding or following, let's say)? This would cut down on the disturbance and fire hazard from "endless amount of days to set them off, depending on what day the holiday falls on and people's work schedules" to just Saturday. Just Saturday. Could we do that? Why can't we do that?

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So boooooooooooooooooooooooring.

There was no 4th of July in this town - it rained - so I was stuck at home, the hospital I had better options: my boyfriend invited me to Daytona for swimming and fireworks, but I told him until my mom can go to the beach again, I'm not going, either. It was a lousy day, anyhow. He took videos and there were three people there all day besides him and his son. It looked as dark and dreary and nasty as it probably was.

The video of the fireworks was awesome, though. Really good display (anyone else reading this see it?). It reminded me of the Grucci firework displays on Long Island. There is nothing like a Grucci show. I almost started crying after peeking at my boyfriend's video just for missing things like that about NY. Here in FL we have nice displays, but we'd have to travel to Miami (hundreds of miles from here) to see Grucci again.

The Jellyfish Goddess was also asked out for last night and today but had to decline, since her boyfriend suddenly keeps flying into weird rages about him. I say "weird" because even though the Jellyfish God is my best friend (and my boyfriend has always known that), he can't replace whatever it is my boyfriend does for me - which I think lies mostly in the Fantasy Realm.

Since I turned down everyone, I made up for it by throwing a pizza party at the hospital. I fed my mom, her roommate, two nurses, and myself. It wasn't much more fun than a party in a hospital sounds, but it made everyone quite happy but me. Pizza is happy food. Just one slice always puts a smile on my face. The fact that it didn't do that for me tonight tells me something's wrong.

Getting back to why holidays should be outlawed, they're a waste of time. Nothing I care about happens on them and almost everyone I care about races around trying to get their "OMG I have 3 fucking days off!" freak on, off, and over with, like it's Serious Business.

I used to work 9-5 years ago as a secretary. My employer shut down for weekends and for all the 3-day holidays, and I hated it. I'm a Sun-Friday person. I hate Saturdays almost as much as I hate holidays (my mom was in labor with me on a Saturday, which God knows probably explains it- I dont even feel good on Saturdays), but I love every other day of the week, so when everything shuts down on Friday or Monday for a 3-day weekend, I feel like I got pushed off a cliff, like: "Dude, where's my life?"

I like days off to fall on weekdays and I like employers who make you work on all the holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas (because those are the holidays that you should spend with your family - but of those, I also hate Christmas).

Thanksgiving is an awesome holiday because it's the only holiday that's about coming together, as opposed to fulfilling your selfish "needs", which tends to scatter friends and family. But if it were up to me, Thanksgiving wouldn't involve a 3-day weekend, either. I like to keep moving...not just hang around and languish.